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Question for dieseldorf, BKmetz and other folks using AGM batteries: did you have to change any of the computer charge settings with a VCDS (or other device) to optimize it for the AGM battery or was it pretty much 'plug and play' approach? I've got AGM in three different vehicles and am getting outstanding service and life from them. I would ensure that the alternator's regulator is putting out at least 14.2 volts while running for an AGM battery.

If you buy this battery for your TDI, and it fails within 4 years, Pepboys will replace the battery. I'm just not a fan of the Enertec batteries that dealers sell now, the old Varta ones were the bomb, but the new ones just don't cut it. Powering virtually every type of passenger car, light truck and utility vehicle, our batteries are globally sold under private labels, as well as our own brands – VARTA®, Heliar®, LTH®, MAC®, Delkor® and OPTIMA®.

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