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Deep South Equipment is the authorized Hyster and Yale* forklift dealer located in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. At Deep South Equipment, you can buy a new forklift, used lift trucks, lift truck parts for your fleet, rent equipment, schedule service or maintenance, and take advantage of our Forklift operator training program. The air leveler system had been dismantled, (all but the rear valve which is still mounted in place) but i have every NOS piece to complete the system including the pump which has been installed, and original shocks. Features include Power Steering, Power Brakes, Bucket Seats, Console, Push-Button AM-FM Radio and Kragar Wheels wrapped in White Letter Radial Tires.
When I got it - previous owner had 15x8 rally wheels, but i've found original YH dated 15x7 Rallys and it currently has F70x15 redline tires on it.

Selling car due to Military orders sending me overseas and can only take one car smh contact me Ethan Anderson at 757 746 7141 thanks again. It needs more restoration work put into it, as it has been about 5 years since the initial work was done. The GM Canada paperwork to show factory options and decoding information is included in the sale as well.
Interior has power windows and locks, rosewood dash trim, excellent white bench seats front and back! Below are some of the major details: -This motor was taken apart, and sent to a NAPA machine shop to be bored and cleaned.

It fires right up without hesitation, has excellent road manners and is a super straight car with nice cosmetics.
This 1976 Monte Carlo runs and drives amazing and has 77,583 miles exempt, there are a few parts that will come with the car.

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