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Since batteries have residual mercury inside them, it's a matter of public health to dispose of them responsibly. Note: we are using stainless steel 304 as a standard which is suitable for the climate of Europe. Better Re’s battery compartment is expandable, allowing it to work with practically any battery used in smartphones today. And at least for its Kickstarter, Enlighten Today will help with the waste reduction effort further by sending used batteries to backers who pledge enough to get a Better Re unit as a reward for an extra $10 (USD) pledge.

HeLi-on Portable Solar Power Bank: Juice Roll-Ups Mogees Turns Any Object Into Any Musical Instrument: Play All the Things! Use this sign to clearly indicate where hazardous old batteries can be left for proper collection. For outdoor use in very humid climates we recommend using stainless steel 316, also known as marine grade stainless.
If you have lots of spare batteries, you can get the expansion module, which lets you stack multiple Better Re units and use them as one battery pack.

Not only does this reduce waste and make the most out of what would otherwise be hazardous waste materials, it also means you have an expandable battery pack that could last a lifetime.

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