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GPS specialist Trimble's rugged, innovative, and very well executed rugged UMPC (by Conrad H. While Trimble calls the Yuma a rugged tablet computer, technically it's more like a rugged UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) although it is missing the rudimentary keyboards such units often have below the display.
On the storage side, Trimble equipped the Yuma with a 32GB solid state hard disk instead of rotating media. The Yuma doesn't have an integrated keyboard or keypad and you use touch or the stylus to operate it. I had known of the Trimble Yuma for some time, but never had a chance to get a hands-on experience. Speaking of batteries, the Yuma has two, both externally accessible and part of the overall design. On the bottom is a surface-mount cradle contact for the Yuma's optional office docking station. Note that the Yuma can shoot video as well, either in 320 x 240 or full 640 x 480 pixel format. Since it is the Intel Atom chip that makes small, fanless machines such as the Yuma possible, a few words about Intel's growing family of low power processors.
Depending on how you look at it, Intel's Atom chips are either an unqualified (albeit at times baffling) success, or a complete flop. Apart from lower cost, less complexity and being able to do without a fan, one of the most important reasons for selecting an Intel Atom processor is its very low power draw.
Trimble obviously values long battery life or else they would not have given the Yuma a full 40 watt-hours even with the standard versions of the dual Li-Ion batteries. Do note that both the Atom processor and Windows 7 have extensive power conservation systems. The basic requirement is that the display can be comfortably and reliably viewed under virtually all lighting conditions, with good contrast and no distracting reflections.
The first image below shows the two systems outdoors in the shade on a bright and sunny early afternoon. In the second picture below, the computers are placed in the same outdoor setting where there are contrasts and reflections, but this time the view is from an angle.
The picture below shows just the Yuma in another typical outdoor situation, using the computer in a shaded area with sun coming in, and looking at it from an angle.
The next picture shows the Yuma display head-on in a bright daylight setting, facing away from the sun, and here you can see just how bright the display is. In addition to a strong backlight and good glare and reflection control, the display's viewing angle is important. The picture below shows the toughest challenge for any LCD display outdoors: facing the sky on a bright day. Trimble clearly describes its hardware test standards and lists which of its rugged handhelds and tablets passes what level of abuse.
Some customers may want to see actual lab reports with more specific detail, but the overall impression of the Yuma is that it's a very rugged device that seems fully capable of withstanding a good deal of abuse. Tablet computers like the Trimble Yuma are often deployed in applications where they alternate between office and vehicle docks, and being carried around in the field. They also offer the Yuma tactical vehicle mount (shown to the right) that provides a solid interface to connect the Yuma rugged tablet to any 1.5 inch ball RAM Mount system. For a very long time (since 1990 or so), vertical market tablets either had a resistive digitizer or an electromagnetic digitizer, and sometimes a combination of both. As a result, for now Trimble offers the Yuma with a conventional resistive touch screen that pretty much determines what can and cannot be done in terms of touch. The touch screen itself is quick and accurate, but it's definitely just a standard resistive digitizer that works best with a stylus. There will be those who'll miss an active digitizer or a dual input system in a device as competent and attractive as the Yuma. The Trimble Yuma is a very rugged, small and light tablet computer that can go places where a full-size tablet is just too large and heavy. Based on a 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor, the fanless and silent Yuma has enough performance for many tasks, and it feels quick and responsive in everyday use.
The outdoor-viewable 7-inch resistive touch screen display is large enough for real work and offers netbook-class 1024 x 600 pixel resolution.
Overall, the Trimble Yuma provides full Windows 7 computing power, a reasonably large display with WSVGA resolution, good onboard connectivity, ruggedness, long battery life, and exemplary quality in a very compact package. In 1921, Elmer Beehler started "The Wireless Company of Yuma" and started broadcasting on an experimental basis. Jennie Monk says "It was a real novelty to listen to Grandpa's battery-powered radio in the 1920's. 2003 Hummer H2 Base Sport Utility 4-Door 6.0L This 2003 Hummer Stretch Limo has a Unique Interior and Exterior. 1972 Pride Cheetah 135hp Redband Mercury *********1972 Pride Cheetah GTS Ski Boat *********PRICE IS SLASHED TO $5,990 THIS WEEK ONLY AND FREE DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN VICTORIA!!!! December 04, 2006 11:01 AMShow PostChris M Smith posted December 04, 2006 02:39 PMHide PostJust my opinion but why did you use the 800 grate?? December 04, 2006 03:02 PMShow PostRXPkid posted December 10, 2006 10:41 AMHide PostCongrats on hitting 82mph Mark!!! December 10, 2006 11:42 AMShow PostRXPkid posted December 10, 2006 01:19 PMHide PostSo Mark, what was the main point for the project? June 02, 2007 04:35 PMShow PostRXPkid posted June 05, 2007 09:29 PMHide PostIT'S THE SPITFIRE!!!
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Basic popups usually include the following features: fold-down dinette (table top and bench seating combination), on-board fresh water tank, sink, 12-volt DC power system (including an AC to DC converter and a deep cycle battery), interior DC lighting, two sleeping bunks and storage cabinets. Since space is at a premium in popup campers, it is common for a single structure to serve multiple purposes.
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Many know Trimble primarily as a GPS and surveying product company with niche market and specialty products, but the company actually also has quietly been offering some excellent general purpose rugged handhelds and tablets. That is a definite plus when it comes to ruggedness as SSDs are inherently better equipped to handle extreme temperatures, shock and vibration. With the advent of the Atom processors and netbooks, we've started to see smaller Intel Atom-powered tablets that are less bulky and weigh much less while still providing the full Windows experience.

The specs and visuals certainly looked attractive, but often you really need to hold a product in your hands to get a sense of what it's all about. Its 9 x 5.5 inch housing consists of an ultra-tough metal case, some plastic covers and a partial rubber skin that provides additional protection for corners. On the backside you also find a magnetic parking area for the stylus, and the Yuma has both forward and backward-facing cameras. One protects one of the Yuma's antenna modules, underneath the other is access to the unit's SD Card slot and ExpressCard 34mm slot. There is one facing the user, with 1.3 megapixel, and one facing away from the user, that one with 2 megapixel. The left one shows the app in camera mode where you can switch between cameras, enable night and macros modes, set resolution, self-timer and continuous shooting, as well as turn on GPS tagging of images. Documentation and geotagging alone open possibilities unheard of just a few short years ago. The former because Atoms deliver very decent performance for a mere fraction of the cost and power consumption of an Intel Core processor, and that's been good enough to sell millions of netbooks.
Very modest hardware can be quick and responsive with a lean embedded operating system whereas more powerful hardware can struggle with a full-blown OS. That said, the processor and chipset are only part of the full package, and overall draw depends not only on the power efficiency of the chosen components, but also on configuration settings, system workload, and on how well power conservation measures are implemented. Windows 7, especially, has impressed us with much better power conservation than older versions of Windows. That's because indoors, the average LCD backlight is more than bright enough to handle ambient light, and there are relatively few reflections and sharp contrasts. In the pictures below, we're showing the Yuma in comparison to an admittedly low-cost generic Android tablet computer that actually had a crisp and bright display that was plenty bright enough indoors. The Yuma's powerful 650 nits backlight has no problems remaining viewable whereas the generic tablet's otherwise decent display instantly became unreadable due to massive reflectivity of its touch screen surface. The glossy display and bezel of the tablet make the display virtually unreadable, even though the unit's backlight is fairly strong. In this situation, the display must both control reflections and remain readable from wide horizontal viewing angles. Viewing angle refers to the angle from which you can look at a display and still get a good picture. In order to remain readable under those conditions, the display must have state-of-the-art optical treatments, which usually include circular polariziers and anti-reflective coatings, and the backlight must be strong enough to eke out enough contrast to keep the display readable. The device can handle a very wide operating temperature range of -22 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, and has passed all the requisite tests described in the MIL-STD-810F for drops, vibration, and humidity.
As a result, Trimble offers accessories such as an office dock, a rugged physical keyboard, and a powered dock. Being compatible with the RAM Mount system means that no matter where and how a Yuma is to be mounted, there will be RAM mounting components to do the job, or users can build a custom solution for their vehicle and work requirements. Our Yuma did not appear to have the usually very elaborate calibration and configuration utility that can be of significant value for fine tuning and custom applications. Those who like using ink applications such as Windows Journal, however, will find that ink doesn't go on smoothly, making it not as easy to draw, doodle and sketch as it should be.
There is no compelling reason why a Wacom-style digitizer should not be available and we'll likely soon see more experimentation with capacitive touch screens in this market, and perhaps Trimble will make them available at some point. Having had a chance to use it for a couple of weeks, we're frankly surprised that we're not seeing more of this remarkable tablet. Thanks to the Atom chip and Windows 7 power management, the dual batteries provide superb battery life (likely far more than the four hours stated by Trimble). The screen is very bright and crisp, resistant to smudges and fingerprints, and very effectively controls glare and reflections.
The Yuma offers good onboard connectivity, has WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS, dual cameras, and can be ordered with a variety of Trimble and third party field software. Presenting this stunning, 1974 Triumph TR6 In Outstanding Overall Condition With NO RESERVE PRICE!!! With the power you are producing, i would have thought that the single bar grate is the right choice. The 800grate is faster top end, and has less quirks than either the stock grate or 1200grate. Adventure and fun, or are you trying to send a message to the manufacturers like Yamaha, Bombardier, and Kawasaki?
It only seems right to use the 2000 GPR as the next hi-performance 4stroke Yamaha watercraft. Generally, the dinette, which can seat four people for a meal, can be converted into a bed to provide additional sleeping space. A Pop-Up Camper is a hard-sided box ranging in length from 8 - 14 feet, and when open and set-up for camping is 16 - 26 feet. This includes making sure there is water hookup at the campsite and making sure the electric outlet is on the right side or location for your hookup. Once you are all level, unlatch the roof latches (make sure you get all the latches!) of the camper popup and use youa€™re pop up crank or winch to raise the roof all the way up. These steps include hooking up to utilities (electricity, water, sewer), reassembling the dinette, unfolding the sink, turning on systems (water pump, water heater, etc.), making beds and unpacking belongings.
One such product is the Trimble Yuma, introduced in early 2009 and Trimble's first device running full Windows instead of one of the mobile versions. The sunlight-readable display measures 7.0 inches diagonally and offers WVGA resolution, which means 1024 x 600 pixel in the by now almost ubiquitous wide aspect ratio format. That's less than a tenth of your average notebook chip, and less than one eighth of Intel's most recent ultra low voltage Core i7 processor. They also have performance advantages over old-style hard disks and are clearly the way to go in a device like the Yuma. The machine has a 34-pin ExpressCard slot as well as an SDIO slot, both sealed but externally accessible. When you think of a netbook-sized tablet you probably think of something small, light and a bit flimsy. While the netbook-class 1024 x 600 pixel resolution requires a bit of getting used to, it's a perfect fit for the 7-inch display. It's easy to hold the Yuma with either your left or your right hand, and the black rubber offers a good grip. Overall, it looks and feels more like something that you'd find in the professional tools section of a hardware store than at Best Buy's.
You can see the two USB 2.0 ports, a legacy RS232 DB9 serial port, the separate headphone and microphone ports, and an external antenna port. And the cameras offer software developers and system integrators additional ways to provide functionality and value-added. The latter because there are definite performance ceilings and there are areas where Atoms just aren't very good at (like high-def graphics and such). By far the lion's share is the 1.6GHz N270 chip that powered the first generation of netbooks and which, due to its "embedded" status (which really just means Intel will keep offering it for a good many years), also does duty in many industrial systems and module computer boards.
For comparison we're showing a couple of other machines that use Atom processors as well as one that uses the older Core Duo U2500 chip popular in full size tablets. When perusing the results, note that benchmarks often yield inexplicable results, especially when compared across processor families.
Much to its credit, Windows 7 has turned out to be remarkably well suited to low-power hardware, and as a result, the Yuma for the most part feels quick and responsive.

If that is not enough, Trimble offers extended batteries that pack 5,100mAh each instead of the standard 2,600. With the system set to battery conservation and the display backlight set to its minimum (but still readable) level, we recorded a battery draw of just over four watts, and sometimes even dropping into the three watts.
With systems now going to sleep and almost instantly waking up, a battery charge can last a whole lot longer than you'd expect based on just benchmarks. Outdoors is a different story because even the strongest backlight is no match for direct sunlight, there are plenty of reflections, and the strong ambient light exposes display weaknesses.
The optical anti-glare and anti-reflection treatment of the Yuma display make it totally immune to reflections here and the display remains perfectly readable. That's actually a big deal as LCDs with weaker backlights tend to look flat and unnatural outdoors. The Yuma's display has a good (wide) horizontal viewing angle although there can be color shifts when you look at it from the right. Meticulate design and construction, aided by light weight and lack of rotating media, mean the Yuma can survive multiple 4-foot drops (and we wouldn't be surprised if it could survive falls from much higher).
That all changed with the iPhone and iPad that showed the considerable capabilities of capacitive touchscreens with multi-touch functionality and its very elegant and effortless panning, dragging, rotating and zooming in and out. Handwriting recognition is available via the Microsoft Input Panel, but it also suffers from the reluctant acceptance of ink, something that could probably be addressed by switching from a serial to a USB digitizer interface. As is, touch with a stylus (and to a lesser extent finger) works well, but this is strictly a resistive digitizer with all its pros and cons.
At 200 inches, and built to accommodate 16-18 passengers this is the very definition of luxury.
Unfortunately, Yamaha doesn't believe in it's own product, instead determined to continue to pour money into worthless under powered rental battleships. Some premium models also include a shower, toilet, wastewater tanks, slide-out section (to increase interior space), microwave, and an oven. Once you have surveyed the hookups and layout of your campsite pull or back your popup into it. For example, if you were to purchase a new Jayco pop up, you would have full manufacturer's warranty for the first 2 years, and a life-time parts and labor warranty on the major components such as the lifter system, floor, frame, bed ends, and roof.
The Yuma turned out to be a harbinger of things to come, and we're happy to finally be able to present a full review. This is the same format used by tens of millions of netbooks, though their displays are most often in the 9-inch range and larger.
The Z530 works in conjunction with the Intel "Poulsbo" chipset, making for an extraordinarily power-efficient combo, making it possible for the Yuma to run without a noisy, trouble-prone fan. After some reluctance to embrace Atoms within the rugged industry early on, the attractive qualities of Atom-based solutions have now led almost everyone to offering Atom-based products.
The Z530, a member of the lesser known Z5xx Atoms, has become fairly popular in industrial and vertical market systems, and that's the chip Trimble chose for the Yuma.
Note that the Handheld Algiz 8 uses a processor from the same Atom family as that in the Yuma, though the Z510 only runs at 1.1GHz.
Overall results, however, usually correspond with subjective performance and give a pretty good idea of where a product fits in.
Assuming that the extended batteries use the same 7.4 Volts, that'd be 37.7 watt-hours each, or a total of over 75 watt-hours! This means that good outdoor display performance is mandatory for any mobile system that will be used outdoors most of the time, and that certainly applies to the Yuma. Anti-glare treatment can sometimes make for a mikly surface when viewed from an angle, but the Yuma doesn't have this problem and remains readable when viewed from horizontal angles.
The vertical viewing angle is much narrower, and there are chromatic changes as you rotate the unit while looking at it. The stark shadows show how strong the sunlight was, yet the display is readable, and it even retains some vibrancy. The Yuma is exceptionally well sealed, carrying a IP67 rating where the "6" means total protection against dust, and the "7" that it is waterproof and can even handle immersion into water down to about 3.3 feet.
There are at least 25 screws holding the two clamshelf halves of the Yuma's metal housing together. About the only concern here was a somewhat ill-fitting rubber gasket in a spot that really must absolutely never leak. As a result, several tablets and convertibles are now available with multi-touch, though so far few such systems come close to what Apple offers. Wider Wheelbase Than All the Others All Colors Dual Working Headlights Now has bigger wheels, 19" tires!!!
The Pro Shoe and Grate will run 80plus, but it's a good 2mph slower than a 1200grate.I might just leave this ski as a top end ski, as we focus on a stage2 and a stage3CF next. Regardless of the level of success that closed course, endurance, and grudge racers have achieved over the last short 7 years, Yamaha has slated the GPR for retirement in 2007. Often, the inside table (part of the dinette) and the gas stove can be taken outside and attached to the side of the camper. Then, the tent material (which is fastened to the box and to the roof) is unfurled, pulled over the ends of the bunks, and attached. Instead, the first impression is that of a sturdy, chunky, solid and quite attractively designed tool for the job. It's a fairly powerful application that also has a path logger mode that allows "path tracking" with the help of the Yuma's GPS function. That's in part due to the Atom's merits, but in part also due to Intel moving the Core processors upmarket. This processor also runs at 1.6GHz and uses about the same amount of power as the N270, but combined with its accompanying "Poulsbo" chipset, it makes for a slightly more power efficient solution.
That is the lowest power draw we ever saw on an Atom-powered device, beating even the miserly Fujitsu UH900. However, as can be seen on the picture below, the display remains somewhat readable even at a fairly extreme angle. My goal is to further this platform, making it possible for this icon of the watercraft world to survive for years to come. The idea here is that the unit logs GPS info in six second intervals and also attaches pictures.
So the choice between offering customers an aging Celeron, Core Solo or M processor, or a shiny new Atom is easy. As reviewers, we're always looking for features that might differentiate a product from the competition and give it an edge, and so it would have been nice to see Trimble make some of the faster versions of the Atom Z5xx processors available at least as an option in what, after all, is a high-end product. And since, unlike the Fujitsu with its tiny battery, the Yuma has plenty of battery power, its theoretical battery life under test conditions is well over eight hours, with standard batteries. I plan to describe how to build the specialized brackets, as well as any tricks for fitment. Cranking the Yuma's very strong backlight all the way up to deliver the full 650 nits its capable of, power draw doubled, but that still only meant 8.5 watts or so. I would have preferred to use a Yamaha power plant, but their own 4 stroke mill is extremely under powered to reach the goal of 75-80mph, and would have required thousands of dollars over and above the donor craft.

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