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This page: Original leaflets show the correct style of battery to fit on classic cars that are now in preservation. Go to any show, and many finely restored vintage and classic cars are displayed with their bonnets raised, showing visitors the endless lengths that the owner has gone to during the car's restoration. The first couple of leaflets advertise Exide batteries, and were collected at a Motor Show in 1967 or 1968 (both are dated 1967). The smaller Exide leaflet advertises the merits of the Exide Supreme battery, one that came with 36 months guarantee as standard.
This leaflet also dates to the mid-1960s, and features an illustration of the "revolutionary!" Dagenite Easifil on its cover. To top up the cell, you removed the single centre cover on the top of the battery, under which there was a trough. The illustration for this battery shows how the design of the casing was beginning to change. Photo: GMA Second Life Before Final RecyclingElectric car batteries deteriorate with time, and depending on their chemistries and design, they might need to be replaced at some point in the life of a vehicle, or they might last until the rest of the vehicle reaches the end. 1914 Detroit Electric car, Schenectady, NY, June 2011 - original lead-acid batteriesEnlarge PhotoIt's quite easy to forget that cars have been using batteries for years before hybrids and electric vehicles arrived. The humble lead-acid battery, the planet's most recycled product, has been starting engines and providing power for car electrics ever since such a thing was required. Now, battery startup Energy Power Systems (EPS), fronted by battery guru Subhash Dhar, has designed a new lead-acid battery which could replace the nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion units in hybrids.
Using familiar chemistry but a new internal structure, Dhar says his batteries have the same power flow as NiMH batteries, but cost significantly less.
His idea comes as electric car sales remain low, but electrification in mild hybrid, full hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles is increasing. Dhar believes that costs have to come down in order for hybrids to be accepted widely, and inexpensive lead-acid technology could be the perfect way to do this. Low costs and an improved structure make Energy Power Systems' batteries a tempting proposition. Where normal lead-acid, 12V car batteries feature six blocks of 2V cells, the new battery features a more direct energy path with interlocking cells.
Dhar also says that in a typical hybrid application like the Prius, the batteries would take up less space as they require less thermal management and electronics. EPS is just one of several other battery makers reconsidering lead-acid, though Dhar thinks his design is the simplest. Current prototypes have been built by hand, but the company expects to have automation soon and production is expected in the fourth quarter 2014.
Dhar says he isn't worried that automakers are still continuing down the lithium and nickel paths with small hybrid batteries.

Here you may once again listen to those great old radio classics by way of contemporary broadcasters.
The Gassman's radio careers were launched in 1973, at a small radio station at Rio Hondo College in Whittier. We begin with a documentary by Frank Bresee on the life of his former boss Ralph Edwards which aired In June of 2013. Duane Victor Keilstrup, Professor Emeritus at the University of Texas at Arlington, is a native Nebraskan and a Texan by choice. Time on CLASSICS & CURIOS to tune in the Harry James Show and enjoy one of the greatest trumpet artists of all time. The story of Harry James music is long and fascinating, and I recommend that listeners visit the archives of John and Larry Gassman’s “Same Time, Same Station” on this very Olde Tyme Radio Network to experience Harry’s career and wonderful recordings on their 6-part series featuring Harry James, with insightful commentary by Perry Huntoon. The 4 shows rebroadcast here are among several radio shows that featured Harry James, such as Chesterfield Time which passed to Harry when Glenn Miller left for the Air Force. On this episode of CLASSICS & CURIOS we find Harry and his orchestra performing in sweet and swinging styles on tunes such as “King Porter Stomp,” “Moten Swing,” “Jiggers the Beat,” "The Mole," “Rose of Washington Square,” “My Ideal,” “The Music Stops,” “The 9:20 Special,” and “Chiribiribin,” his theme song. The Harry James shows on this episode are available for purchase online at Jerry Haendiges Productions. Many though are let down visually by modern and inappropriate-looking batteries, often emblazoned with gaudy stickers and warning messages.
Offering "at-a-glance inspection", you could peer in through a transparent cover on the battery's top surface to gauge whether it needed topping up or not. You poured water into the trough until it was full, the water automatically making its way into the cell(s) that needed a boost. Only the two battery terminals were now exposed above the level of the top surface, making it easier to keep clean than the Exide Excel, and the batteries of the wartime era with their chunky lead cell connectors.
He previously led development of the Ni-Mh batteries now used widely in hybrid applications, and his previous company also supplied now-bankrupt electric carmaker Think.
Blind since birth, they have been exceeding the expectations of doubting observers all their lives. By 1980, they were the sole hosts, producers and engineers of the KPCC-FM radio program, "Same Time, Same Station". He met Steve in 1990 and they found that they had similar interests like OTR and things nostalgic.
Old-style rubber-cased batteries are still available, the leaflets below illustrate the type of car batteries that would have been fitted to cars in the 1950s and 1960s.
Various batteries of different amperage were on offer to suit all the popular cars of the late 1960s.
The indicator in each cell acted as a valve, allowing the correct amount of distilled water to replenish it as required, the unused water remaining in the trough until such time as one of the cells needed a little more.

The obvious answer is to recycle them, but a better solution is to first give them a second life in a stationary storage station. Anyone wanting to restore their car's underbonnet area to how it would have looked in that era, needs to look out for a period-correct battery like those shown below. For instance, ?5 12s 6d would buy you a battery to fit Austin and Morris Minis, including the Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet. When the white stem of the indicator was visible, ie floating on the top of the electrolyte near the inspection window, that indicated that no topping up was required. An illustrated invoice from a supplier of Exide batteries in the 1930s, can be found on this page. When the level dropped, and the black tip of the indicator became visible, that was the nod to top up that particular cell.
Well, a battery pack that isn't good enough for an electric vehicle could still hold about 80% of its charge. John and Larry are now back and you hear their excellent programs right here every week right here on his Olde Tyme Radio Network. Then in 2003 they started up again and ran for 4 years when, again Big John’s health forced another hiatus. Not something you want to throw away!Photo: Flickr, CCMaking Electric Car More Affordable?This could help intermittent power sources like solar and wind to store power when there's a surplus, and to keep juice flowing when it's cloudy and there's no wind. After an absence of over 8 years, the Gassman's are happy to now resume "Same Time, Same Station" on my Olde Tyme Radio Network (and I'm really happy to have them back)..
Unfortunately, Steve is currently in the midst of a job search and so is unable to co-host on the newest batch of shows.
If they own the battery, selling it at the end of its useful life could help offset part of the cost. In the meantime, Big John’s buddies Stu Chisholm and Greg Barker have been alternating co-hosting duties. But more likely is that automakers will start to lease batteries and subsidize part of their costs by making deal with renewable energy companies.
It will take us a while to build our audience back so please, tell your friends about “The Glowing Dial”!

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