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After a few weeks of little use, a friend of mine went out to start his car to find that it was dead. The difference between a battery maintainer and a charger is that a maintainer is designed to be on the battery for an extended amount of time and can detect when the battery is at its peak charge; and once its reached, stops charging the battery. Maintainers can be found for less than $20 which is a lot less than a new battery and the headaches that are associated with not being able to start your car. Straight cut gears vs helical Rotors: Blank vs Cross Drilled vs Slotted and Warping Stop and weight! Battery tender 0210123 battery tender junior 12v battery, Battery tender junior 12v .750ma the battery tender junior battery charger is the small and simple solution to the challenge of keeping batteries optimally. The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now?
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Battery Tender OBD II CONECTOR can be used when the cigarette adapter is not hot during key off conditions. Possible upgrades and lower cost solutions to the product you are viewing based on customer reviews and purchases. We are a value-added battery and power product distributor focusing on advanced battery technologies, LED lighting and custom power solutions. The Battery Tender comes with two complete sets of leads: The main lead is 15 feet long and the end leads are each a foot or so in length. The main leads plug into a receptacle on each "head" of the charger and are directional (meaning they only go in one way).

The other end of the main lead is a two-prong connector (arrow) like those used on trailers. A Battery Tender is one of those must-have items for the garage or workshop, because inevitability, there will come a time when you'll need to charge a battery. Not only does a BatteryTender® protect the battery from self-discharge but prevents sulphation and actually improves the condition of the battery by fully recharging and conditioning the plates.
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I recommended he get a battery maintainer that he can simply leave on his battery so that it will keep it at full charge. Under normal conditions, your car constantly charges the battery so that the energy used during starting, or when the car is off, is replenished. The sulfate coating on the battery plates crystallizes and can no longer go back into solution. In the old days, chargers didn’t have any peak detection to tell when the they battery was fully charged.
This lead is called hard wired because the wire connectors (arrows) are bolted onto the battery terminal posts on the outside of the battery cables and the "trailer" connector tucked under the seat.
BT-TWIN 800) now comes in a very attractive package in the shape of an all-chrome V-twin engine and transmission, complete with pipes. When the battery is recharged, the sulfate coating is removed and goes back into solution with the battery acid.
Though, these days many battery chargers have all of these options and can also act as a maintainer.

It allows the connection to the battery via OBD II port, and therefore the user does not need to get under the hood of the vehicle. To use, simply pull the "trailer" connector out of its hiding place and plug into the charger lead. It could be the battery for your riding lawn mower, the kids' dirt bike or even your truck.
The engine sound is audible when the charger is first attached to the battery or by pressing a button on the charger. If you do not wish to receive partial orders, you may enter note of special instructions regarding your order in the “Special Instructions” box in the check-out process. Our company sells to the public, retailers, distributors, OEMS, government facilities worldwide and WE WANT YOU AS A CUSTOMER!
The BT-Twin 800 can charge two batteries independently of each other regardless of the difference in the state of charge.
Each charger features indicator lamps atop of the cylinder heads that give an indication of state of charge (green means full, amber means charging), plus a 15-foot lead that plugs into the charger on one end and a two-prong plug on the other end. The two-prong plug resembles a trailer hitch plug and can be plugged into one of the two hookups for the battery.
The battery hookups are either the hard wire setup or the more universally known alligator clips.

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