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One of the biggest mistakes most companies make when it comes to marketing is that they fail to clearly identify their target market demographic for specific products and services. Visit any retail store, like Target, and look at the labels on the thousands of products sitting on the shelves. This is the story of how Walmart woke up and increased sales by simply thinking about consumer needs. There are few places that keep me going in daydreams during the cold Montreal winter months like the quiet rivers and lakes of Quebec.
There are countless anglers like me so it comes as a surprise that when I went to buy a battery for my motor, the experience was pathetic. When I had originally purchased the battery (the heavy one) for the electric motor, I had a lot of trouble figuring out the basics of what I needed. I went to fishing equipment and boat stores where I was told either not buy a small battery, that they didn’t carry the size I wanted, or both.
To compete with Walmart’s EverStart batteries, Costco sells its own line of batteries under its Kirkland Signature brand.
One of the reasons infomercials are so successful is that they can easily spend an hour going through possibility after possibility for the products they’re hawking.
The idea of forethought in marketing seems so alien to so many companies but it should be the default standard. You could probably write thousands of blog posts about how companies overlook the people who actually pay their bills. To be fair to Costco, all the information you need is in the picture, a little research and knowledge on the type of battery you need for your application is FAR better than any picture or Icon on a box. However, from a content perspective, I want to learn about that when I get there and not necessarily have to take out my phone or go home to research it. CommentI agree to the following Disclaimer: You alone are responsible for the content in your comments.

About BrianWith over a decade of experience, Brian Rotsztein is a recognized expert in the Internet marketing industry. Few actually give you more informatin than the company thinks is necessary, even if you as a consumer could have benefited from that info. I know that most of the people reading this article won’t know the difference between an electric motor (and battery) and a gas motor so I figured it would be easier to show you what I was talking about. I went to specialty stores like Le Baron and Sail but got completely different answers from the respective sales people. You would think that specialized stores would have had this figured out by now but that wasn’t the case. The problem is that while they had batteries that looked appropriate, there was no indication whatsoever that what they had would solve my problem. Content marketers must consider that point as they generate new ideas for increasing sales. His position as the head of two web design and Internet marketing companies provides him with the opportunity to consult with businesses and help them gain a competitive advantage. The specific nature of the personas on the battery really help you see how they thought it out.
Powerful reminder that we need to position our products and services in a way that meets the needs of our CUSTOMERS. His unique approach helps companies increase sales and visibility while decreasing missed opportunities.
In fact, going that extra step could lead to increased sales, if companies would just wake up.
Going through the peaceful waterways as I anticipate catching a large northern pike is simultaneously relaxing and exciting. These are heavy and loud but are needed to travel on larger lakes and rivers with stronger currents and higher waves. The other is an electric motor.

The staff didn’t have any answers to my questions and they had no idea how to help me so I was on my own. As soon as I reviewed their selection of batteries, I noticed one that was the size I wanted.
Walmart gets an A+ for making it clear that people in my unique situation could buy their product knowing that it was developed for people like me.
I’d love to hear your perspective and so many other readers would appreciate it as well.
Costco and other retailers probably are better at sales than Walmart in other things but this is clear case of not knowing your audience. Even if I knew more precisely what I needed, there are several options and still no one to help me answer those questions.
Electric motors are quiet and ideal for trolling through calm water. I own two of the latter which are small enough and sufficiently light to easily transport in the trunk of my car. Smart content marketing would anticipate what I need to know and teach it to me, on the spot if necessary. Big box stores offer you lower prices at the expense of you having to figure out what you need on your own. Since big box stores don’t have specialists on staff, I could not get an answer and therefore walked away.
None of my friends ever wanted to carry it down to the boat and I was always stuck with the mildly laborious task of setting it up. If you buy the proper AGM battery you will probably do better in the long run that you would with the Wet Cell battery.

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