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The UK Battery Regulations define an automotive battery as one which is used for the starting or ignition of the engine of a vehicle, or for providing power for any lighting used by such a vehicle.
Note: Some Hybrid and Electric Cars have a second battery to provide motive power for the vehicle.
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Electrically-powered vehicle batteries come in multiple sizes and strengths, depending on the type of vehicle being powered and the physical dimensions of your vehicle. There are other ways to determine what type of electric vehicle battery is needed for your machine, should you find yourself without access to a manufacturer's guide. In addition, electrical vehicle batteries are grouped by the reserve capacity (RC) of the battery. Another factor to consider when choosing an electric vehicle battery is the actual size and dimensions of the vehicle being operated. When choosing the right battery for your electrical powered vehicle, one important thing to keep in mind is the freshness of the battery itself.

This battery is not an automotive battery, but is classed under the Regulations as Industrial.
Electrical powered vehicles are less taxing on the environment, cost less per year to operate and are easier to maintain. The best way to determine which electric vehicle battery to choose is by checking all manufacturer manuals that came with your vehicle. Batteries are generally ranked according to cold crank amps, which is how much power is needed to power the battery from a cold state to an operational state. The RC powers your vehicle’s electrical system in coordination with the vehicle alternator, which provides lasting power for the vehicle. Again, checking with the vehicle manufacturer is generally the best way to determine what size battery should be used. This can be of special concern when purchasing a used battery when the age is questionable. When and if an electrical vehicle battery needs to be replaced, other than the outright cost to replace the battery, there are several things to consider when choosing the right electric vehicle battery. In most cases, a detailed description of what kind of electrical vehicle battery should be used will be included with the manufacturer information.

Different electrical vehicles need different cold crank amp levels to start up and maintain a running strength while in operation.
If the battery does not have adequate RC, the vehicle will repeatedly fail or stall out when running. In addition, taking a few minutes to actually measure the battery compartment and taking measurements of the existing battery can be easily done. Be sure to purchase electric vehicle batteries from a reliable retailer that can offer a guarantee for the battery life in case you run into any issues. Choosing a battery with the correct RC level is vitally important to the proper functioning of the vehicle you are operating. Also note where the battery connections are located and if the replacement battery will fit these connections properly. In addition, ask about battery warranties which can offer a free replacement in the future.

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