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Had a fellow fisherman Brad White reach out for help on rigging a Jackson Cuda 14, and wanted a setup for fishing the local lakes.
The nice part of this setup is the fish finder is removable, makes it easier for loading and unloading, and protects the fish finder. Fort Jackson (2) (1832-1922) - A Third System Coastal Fort first established in 1832 on the Mississippi River at Plaguemines Bend, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.
Construction of the Third System fort began in 1822 and was completed in 1832 at a cost of $ 554,500. Construction began on the first of two Endicott Period gun batteries in 1898 and both of them were constructed within the boundaries of the old fort. The old fort was closed to the public after being damaged by Hurricane Katrina and Rita but reopened to the public in January 2011.
The kayak is very fast and should only need a 30 thrust lb motor in most cases, also the factory foot braces aren’t suited for our system, order the foot pedals for us. Many thanks to our all of our consignors, bidders, sponsors, exhibitors and fans for making the Inaugural Northeast Auction at Mohegan Sun an unprecedented success.
The fort was built on a foundation of three layers of cypress logs topped by cypress 2x4s submerged underwater.

Battery Ransom was built right onto the parade and Battery Millar was built on top of the earthworks on the left flank.
Philip and Fort Jackson (2) for coast defense purposes was discontinued 11 Mar 1920 as a part of the postwar disarmament program. The fort walls are of red brick, twenty five feet high, twenty feet thick, with granite reinforced gun foundations. The remaining gun batteries were disarmed and the guns shipped out over the next year and by 1922 both posts were abandoned.
We suggest a 45 thrust lb motor , but it is available with a 30, 40, 45, or 50,55 thrust lb motor. The fort layout is in the shape of a regular pentagon with arrow shaped bastions on each point. Fort Jackson was declared surplus in 1927 and was purchased by a New Orleans couple, they donated it to Plaquemines Parish in 1962 and it is still owned by the Parish. Philip and Fort Jackson until an epic battle with Union Admiral David Farragut's fleet of gunboats in April 1862 at Plaguemines Bend.
Farragut's mission was to seize control of the Mississippi and split the Confederacy in two.

In April 1862 Farragut's fleet engaged both forts and attempted to destroy them with a six day bombardment. The bombardment failed to destroy the forts and Farragut was forced to make a run past both forts with 17 wooden ships at 2 AM on 24 Apr 1862.
Philip, 13 of the ships made it past the forts and Farragut went on to New Orleans which surrendered to him on 29 Apr 1862. Both forts gave a good account of themselves and in the end it was probably the lack of enough cannon that enabled the fleet to get by.
Fort Jackson was designed for 93 gun emplacements but had only 69 guns emplaced while Fort St. Both forts were surrendered to Union forces on 28 Apr 1862 and garrisoned by them until the end of the war.

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