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I’ve only personally used one other battery powered nail gun which is close to the same price as this DeWalt. Depth control is super accurate with half steps between 1 and 6 so depending on the length of nail (this shoots up to 2″ nails) and the hardness of your material, you can set your drive to the perfect depth.
Last but not least, it has a handy tool hanger so you can hang it on a ladder or something.

I took mine off because it was in the way and I kept bumping myself with it but I was on the ladder yesterday installing the trim to my Built-In Bookcase and it would have come in VERY handy (but I didn’t take the time to put it back on). I’ve had my battery powered nail gun for a few weeks and have used it almost every day, even in my workshop where I have compressor and all my other nail guns. I just went to see if there was a picture of the whole kit I could add to the post as you brought up a good point…and saw that you can get an extra $25 off on that item until Dec 22!

The timing on this could not be better…I just convinced my husband that this is what I wanted for Christmas and I ordered it for myself yesterday!

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