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In 2006, Teck Trail Operations implemented a new recycling process to reclaim metals contained in end-of-life electronics, also known as electronic waste, thereby keeping this material out of landfills and producing valuable metals that do not have to be mined.
Although Retriev Technologies is incorporated in California, they located their lithium battery recycling plant in BC’s Lower Columbia. Other factors included a local source of liquefied argon and potential synergies with Teck Trail Operations.
In cooperation with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Teck Trail Operations is continuing its tests related to the recycling of zinc alkaline batteries. Teck Trail Operations developed the first lead-acid battery recycling program in Canada 20 years ago.
CAA Manitoba spokesperson Erika Miller said the motor association's goal is to divert 50 litres of used motor oil and 50 used car tires from the landfill in honour of FortWhyte Alive's 50th anniversary on Sunday. In honour of Earth Day, CAA Manitoba is asking motorists to recycle used car and household batteries, motor oil and tires on Saturday and Sunday.
In exchange for the recyclable items, the motoring association is offering free, on-site battery tests. By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Imagine the environmental damage that can be caused by carelessly discarding 18 pounds of lead, two pounds of plastic, and a gallon of acid: the contents of a lead-acid battery. This is an EPA-permitted recycling system, which is important for you to know because hazardous disposal laws place heavy penalties on offenders and considerable paperwork burden on everyone. Always select a battery that has enough cranking power and reserve capacity to get the job done.

Along with electrical accessories, temperature also has a dramatic effect on battery performance. Tyler Metz has recently become the new Head Coach for the Esterhazy Warriors Football Team. Employees Tyler and Andrew Metz volunteered with the members of the Warriors football team for the Car show at the Boreen Center on April 24th and 25th 2015.A  All proceeds went to theA St. Tyler and Mathew from Saskpro took a trip on Sunday Dec 8 2013 to Colonsay to pick up the new equipment Trailer for the Esterhazy Warrior Football team. This picture is to recognize Saskpro involvement with getting the lights on the football field in 2014.
A panel of consultants from the Esterhazy Community were asked to sit in with the board meeting of two classes for the Junior achievement Entrepreneur Class at the Esterhazy High School.
Entrepreneurs interested in this industry will find opportunities in BC’s Lower Columbia, already known for its leadership and capacity in this area.
Today, used lead-acid batteries are received from all over North America and the recycled lead from these vehicle batteries composes up to 20 percent of the total refined lead produced at Teck Trail Operations.
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In honour of the environmental education park's 50th anniversary, CAA is setting out to divert 50 litres of motor oil and 50 car batteries from the landfill.
Recycling used automotive products and household batteries is a great way to spring clean and go green," Miller said. By submitting your comments, you acknowledge that CBC has the right to reproduce, broadcast and publicize those comments or any part thereof in any manner whatsoever.

Vital outdoor swimming pool, which is open again after a $3-million makeover took longer than expected. Now imagine that damage compounded by 75,000,000: the approximate number of lead-acid batteries available for recycling each year in the United States.
You can be assured that your scrap is being recycled in an environmentally safe manner. Consider the vehicle manufacturer's recommended capacity to be a minimum capacity guideline.
Please bring all of your used vehicle, tractor, ATV or implementA batteries to the front of the Saskpro yard and support the football team! The consultant panel asked questions, critiqued, praised and gave advice to the two companies. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines. In fact, they have been recycled since the 1920s, and today these batteries have a higher recycling rate than other waste products such as aluminum, paper, and beverage containers made of glass or plastic, just to name a few.

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