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LOW-COST FREIGHT SHIPPING: We go to great lengths to make sure your equipment arrives as-described and damage-free. Model Info from the ManufacturerThe Permobil C300 Powerchair is the flagship power chair that provides a unique combination of flexibility, power and quality… it is the result of over 40 years experience, acquired wisdom and innovation.
Model Info from the ManufacturerThe Permobil M300 Powerchair - Maximum Maneuverability, Superior Performance. We first protect it with multiple layers of cardboard and shrink-wrap covering, then secure it to a wooden pallet for delivery via freight service directly to you for the discounted rate of $195, we cover the rest! It has a technically advanced chassis created down to the last detail for tackling the most difficult challenges, complimented by one of the world’s most admired seats.

We cover and shrink-wrap it, then secure it to a pallet for freight delivery directly to you for a flat rate of $195, we cover the rest! Having launched the first mid-wheel drive platform to the wheelchair market nearly 30 years ago, Permobil honors that rich tradition with the addition of the M300 to its product line. Developed by Permobil Senior Designers, Mehdi Mirzaie and Bo Engman, the M300 features the ground-breaking, patent pending Climbing and Traction Link system. It's a true classic with few competitors in terms of ergonomics and adaptability, offering an extremely wide range of accessories and customizations.
With its compact size, the M300 has a tight 20" turning radius, comes with PG 120 amp R-Net electronics and offers two speed packages–6 MPH standard and 7.5 MPH optional. Easy to maintain, the M300 provides quick access to components and requires no special tools for servicing.

Independent suspension - that's individually adjustable, maximizing comfort and performance. The M300 Corpus 3G is an unusually successful combination of maximum maneuverability and superior performance at an uncommonly reasonable price. Fold-up armrests - simplifying getting in and out of the chair, by easily lifting out of your way.

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