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Sinkholes, like the one that killed a Florida man last week, and the one that appeared on a golf course in Illinois on March 8, are really just hidden holes in the ground. Usually sinkholes are slow forming and end up just making divots in the ground where the earth is being washed away under it. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that vehicle fires account for about 20 percent of all reported fires, so it's worth knowing how to reduce some of the risk in your own car or truck. There's rarely a single cause for any given car fire, even if an investigator can trace all the way back to the incident that sparked the blaze.
Question: What causes an electrical system to suddenly stop working?“My car normally works just fine, and the electrical system seems to work fine too. Loose battery connections can cause an electrical system to “shut down” and then start working again, as can bad fusible links, so the connections between the battery and the rest of the electric system should be checked out thoroughly before anything else. It's more likely that there was a combination of causes: human causes, mechanical causes, and chemical causes, and they all worked together to create an incredibly dangerous situation. In other words, once a vehicle's on fire, any number of additional factors can (and will) complicate things. If you have low oil levels or old oil that is constantly being recycled in your car, it will cause various problems in your car. Knowing what those factors are can potentially help a car owner avoid a dangerous situation, but there are no guarantees.
The battery stores power and uses it to perform three basic functions: starting the engine, running accessories when the engine is off, and powering the alternator’s voltage regulator. And the most important thing to remember is that once a vehicle is ablaze, it really doesn't matter what caused it -- your car is on fire.
The purpose of the alternator is to generate electricity to run everything from your headlights to your head while the engine is running.
If there is air trapped in the lines, an air pocket can form and this will cause a heat spot that will lead to overheating.

Don't worry about whether the engine was overheating or what fluid you might have spilled (although that information might be useful later, for insurance purposes or to help an auto manufacturer fix a potential flaw). What could cause a car’s electrical system to suddenly stop working, especially when it just starts working fine again almost immediately?”Answer:Electrical problems can be some of the toughest nuts to crack when it comes to automotive diagnostics, even when the car is available to get hands on with, but there are really only a couple of potential issues that could cause a car’s electrical system to totally shut down and then suddenly start working again. Right now, it's imperative that you get out fast and get as far away from the car as possible.
If you haven’t done any diagnostic work at all, and you’re comfortable checking out a few basic things, then you’ll want to start with the battery. If the engine itself dies as well, that means the ignition system itself isn’t receiving power either. Make sure all the passageways are clear and that there is easy access to the radiator to ensure a cool car. A small car fire isn't going to stay small for long, and any combination of the initial causes (or complications) we'll discuss in this article will quickly make the situation much, much worse. When everything suddenly starts working again, that just means that the momentary fault has passed, and power has been restored.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) says that vehicle fires account for about 20 percent of all reported fires, so it's worth knowing how to reduce some of the risk in your own car or truck [source: Chandler Law Group]. But what can cause the power to be cut off like that?Bad Battery Cables and Fusible LinksThe battery connections should always be the first suspect in this type of a situation, both because they are the likely culprit, and because they are relatively easy to check. With this free service, you will be directly connected to high quality professionals within minutes. If you find a loose connection on either the positive or negative cable, then you will want to tighten it up.
They will be able to help you with your specific problem during the time that works best for your schedule. If you notice a lot of corrosion at the battery terminals, then you may want to clean both the terminals and the cable ends before tightening everything up.In addition to checking the connections at the battery, you can also trace both the positive and negative cables to make sure that things are tight on the other ends as well.

The negative cable will typically bolt up to the frame, so you’ll want to check for rust and make sure the connection is tight. The positive cable will typically connect to a junction block or main fuse block, and you can check those connections as well.Some vehicles use fusible links, which are special wires that are designed to act like fuses and blow in order to protect other components. These are necessary and valuable components in the situations where they are used, but the issue is that fusible links can become brittle and somewhat less than pliable as they age.
The electrical portion of your ignition switch will typically be located somewhere in the steering column or dash, and you may have to disassemble a variety of trim pieces to even gain access to it.If you are able to gain access to your ignition switch, then a visual inspect that reveals any burnt wires is indicative of the type of problem that can cause a vehicle’s electrical system to suddenly cut out and then start working again. Since the ignition switch provides power to both accessories like your radio and your vehicle’s ignition system, a bad switch can definitely cause both to suddenly stop working. The fix is to simply replace the bad switch, which is usually pretty easy once you’ve done the work of gaining access to it in the first place.Checking the Battery and AlternatorAlthough this type of problem typically isn’t caused by a bad battery or alternator, there is a small chance that you’re dealing with an alternator that’s on its way out. The issue would be that the alternator isn’t living up to its rating anymore, which causes the vehicle’s electrical system to run solely on battery power until the battery is dead and everything shuts off. In rare cases where the alternator then starts working a little better, the electrical system may appear to be in good working order again.Unfortunately, there aren’t any really easy ways to test a charging system at home. Your best bet in this case would be to take your vehicle to a repair shop or a parts store that has the necessary equipment to load test your battery and check the output of your alternator. If the alternator is no good, then replacing it—and the battery, as running a battery dead repeatedly can cut its life short—may fix your problem.

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