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In business since 1994, Vintage Toy & Diecast Collectibles looks to offer our customers highly sought after, now out of production, diecast cars and model kits, as well as vintage toys and games.
We are always searching for old toys, as well as quality Diecast Cars (all scales) and vintage plastic model kits. Volkswagen plans to put a version of this e-Up battery car concept, based on its Up minicar, into production by 2013. Though there are bound to be some tweaks and changes made by the time a production version of the e-Up concept vehicle makes it into production, Volkswagen officials confirmed, during a preview of the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, that they will put the battery car into showrooms three years from now. The e-Up is based on the new Up, one of the newest and decidedly the smallest members of the expanding VW line-up.  Slightly smaller than the gasoline and diesel-powered versions of the minicar, the 2013 e-Up concept electric vehicle relies on a small set of Lithium-Ion batteries, mounted below its floor, to deliver a range of about 80 miles, enough for most urban drivers, according to Volkswagen officials.

The e-Up concept’s front-drive powertrain produces about 80 horsepower and 155 pound-feet of torque, yielding an acceptable 0 to 60 time of about 11 seconds.  To charge the e-Up, a motorist plugs it into either a conventional wall socket or higher-powered charging station through a port hidden unto the VW badge on the minicar’s hood. VW is still studying which battery technology to use, and is working with several potential suppliers, including Sanyo and China’s BYD, the world’s largest producer of cellphone and laptop computer LIon batteries.  The e-Up would use flat, so-called prismatic, batteries, which can be fit into a tighter space than traditional cylindrical cells.
You would charge up the 2013 V e-Up by connecting a power supply to the socket hidden underneath the battery car's VW badge. Like other manufacturers entering the battery field, VW is trying to gauge consumer sentiment, which could lead to significant changes in the design of a production e-Up.  For one thing, if potential customers demand more range, the automaker would have to find a way to add more batteries. When e-Up hits showrooms, the battery-electric vehicle market will be in a rapid expansion mode.  A variety of manufacturers, including Ford, Toyota and Mercedes-Benz, are promising to introduce their own BEVs by the early part of the coming decade.

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