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A meth lab and components were uncovered in backpacks after suspects left a medical scene and threw the bags inside a residence who was not involved. Video of Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team members investigating a one-pot meth lab on the 100 block of W. 10, at Walmart, 4730 Encore, in Union Township near Mount Pleasant, the Isabella County Sheriff's Department reports.
Dave Cook, Commander of JNET, said items used to produce methamphetamine were recovered from multiple backpacks.

The items included glassware, pseudo-ephedrine pills, used cold packs, needles, broken lithium batteries and lithium strips.
When emergency personnel arrived, they noticed two individuals exit a vehicle and walk toward a residence carrying bags, Jackson Police Department Sgt. Monroe Street, and asked the residents if they could hide their bags inside the house, Cook said.
Jenks said the residents inside the house are not connected to the meth labs.When police arrived, they looked inside the bags and identified possible meth components.

JNET was then called in to properly identify and destroy the drug and drug components.One woman, 18, was arrested on meth-related charges, Jenks said.

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