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Steele said the arrest is the result of extensive cooperation among federal, state and local authorities.Steele was joined at the news conference by Berks District Attorney John T. A Palestinian worker holds a handful of stone excavated to be crushed and used for cement mix in Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip. Workers sort through dirt for stone close to the Israeli border in Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip. A worker grimaces from the dust created from crushing concrete in order to extract the gravel in Zayton, Gaza Strip. Using a sledgehammer to break concrete blocks to extract gravel in Zayton, Gaza Strip, a worker collects valuable stones . A Palestinian worker stacks bricks made with recycled cement gravel and crushed stone at a brick factory in Khan Younis, Gaza Strip. A plastic doll’s head is on the ground at a recycling factory in Beit Lahiya, Gaza Strip.
Palestinian worker, Shaher al-Helou, 31, pours melted recycled metal into a mold at a car-battery workshop in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip.
A worker, solders recycled metal to a used car battery at a car-battery in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip. Shaher al-Helou (L) speaks to customers at his car battery workshop in Jabaliya, Gaza Strip. Muhammad Abu Safia, 61, repairs a shoe in his workshop at Jabaliya market in Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza Strip.
Abid Shabban, 38, attempts to sell his salvaged goods at Jabaliya market in Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza Strip.

Steele surveys the 3 kilos of heroin seized, and the car battery it was hidden in, after authorities arrested alleged East Norriton drug smuggler David Pacheco Wednesday.
Gallagher of Bridgeport on charges of corrupt organizations, possession with intent to deliver heroin, dealing in proceeds of unlawful activities and criminal use of communication facilities in connection with alleged incidents that occurred between April 2015 and Jan.
His award-winning humor column "Outta Leftfield" has been recognized by the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association, the Suburban Newspapers of America and the Philadelphia Press Association.
It seems like the war has made the people of the country appear to be some kind of similar lifestyle to those poor souls in India or Bangladesh. In the last few months the demand for stone to be used in cement mixing has skyrocketed in the Gaza Strip. Much of the stone is available in areas close to the Israeli border – highly dangerous for the workers who make little more than 13 dollars per day for their efforts. Due to the blockade preventing building materials entering Gaza and the price of smuggled goods from Egypt, local tradesmen crush rock, concrete and stone in order to make gravel for cement mix.
The blockade of Gaza has lead to new and innovative ways to recycle materials in order to supply demands, but often at the exploitation of the unemployed who make 7-14 US dollars per day collecting or processing the materials.
Hamas’ Ministry of Economics reportedly decreed that it is illegal for factories to use recycled plastics in order to make their products due to health regulations. Workers at the repair shop have been recycling metal to repair car batteries for more than ten years, but have seen the number of repairs more than double since the Israeli blockade of Gaza, while their number of new-battery sales have plummeted.
The blockade of Gaza has lead to new and innovative ways to recycle materials in order to supply demands. Tradesmen at the market complain about the quality of materials smuggled in from Egypt, claiming only sub-quality Egyptian and Chinese goods are brought in by the smugglers to generate a high turnover of sales as they frequently break.

The father of 11 children, Abid lost his job as a cab driver after the war when fuel prices rose the taxi owner could no longer lease him the car. Mahmood rarely makes new products, his living is now made repairing broken material with both new and scrap wood collected throughout Gaza. Some people start to investigate places that have ghost stories, but these places are actually haunted by history. The Grand Canyon is 446 km long, up to 29 km wide and attains a depth of over a mile 1,800 meters. Pre-molded plastic from Egypt costs factories nearly three times as much to purchase than the recycled plastic.
The blockade preventing almost all goods, especially building materials from entering Gaza, combined with the price of smuggled goods from Egypt; demand for stone to be used in cement mixing has skyrocketed.
10 arrest, Pacheco admitted that someone in Georgia put the battery underneath the hood of his truck but he denied knowing what was in the car battery. Once Pacheco was paid for the heroin in New York he would return to Atlanta with the cash for his supplier there.Pacheco was arrested Jan. Pacheco said when he returned to his Norristown business he awaited a phone call instructing him where to deliver the battery in The Bronx section of New York, according to court papers.

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