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I am going to be doing alot of welding projects very soon could not wait to get a good coat of wax on it.
I KNOW THE PICTURES ARE HUGE BUT I WAITED FOLKS THAT ARE NOT MEMBERS LOGGED IN TO BE ABLE TO SEE THEM SO THEY ARE LOADED IN OUR GALLERY AND DISPLAYED USING THE URL ADDRESS. Ruggid, lightweight, VIKING, with replacement lithium battery, auto-darkening helmets are loaded with features. The one thing I caution my students when they want to purchase a new helmet is the quality of the tech. The nicer ones will maintain the reaction time needed for continual use or reliable use after a long time of inactivity. The nicer helmets like the Lincoln or Miller have a much flatter profile and the spatter does not have any place to stick, making overhead and reliability with high spatter welding processes possible. Also one area of concern on the Harbor Freight helmet is the exterior adjustment of the filter element. Repeated tacking with cheaper brands tends to show the gap in quality from a $50 and a $300 helmet.
Also the better quality helmets have much better head gear, for prolonged use I will grab my Miller Ellite any day over my Lincoln or my Radnor.
Unfortunately, after less than a year of use, it simply stopped working.  Somewhat ironically, the way you find out that your helmet has stopped working is by getting a flash burn in your eyes when you weld using a broken helmet. Checking the batteries with my voltmeter, I quickly discovered that one of them was completely dead.  The other battery was still putting out a solid 3VDC. 1)  Remove the darkness adjustment knob by gently prying it off with a screwdriver.  Un-screw the plastic nut which holds the unit in place. 2)  Remove the clear plastic shield from the front of the helmet, and then gently remove the electronics assembly by unhooking the retaining spring.
3)  Use a utility knife to pop open one corner of the enclosure.  Work your way around the circumference with a screwdriver, breaking apart the plastic weld, until the cover can be removed.
4) Mark the locations of the (+) and (-) of each coin cell.  Using your desoldering braid, remove the coin cells.
6)  Solder one AAA holder in place of each of the coin cells that you removed.  Be sure to observe polarity. 10)   Re-install the electronics housing into the helmet.  Re-attach the darkness adjustment dial.
I was planing on buying one of these figuring that it couldn’t be too difficult to replace the batteries with a better solution. Very well put together instructions and I should know, I write a lot of instructions for custom upgrades to the equipment we manufacture.
They are CR2032 holders , I found mine off a motherboard but you can get them from radio shack on the link above.
I have a question, after you install the AAA battery holders what rechargeable battery did you use?

I put regular alklines in and they work fine but am concerned about what kind of life i will get out of vthem and if the nicards are worth investing in. I followed your instructions, amending where necessary (my dimming pot is not retained by a plastic nut but by a small metal screw, and instead of a retaining spring, my electronics assembly was held in place by two plastic tabs around which the helmet had to be bent to clear), and cracked open the electronics case. There’s no knowing what damage (if any) the corrosion may have done to the SMT bits, so I plan to gently clean all I can, ensure the board and traces are not damaged, and put it back together per your instructions. I finished the job successfully, but I gotta say, getting that cover off the electronics assembly was a real pain in the neck using a utility knife and a screw driver. I found 2032 coin cells with the same welded on tabs on EBAY for $5 (with free shipping) Just soldered in place. Have an Inweld helmet I paid over $100 bucks for and it appears to have the same guts your HF helmet has.
I have to say as an old do it yourselfers how encouraged I am to see so many kindred souls there are out there that can fend for themselves.
I ran 4 small wires out of the lens assembly and soldered on some 3 v batteries ,I need to get a battery holder but this fix works well,for now.
Anyone know how to increase the sensativity, on low tig starts sometimes it causes the lens to flicker?
I had a 3V lithium button cell without tabs so I unsoldered the dead battery, carefully extracted the tabs from the cell and then resoldered them back. I have a hf mask -ever since I bought it it darkins ok but it makes no difference in the setting between 9 to 13-i cant see what im welding -could the batts be messing with this also. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
FoxFury Performance Intrinsic Tasker-Fire Helmet Light Intrinsically safe LED firefighter helmet light provides 50 lumens of panoramic light. Manufacturing News is a monthly metalworking manufacturing publication that informs over 100,000 monthly readers of manufacturing solutions and new technology and the application of that technology in precision machining, production machining, fabricating of metals and composite materials. I have three of them so I do not have to run into the problem of not having my helmet in one of the three places I usually weld. If you read the reaction time of the auto shades they are usually in the high milliseconds. Narrowing down the choices to a particular megapixel capability is one way to approach the purchase decision.
I’ve been led to believe that the flash we get is from the UV light and virtually any piece of glass at all will protect us from that.
There is also corrosion at several other locations on the circuit board, including on one side of one of the ICs on the board. For those wanting to save some weight, space, and money (using AAA instead of coin cell), you do not need two battery holders.
My brother has the same helmet for gosh knows how many years and it’s still going strong.

I just had the exact same problem, it woulden have crossed my mind to just use AAA’s.
I opened the battery compartment as stated above and used a small knife to pick up the end of the steel strap that is weld to the battery.
I repaired my mask with a couple of remote 2032 holders, some wire, solder and hot glue to mount the battery holders to the inside of my helmet. This wide angle headlamp features white and green LEDs, which increase visibility in smoke and provide immediate situation awareness. When not darkened, the lens is comparable to dark sunglasses, so one can easily see the work and get the welding tip aligned. One battery holder with positive wire soldered to both positive terminals and the negative wire soldered to both negative terminals will do.
I have made a pretty decent living over the years repairing commercial equipment self taught and I am constantly amazed at the average persons inability to even use a screwdriver.
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It also has an adjustable tilt to aim light where needed.It comes with a silicone strap, runs on four AA batteries and fits most US style fire helmets with NO external visor or faceshield.
While I have no way of measuring how quick the response is, for all practical purposes it does darken instantly. Looking around on the net the concensus was pretty much the same, it’s done, buy another. Sometimes I feel so all alone so it is a thrill to see so many on here that can use their brains. The darkness is adjustable by a knob on the left side of the helmet, and there is a noticeable difference between darkness settings. If you sand the battery contacts and use acid soldering flux the soldering works much better than just rosin core solder. With the sun, if I put my hand over the sensor and moved it away it would darken for just a second and then go clear again? Offer valid for standard shipping within the contiguous United States (some restrictions apply such as shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and all other destinations outside the continental United States including APO and FPO addresses are not eligible for this promotion and may incur additional charges). When the arc stops, the lens instantly lightens, but to get a good look at the weld bead I find it necessary to raise the helmet.
Also, I removed the two cells by lifting up the free end and touching the solder spots with a 30 watt iron. Off topic: I use the cells from 9V batts to replace batts in calculators, timers, even a stop watch.

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