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Used Battery Container Box - Hazardous Waste Box ideal for the safe containment of all types of batteries.
The hazardous waste box supplied by Unimac is ideal for use as a container for used batteries. To protect the contents from weather purpose designed lids can be added to the trolley below. If you are looking for a used, refurbished or reconditioned lift truck battery, or battery handling equipment, you have come to the right place. Contact us with the year, make and model of the fork lift truck, pallet jack or other material handling equipment for which you need a battery and we will get back to you with availability and price.

Lead Acid Automotive battery used car battery MF N70Z  It' well good at starting performance, instant big cerrent, high capacity and long service life.
Ride-on industrial sweeper with automatic cleaning system and recharge battery, used for sweeping paMN-XS-1750 is equipped with a high efficient roller-shape sucking filter and an automatic cleaning system. The tough HDPE polymer construction and large capacity of the bin for used batteries ensures hazardous chemicals, including cadmium, mercury and lead cannot escape into the environment. Our modern shops are equipped with the latest equipment and computerized charging and discharge testing. The battery consists of paste-spreading positive and negative plates, PVC and PE Separator and a battery case full of poly propylene.

Many batteries can be recycled, which means that the valuable materials that have been used to make them can be made into new batteries.
It is important that used batteries are collected and treated properly and now you have the answer –use a BB1210 box for used batteries available only from Unimac.

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