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You can go straight to my InfoBarrel Homepage from here, to read hundreds of my articles.You can go straight to my Hubpage Homepage from here, to read dozens of additional articles. The steam washing technology used by MobiGlow is relatively new to the car wash industry, so we understand that there are questions. Steam cleaning is actually much gentler on your car’s paint than self-service pressure washers or the rotating brushes at drive-through facilities. MobiGlow’s machines have a self-monitoring multi-stage safety system to ensure that the machine operates within a safe pressure and temperature range.

Steam car wash does not require labour intensive scrubbing, pre-soaking, or any use of chemicals. Scratches happen when surfaces are rubbed before dirt, rust, or sand particles are properly removed.
The steam will only be 85°C (185°F) – not nearly hot enough to cause any damage to the paint. MobiGlow is a user of natural resources and we are obligated to demonstrate and lead in this area. Utilizing the same concept, our commercial-grade machine’s precise combination of steam pressure, steam temperature, and water flow rate will quickly and easily dissolve and remove grime and deposits from even the dirtiest surfaces.

MobiGlow’s steam cleaner lifts these particles off the surface of the car using a precise combination of heat, pressure, and water flow. MobiGlow will work to raise awareness to customers and local water regulators to show that our car wash is an environmentally friendly alternative. Then we gently dry and polish with microfiber towels to leave your car spotless, sparkling, and scratch free.

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