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Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Designed by Monkey-Business, this funky tin container is ideal for household storage of used batteries. You may leave your used batteries at the Sintra Live Science Centre, where you will find a used battery disposal container waiting for you. Ecopilhas, Sociedade Gestora de ResA­duous de Pilhas e Acumuladores, together with the Sintra Live Science Centre, developed this initiative to reinforce the idea that recycling is the best way to dispose of used batteries and accumulators.

Leave your used batteries at the Sintra Live Science Centre, and take home your own mini battery disposal container! Batteries, unless properly disposed and recycled, can contaminate landfills and pollute the air. Recycling batteries prevents disposal of metals in landfills and into the air which otherwise can contaminate the land and the air. Forget about frequent replacements!• Learn why battery recycling is important and what are the hazards associated with improper disposal of batteries.

Find Battery Recycling & Waste Battery Signs that help you control your waste or recycled battery disposal.

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