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Recycle: Nickel-Cadmium, Button, Nickel Metal Hydride, Sealed Lead Acid, Lead Acid Vehicle Batteries and Silver Oxide. The service department at CARite in Louisville, MS can help you with all of your car maintenance and repair needs including car batteries. If you have any questions on how to dispose of your old car batteries, contact our service department.
Even after they're no longer suitable for their original purpose, the battery packs from hybrids and electric cars can still be useful.
Battery energy-storage capacity diminishes over time, to the point where packs are no longer suitable for use in cars.
But after their automotive service lives are finished, battery packs often still have enough usable capacity for other applications. Like, for example, powering a cluster of buildings in a remote part of Yellowstone National Park. Used Toyota Camry Hybrid battery packs will now store energy generated from solar panels at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch field campus within the park. The system includes 208 Camry Hybrid nickel-metal-hydride  battery packs recovered from Toyota dealers, providing a total of 85 kilowatt-hours of storage capacity. Used Toyota Camry Hybrid battery packs installed at Lamar Buffalo Ranch, Yellowstone National ParkEnlarge PhotoEach pack was disassembled and tested before being converted for stationary energy-storage use. The packs were augmented with battery-management systems from Indy Power Systems, re-wired in parallel, and arranged into arrays of 52 packs each. The solar array used to power Lamar Buffalo Ranch's five buildings generates enough electricity annually to power six average U.S.
Adding onsite battery packs makes the most of solar power by storing energy for when sunlight isn't available--making for a more dependable source of power.

Micro-hydro turbines--which capture energy from a nearby stream--will be added to the site in 2016 as well. It's also possible to recycle batteries--Toyota has its own recycling program--but repurposing them can have added benefits.
2009 Toyota Camry HybridEnlarge PhotoAnticipated growth in the energy-storage business could mean there will soon be significant demand for battery packs to pair with solar arrays.
And while the nickel-metal-hydride packs used in Toyota hybrids contain precious metals, the higher-capacity lithium-ion cells in electric cars are made from relatively cheap stuff. So there's less money to be made recycling those, increasing the attractiveness of secondary use. Either way, there shouldn't be any reason to worry about battery packs ending up in landfills after their automotive service is finished. Used batteries are highly polluting for the environment and there are no companies in Costa Rica that can recycle them. For that reason the Life Insurance Company of the Education Sector (SSVMN) is hosting a collection campaign this month of both acid and alkaline batteries that will be sent to a recycling center in Canada.
Batteries contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and nickel as well as other toxic chemicals that make it difficult to dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly manner.
The improper disposal of batteries represents high contamination risks for soil, water and air, as internal gases can cause the battery to bulge and leak. A single alkaline battery has enough contaminants to pollute 167,000 liters of water, SSVMN reported. The company is collecting acid and alkaline batteries including rectangular 6V-9V and cylindrical batteries in AA, AAA, AAAA, C and D sizes. The only batteries that are not being accepted are button cell batteries, such as those used in watches. People can bring batteries to any of the SSVNM’s 14 branches in San Jose, Perez Zeledon, Alajuela, San Ramon, San Carlos, Liberia, Nicoya, Puntarenas, Ciudad Neily, Heredia, Cartago, Turrialba Limon and Guapiles.

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Below, we have listed the types of batteries you should recycle and which can be thrown away in your normal trash. Our relationship with customers extends beyond the sale of one of our certified used cars, with a department staffed with ASE-certified technicians that can work on almost any make or model.
To schedule your next maintenance appointment or repair contact CARite in Louisille, MS or schedule it online.
At CARite you can experience our no hassle approach to customer service and dedication to customer service. Typically, every vehicle contains a lead-acid battery that helps to power the car and operate functions such as the radio and lights. This is true unless the car is a hybrid in which case it will most likely have a nickel-metal hydride battery. In either type of vehicle, both batteries contain hazardous waste that needs to be taken to the proper disposal sites when it no longer functions. These sites can be auto stores or service centers such as those located at CARite used car dealership in Louisville, MS.

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