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Item# 62051326Let these Battery-Operated Vintage Globe LED String Lights bring light into others' world and your world, anywhere, anytime.
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The item has been picked up from estate sale and unfortunately with the original batteries, it does not work. This is chenille greenery with tiny lights and holiday decorations on brick print metal litho base (the base holds two AA batteries inside, and has switch to turn the treen lights on and off).

We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible. Tin telephone and base box are in good condition, just some minor scratches, the normal ware.
We are not toy experts, therefore we cannot say for sure if it should work or not with new batteries. Ten clear bulbous 1.5-inch-diameter LED lights connect to a black cord for the perfect indoor display.
The chenille on the tree has a spots of discoloration where two of the tiny wreaths are now missing, but the lights are seem to be complete.

The metal base is clean and bright on the exterior (very few tiny rust spots), and has only a few spots to the interior.

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