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Recycle: Nickel-Cadmium, Button, Nickel Metal Hydride, Sealed Lead Acid, Lead Acid Vehicle Batteries and Silver Oxide.
The service department at CARite in Louisville, MS can help you with all of your car maintenance and repair needs including car batteries.
If you have any questions on how to dispose of your old car batteries, contact our service department.
With our huge selection you'll be able to get batteries for all of your vehicles in one stop.
Below, we have listed the types of batteries you should recycle and which can be thrown away in your normal trash.

Our relationship with customers extends beyond the sale of one of our certified used cars, with a department staffed with ASE-certified technicians that can work on almost any make or model.
To schedule your next maintenance appointment or repair contact CARite in Louisille, MS or schedule it online. At CARite you can experience our no hassle approach to customer service and dedication to customer service. Typically, every vehicle contains a lead-acid battery that helps to power the car and operate functions such as the radio and lights.
This is true unless the car is a hybrid in which case it will most likely have a nickel-metal hydride battery.

In either type of vehicle, both batteries contain hazardous waste that needs to be taken to the proper disposal sites when it no longer functions. These sites can be auto stores or service centers such as those located at CARite used car dealership in Louisville, MS.

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