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The objective of this training manual is to provide the customer with a step by step, easy to understand outline of the procedures for maintaining and diagnosing a heavy-duty vehicle?s electrical system. As a service technician, you should consider yourself as the ?doctor? who cares for your company?s heavy-duty vehicles. Now it?s certainly true that electrical components can become damaged due to excessive heat and vibration, voltage spikes, careless handling and misapplication. Generally speaking, however, electrical components - such as alternators and starters - are designed to perform trouble- free for many thousands of miles.
So with knowledge and training, you'll be able to properly maintain your company?s vehicles. If a technician does not have a clear understanding of how a vehicle?s electrical system works, it?s nearly impossible to accurately diagnose a problem. A vehicle?s electrical system is comprised of three elements: the battery system, the charging system, and the starting system. That's why we've organized this training manual to cover the battery system first, followed by the charging system and finally the starting system. You'll find that each of these three sections starts with an overview of how the system works, then moves on to cover various preventive maintenance and diagnostic (i.e. Throughout this manual, we?ll underscore the importance of preventive maintenance, and show you the steps to become very proficient at it.
There's absolutely no question that diagnosing a problem in a vehicle?s electrical system can be tedious and time consuming.
To accurately diagnose an electrical problem, you need to equip yourself with two things: the proper tools and the proper techniques. We?ll provide diagrams to show how to connect the testing devices to the vehicle?s electrical components.
In the event that your diagnostic procedures point to a faulty electrical component, you?ll need to carefully select the correct replacement component. It?s not enough to simply replace an alternator or starter, for example, with an identical version of the faulty part being replaced. Whether you're working on the battery system, charging system, or starting system, make sure the vehicle?s wheels are securely chocked and the vehicle is out of gear.
In the battery system section, we?ve listed several precautions to follow when recharging batteries. Researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a new lithium-ion battery technology that is 2,000 times more powerful than comparable batteries. Which brings us neatly onto the University of Illinois’ battery, which has a higher power density than a supercapacitor, and yet comparable energy density to current nickel-zinc and lithium-ion batteries. You would be surprised about how many battery improvements do make it into lithium battery tech.
The problem is that, like this article, they are ridiculously over-hyped, and end up only being incremental improvements. Because for consumer electronics, and even battery powered cars, we don’t really need more power availability, we need higher energy density, which this tech is a lot shorter on. Don’t worry, Panasonic (or someone else) will usurp the patent, make sure it gets to market before the courts get to them!
And Samsung will actually steal the technology and claim they have been working on it for years.
A battery like this and 30 times smaller than a normal mobile device battery would last for about 30 times less time than a comparable normal battery. Well, I actually read the whole article before, but to be sure I had not missed anything I read it again. Even though it is taking up 30x less space, there is a larger surface area inside for it to react and to store.
Gravity explains only thing on a planet but it took the Theory of Relativity to explain the Universe! The question I asked when I considered a dual battery system was a€?Why do it at all?a€?A  It seemed like a fun challenge, and somehow necessary but I didn't understand why. Herea€™s what I knew:A  Ia€™d added a GPS, a shower pump, a CB radio, a dual band HAM radio, and planned to add a refrigerator, a pair of lights and a winch. 200 amp solenoid from Wrangler NW a€“ combines both batteries for charging, isolates for discharge.
The battery sits on the middle ledge inside the box, with the solenoid and fuse block beneath.A  Ita€™s compact and as tidy as a bunch of wires can be. We also used wire looms to protect the welding cable as we snaked and secured it along the frame into the tool box. When the Wrangler NW soleniod and manager kit arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found in the box. I think we did quite well with this set up; each component to the system (battery, tray, fuse block, and manager) is virtually flawless. Notes: It took only one vehicle-based excursion with other HAM radio operators for me to realize that I needed a radio like theirs. The FT-7800 is a dual band transceiver: it handles 2-meter (144 MHz) and 70-centimeter (440 MHz) frequenices. The current auxiliary loads include the water pump (as described in Part 2), a CB radio, and a dual band Yaesu FT-7800 HAMA radio. When he'd get tired of being in a house with four eclectic - perhaps smelly - guys, Andy would typically come to me and say, "Let's go get some food.
It turns out Andy was talking to an old friend in Atlanta, Georgia from the driveway our bachelor pad in Scottsdale, Arizona. The connection between the FT-7800 and amateur radio is this: to transmit on a radio like the FT-7800, one needs an amatuer radio license as granted by the FCC.

The FT-7800 has a removable face for remote mounting; this is one of the reasons why I chose this radio.
Incorporating my Garmin GPSMap 76s was simple, but I'd like to share a few things about it with you. Drive over Mexican topes all day long if you want, a GPS mount by RAM will take the beating. True story: I used to have a plastic Garmin swivel mount epoxied in the center tray on top of the dash. With the external antenna, the GPS maintains good exposure to satellites; since the receiver unit doesn't sit directly under the windshield, this has turned out to be a slick addition.
After these additions, I had to escape for three days in Monument Valley simply to remind myself why we're doing this project, see what's working and what needs improvement, and get ideas on the next direction. They are responsible for making The Nose Job successful, with a new winch bumper, Lightforce lights, and a winch. As for the instant and timely charging for our electric vehicles battery by the power charging system, it can avoid any over-using situation of batteries. Components can also become damaged by excessive heat, whenever they are forced to operate at continuously high levels of electrical output. And if problems occur in the electrical system, you'll be able to accurately diagnose and correct them, instead of immediately assuming that an electrical component itself is faulty. When diagnosing an electrical problem, it?s necessary to consider each team member as potentially contributing to the problem.
First, it enhances the lifespan of electrical components; and second, it improves the likelihood of trouble-free operation, thereby minimizing vehicle downtime. However, spending the upfront time required is much more efficient than having the vehicle?s driver come back to you with an uncorrected problem.
This is especially true with newer vehicles? highly sophisticated computer systems, which need to be closely integrated with electrical systems components. But we also want you to follow safety precautions when performing preventive maintenance and diagnostic procedures.
When working on any of these three systems, always wear safety goggles or a face shield, never smoke, and do not wear jewelry or loose fitting clothing. Always follow the battery manufacturer?s instructions when equipment such as a battery charger or tester is used. Don't break ?live? circuits at the battery?s terminals, because a spark invariably occurs where a ?live? circuit is broken.
Be certain that battery charger cable clamps or booster leads are clean and making good connections. Do not charge a battery unless you are thoroughly familiar with the step-by-step procedure for using the battery charger.
Keep in mind radiator cooling fans can be thermostatically controlled and could turn on at any time.
It seems to me that the advance here it’s not in the energy density but in the amount of power that the battery can provide at request. It became time to change it, since they were able to use a smaller connector with much faster throughput.
The nuclear scientists were sabotaging the results and falsely claiming that CF was not possible with their experiments. I understand some of your concerns but competition is good particularly, in Research and Development.
This only means that manufacturers will make tinier batteries that will still last what regular Lithium-ion do.
Even if you take the power supply losses out of the equation (which our best AC to DC power supplies are only in the 95-98% efficiency range, you are left with the losses sustained by transferring electricity over copper, which at the voltages required to charge a laptop battery, would mean very high current, which means substantial power loss (read: HEAT). We used 2 gauge welding cable to connect the starting and auxiliary batteries to the solenoid, and ground the auxiliary battery to the frame. Both the manager switch and wiring harness were made with high-quality parts and craftsmanship. Adjustable power, superior range, and the ability to use repeaters are the main reasons why. So when I arrived at the meeting spot for another trip, Al Walter - our leader - asked if anyone didn't have a 2-meter radio. There was simply no decent place to install a communications radio on the dashboard without it looking hacked or obnoxious.
While they carry a huge assortment of GPS mounts for your own taste, I procured a double ball joint and cradle that bolts (yes, bolts) right into the dashboard.
When I say install, I mean that the antenna attaches to the roof with a magnet and a small diameter cable fishes through the middle brakelight (on the back of the roof), into the headliner and through the cab all the way to the GPS.
And the whole vehicle is just like a pile of scrap after we re-charge the battery to get them moving again.
Well, most industry studies indicate that approximately 55% of alternators and starters returned under warranty to manufacturers, and noted as ?defective?, are later discovered to be in fine working order. Simply put, it?s important to take enough time to properly diagnose and correct the real problem. And as in the preventive maintenance section, we?ll show you how to safely perform diagnostic procedures. First, there's a chance the faulty part?s specifications never actually met the vehicle?s amperage demands.
Batteries emit colorless hydrogen gas, which is extremely flammable; they can explode if they come in contact with sparks, flames, or ashes. A poor connection can cause an electrical arc, which in turn can ignite the battery?s gases and cause an explosion.

There will also be plenty of applications outside the consumer space, in high-powered settings such as lasers and medical devices, and other areas that normally use supercapacitors, such as Formula 1 cars and fast-recharge power tools.
If that’s the case, then, mobile devices are not a target market, because, I believe, nobody would want to have to recharge their device several times a day. The mitochondria has a crumpled layer in it that substantially increases it’s surface area and therefore energy production. It costs hundreds of thousands sometimes millions of dollars to produce these experiments and it takes time for other scientists to develop cheaper methods of running said experiments and mass producing it to be fiscally plausible to sell..
The laptop I am using to write this has 170W brick and does require it to be able to charge while under full load.
If one charges a SuperCapacitor, there is little heat since most of the energy would NOT be lost to heat. Take a step back, take off your aura of negativity, and realize how amazing this actually is. As I stated earlier, this system is going to power other devices in the future: external lighting, a winch, and possibly a refrigerator. Anyone who's traveled in Mexico is familiar with a tope (pronounced tow-pay), and this experience comes from running over one at full speed because you didn't know any better. The bolts were my idea, but they also have other ways of holding the mounts securely in your vehicle.
But if there is no such a charging station(like our gas station) in the right area, how should we do?
Sparks can occur as a result of loose cable connections, metal tools making contact between the battery terminals, and metal tools making contact between the ungrounded battery terminal and adjacent metal parts that are grounded. You can have lots of power (watts), or lots of energy (watt-hours), but you can’t generally have both.
For this to occur, though, the University of Illinois will first have to prove that their technology scales to larger battery sizes, and that the production process isn’t prohibitively expensive for commercial production. If you reduce the volume (size if you prefer), then the amount of energy goes down in the same proportion.
For example, my donger has been described as having 30x the average surface area and providing 30x the pleasure. If it didn’t have this feature, the mitochondria would be horribly inefficient in its job. One reason that you may end up with a smaller battery pack in a phone is that the phone requires a higher discharge rate than a thinner cell could provide, so the thicker cell is needed.
For example, for years, Apple only put Samsung RAM in their computers, because it was the most reliable. The rest of the world on the other hand, uses 220-230 Volts to they can charge in half the time. It will be stored in the plates period, so only the power-supply will get heat as it steps down the voltage to whatever the battery needs and that loss is well know and accounted for in power supply technology to date.
The radio body is mounted under the seat, and the face under the dash in the tray of the center console. A tope is a speed bump - poorly signed and unpainted, so you don't realize it's there until you're clobbering the thing at cruising speed.
But the double ball joints allow me to face the GPS in any direction I want, and at nearly any angle. The design stage isn't done yet, so I'll be making considerations for other features to include.
Supercapacitors can release a massive amount of power, but only for a few seconds; fuel cells can store a vast amount of energy, but are limited in their peak power output.
It's made of powdercoated aluminum and it maintains position over any terrain like it's a Royal English Guard in front of the palace.
In essence, a standard li-ion battery normally has a solid, two-dimensional anode made of graphite and a cathode made of a lithium salt.
If your going to make an argument you better be right or you just aren’t worth the words that come out of your mouth. Taunt it all you want, but it won't move unless ordered to do so (through a heafty thumb-actuated set screw). Lithium-ion batteries are currently the best solution for high-power-and-energy applications, but even the best li-ion battery designs demand that industrial designers and electronic engineers make serious trade-offs when creating a new device.
The new Illinois battery, on the other hand, has a porous, three-dimensional anode and cathode. Which really extends the way our loved electric vehicles can run and morever this DC charging system can keep the battery of vehicles in a good condition and pre-long the life the same. To create this new electrode structure, the researchers build up a structure of polystyrene (Styrofoam) on a glass substrate, electrodeposit nickel onto the polystyrene, and then electrodeposit nickel-tin onto the anode and manganese dioxide onto the cathode. As for our electric vehicles battery charging generator itself, nothing could be more easier than getting some fuel at a station to get it down.. The diagram above does a good job of explaining the process.The end result is that these porous electrodes have a massive surface area, allowing for more chemical reactions to take place in a given space, ultimately providing a massive boost to discharge speed (power output) and charging.
So far, the researchers have used this tech to create a button-sized microbattery, and you can see in the graph below how well their battery compares to a conventional Sony CR1620 button cell.

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