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Before and after buying a privately owned second hand car in East London recently, there were a few other things Tony and I needed to do too, before I could put the car into my own name.
Monies spent are included too, to help you budget accordingly – and some tips for privately owned car sellers too! We needed our own car now – and quite urgently, if only to get my children to school and back. Initial first few days, inbetween the freelance work that we do, was spent taking my two sons to school and back, getting more stock of our products ready for the Christmas in July trip that weekend, communicating with and sorting out car insurance stuff on behalf of my father, and working out how to come up with enough money for another car quite urgently. Once that was all over, it was off to Hogsback for two nights in our friend’s bakkie.
Pretty much, the first place we started to look for an East London privately owned car was online, on Gumtree. Tip for a private car seller: be professional in your communications with a potential buyer. Tip for a private car seller: advertise your car for more money than you might actually accept. The owner of the car seemed new to selling a car, and we were fairly new to buying a privately owned second hand car. So it was the next day, Tuesday, that we planned to go and see the car at about lunchtime, on a farm outside East London.
In case the owner of the car didn’t have a change of ownership paper (yellow form) ready for us, we went to the East London Traffic Department to get one. Try not to go alone, as its difficult to find parking, and the driver of the car can drive around the block once or twice while the other goes in and collects a yellow form – collect a blue car registration form at the same time, and then you already have it for after your new car passes its roadworthy test.
Then we went to PostNet in the same road as Vincent Fruit and Veg, almost opposite Maclears Stationers and Bessies Fabrics. Then to the bank to ask them to show me how to see online what my limit was on doing an electronic funds transfer payment in one day.
Tip for a private car seller: display more than just one or two photos of your car wherever you are advertising that it is for sale, and be patient, professional, friendly and polite with the potential buyer even if they have many questions ahead of coming to see your car.
The owner of the car pointed out anything that she knew was wrong with the car, but they seemed like minor things, like a teeny bit of rust in one spot, a tiny chip on the windscreen that had been repaired, and two of the door locks difficult to grip due to their tops having broken off. We gave the car seller a certified copy of my id, and we did the electronic funds transfer on her computer.

She gave us my receipt, a copy of her id and marriage certificate, the car’s registration papers, the filled in yellow form, and a receipt of where the car was last serviced in case we wanted to use the same place.
Two days later, already have driven about 250 kilometres, we were almost home when there was a scraping sound coming from the left rear wheel.
The seller of the car had communicated with us that she needed to change the meeting date to the day after the arranged date, the Friday, and we arrived at the Gonubie Traffic Department shortly ahead of her. While at the Gonubie Traffic Department anyway, we asked what the costs of roadworthy were. I guess we could have had it done right away since we were there already, but we’d heard that the Gonubie roadworthy testing place was very strict, and we wanted to try another place. We left deciding that we’d give the Gonubie roadworthy testing place a shot first thing on Monday.
We were at the Gonubie Traffic Department by 8am on Monday, and paid R183 and applied for roadworthy testing, then over the road for the testing. On the Monday we took the car for two new front tyres, wheel balancing and wheel alignment – at Auto Tyres in Cambridge, for R1 280.
Over the road to the Gonubie Traffic Department, stood in the roadworthy queue, paid R69 and got our roadworthy certificate.
Once home, took a good photo of the vehicle registration paper, and of the car licence paper and emailed the photos to the previous owner, to show her that the car was now in my name, and that she could rest easy about any traffic fines we might get. Two weeks from the day of buying the privately owned second hand car, to getting it registered in my name. TripleClicks ad – Instantly Increase Your Sales!We put the marketing muscle of over 100,000 SFI affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products and services in over 20,000 cities in over 190 countries!
This is a local, perfect carfax, non-smokers Q7 that runs and drives perfect, and looks even better! I hope that describing our own process of buying a privately owned second hand car in East London can help others.
Monday was more sorting out of car insurance stuff, and a chance to start looking for a new car for ourselves – 7 days after our car accident. We decided to give it a shot anyway, and the owner agreed to let it go for R20 000 – if we were happy with it after seeing it. About 30 friendly emails between us and the buyer ensued, to make sure we were both happy with arrangements, and with what was expected from each other.

At PostNet we made a few copies of my id and had the copies certified as certified copies of the original – we added my drivers licence card alongside my id book at the same time, just in case somebody needed that too. We had a good idea that we’d probably be buying it, but of course we wanted to see it, test drive it, and be sure we wanted it. We left Gonubie and drove to the Cambridge Goods Sheds area at the top of Western Avenue near Hemingways Shopping Mall.
We were the second people there, but the first car was nearly done, so we didn’t have to wait for more than about 10 minutes. If you click on a link and then view, join, purchase, or perform other actions, I will receive an affiliate commission. This beautiful TDI Q7 is in perfect condition, inside and out, this one is the Premium Plus model so it has all the extra's, it has the all weather floor matt package, it even has the rear cargo liner when the 3rd row seats are folded down, i just put 2 brand new Goodyear tires on the front, that match the back 2, i have all the books, manuals, i have all the keys and remotes, i even have the original window sticker were it listed new for $60,055.00, and to be able to buy a perfect carfax TDI Q7, especially a Premium Plus model, this nice, this cheap is a deal, and keep in mind i dont charge anything extra, no doc fee's, nothing! We didn’t feel the replies of two of them were all that professional, but luckily the third was more professional, as well as being a reply for the car that we were the most interested in, of the three cars. Used my friend’s bakkie which we still had and went to Midas to get a wheel bearing kit, some grease, and a new wheel spanner as the one that came with the car had broken when we had tried to get the extremely tight wheel nuts off. It was only upon asking that we discovered that the roadworthy had to be done first, before we could register the car in my name. Even if you are in another country, CLICK HERE to select YOUR country and see what people from your country are saying!
Please feel free to give me a call to further discuss your interest in this excellent 2011 Audi Q7 3.0LT TDI Premium Plus!
While in the Gonubie Traffic Department we also noticed that we could have gotten a yellow form and blue form there, ahead of going to view and buy the car. KENT HALLUM (512) 710-5031.We as a family dedicated to put anyone in the right vehicle at wholesale prices.
Tony and I both assumed it was just because I was not used to the gears being so close together. It was first come first served, and we’d have to wait about 6 hours before the car was tested.

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