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Alkaline battery technology was introduced in the 1950s, and it quickly became a major part of everyday life. In this world of portable gadgets and gizmos, alkaline batteries will probably continue to be a necessary evil for many years to come. I received my internet order from the distributor a few days back and have had no issues with battery leakage what so ever. Thanks for posting and I look forward to any other info that you can provide after you’ve used the charger for awhile. About not responding to my emails, he said he’s been having trouble getting some and had missed one from Walmart recently. I use (and sell) another brand of alkaline battery charger in Australia, and I was very interested to read here about problems with Duracell batteries leaking because we recommend that you don’t recharge Duracell batteries as I, and many others (including a major wholesale battery supplier) have found them the most likely to leak! Even without recharging, Duracell seem to leak liquid everywhere if they are left in a device too long – moral, always remove your batteries if the device is not being used for a long time! I have had recharged Duracell batteries leak in a device, I’ve had Duracell Ultra leak lying around after recharge and a few of my customers (despite my advise not to) have had Duracell batteries leak in the charger. I Too have been using the Innovations battery manager Ultra for far too many years that i care to remember, It has served me well but I too have to move and juggle the batteries around to get them to register.
I had a alkaline battery re-charger several years back, it was all black and made of thick plastic and would charge several batteries at a time. I’ve never used the Xtender, but I do work for the company that distributes the ReZap (which Geo Har posted a link to) in the States. I did find that a multi voltage adapter with positive negative reversal switch and multi pins works very well. ALWAYS have good batts on hand, esp for ur flashlights…too many leave lights for years with cheap batts only to find in an emerg. I once decided to use only rechargable nimh batteries but found that they lose their charge too quickly just sitting around. Like several other posters, my Innovations Battery Manager Ultra has become defective, with one then a second charging bay ceasing to function. It also worked well as an alkaline battery recharger, within the limits that exist when doing so.
However, one thing of special importance is that, with the exception of I believe one or two batteries which leaked in the charger, all of the leaks have happened a substantial amount of time after charging while in storage – in one case I had the batteries sitting on a table in an air conditioned room next to my multi-meter for over a month before they leaked.
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One right in the charger, a couple after I put them in cordless headphones right from the charger, several that had been in a thermostat display for several months. I must have recharged at least 150 alkaline batteries, but rarely more than twice as I found relatively little useful charge on the 3rd recharge and an increased tendency to leakage. Main advantage these days is that they give full 1.5 volts which can be important for some equipment.
My charge only holds AA, so I rigged up a battery holder and wired it through my bread board into a wooden dowel with metal contacts at each end that fit into the charger. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. The beneficial effects of greater hydration include more oxygen in the cells, better circulation, improved cleansing, more efficient removal of waste, and less energy used to balance your blood, lymph, and other internal fluids to their proper pH. Money from direct sales is only paid when water machines are sold, not by building a network of members, and NOT by selling the water. Other than the obvious issues that arise when such a massive amount of non-recyclable waste is disposed, additional environmental concerns have arisen because of the use of heavy metals in alkaline batteries. We were able to recharge a battery about 8 to 10 times with it and it saved us a LOT of money.
Forget that, proper use of a charge, monitor the cells by testing them every few hours with a DMM.
I carry an LED light or two since i work nights…Never use a cheapee as its your life u may save. Then in 2000 the battery makers got aware and changed the formula of the batteries to make them leak when recharged. Not counting disposals from years previous to 1992, and only figuring in disposals from 1992 to 2004, it could be said that in the past twelve years approximately 1,216,800 tons of alkaline batteries have made their way into landfills across the country.
Because of those environmental concerns, both Energizer and Duracell have produced non-Mercury alkaline batteries since the early 1990s. I had to find my way in smoke during a fire and would not be writing this had I not had a good light on me.

Due presumably to the battery management system it could revive old, apparently dead rechargeables. Was mainly Duracells that leaked and also I found that Duracell Ultras (or some similar enhanced type) would not recharge! According to the Duracell site, "It is important not to dispose of large amounts of alkaline batteries in a group. Due to the leakage risk I then used them only in moderate to high drain equipment in regular use, like a battery-powered radio used every day and never in remote controls, clocks or torches.
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Once the battery reaches that lower level of charge, it seems essentially worthless – but is it? Wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to resuscitate the life back into an alkaline battery – to bring it back up to a usable level?
The idea of recharging alkaline batteries is not new, but Alkaline battery chargers have been offered to the public in the past, and they were not very successful because they did not live up their promise of creating reliable multi-use batteries from traditional alkaline disposables. I believe that there are also quite a few people who are reluctant to recharge alkalines because they believe the company warnings about possible ruptures and leakage if it is attempted. There is also enough space in between the slots so that fatter batteries will not touch each other. According to the included manual, batteries should be checked for corrosion, leakage or other damage before they are inserted in the Battery Xtender. The Xtender is for indoor use only and is should be operated in an open area where air can easily circulate – never in a drawer or confined area. The Battery Xtender is composed of an opaque gray plastic body with a transparent gray plastic flip-lid. The flip-lid is nice and thick which I was glad to see, because in the back of my mind I thought it might help protect my table when the batteries began to bubble and leak. NiCad and other rechargeable batteries recharge more fully when they have first been fully drained of power.
Because the Battery Xtender should only be used with those batteries which properly fit in its bays, meaning basically that the negative and positive points are on opposite sides and the battery is long enough to fit in the bay, 9-volt batteries and other oddly shaped or extra short batteries can not be charged in this device. Batteries must be inserted with their positive posts against the stationary top and negative bases against the spring loaded sliding negative contact.
AA and AAA batteries fit in between the spring loaded posts shown below, whereas C and D cell batteries will press down the spring-loaded posts, indicating to the Battery Xtender the correct charging current for their size. Any combination of battery sizes can be used, and one to four batteries can be charged at the same time.

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