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All existing 2-baton kits that include the above products will be updated to include the higher-capacity batteries and chargers. The older Solo760 batons and Solo726 charger will continue to work with Solo, Testifire, and Scorpion products, and do not need to be replaced unless they have reached the end of their useful life. Each charger and battery combination is designed and certified to give a 60-90 minutes charge time i.e. BATON ROUGE - About 10 days into summer and Baton Rouge EMS says it's seeing an increase in heat-related calls.
BATON ROUGE - Today's Pledge of Allegiance comes from Pre-K at Sacred Heart of Jesus School.

BATON ROUGE - Police used a Taser to subdue a man that allegedly told officers he would have them fired because he knew the District Attorney during an early Wednesday morning arrest.
Police say Simoneaux pushed a woman to the bed several times in his room with the victim's children present.
Simoneaux was placed under arrest and booked into the EBR Parish Prison on the above charges.
It allows greater efficiency on site as it gives more tests per battery, for the same charge time as before but provided by the new Solo727 charger. He then went outside of the hotel room and punched out the glass window where the fire extinguisher was housed.

This Solo727 charger provides the same functionality as before – enabling fast charging of Battery Batons from both mains power and in-vehicle outlets. To help match the battery to the charger, a red sleeve has been added to the Solo727 Charger (on the battery lead) which corresponds to a red collar on the top of the Solo727 battery baton.

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