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Gaming on an Ubuntu PC is not that much different in the end than gaming on a Windows based PC.
As I mentioned before, hardware support for Ubuntu, and other Linux distros in general are very good.
General things apply across the board, no matter what OS you are using, be it Windows or Ubuntu.
So now that we understand some reasons we would want to switch to Ubuntu and some of the hardware requirements it’s time to jump into the software and explain how the gaming process works on Ubuntu. In many tests, games running under Ubuntu run just as fast, if not faster in some cases than the same games running under Windows. Once you have installed Ubuntu and are at the desktop, the easiest and direct approach to install Steam is to use the Ubuntu Software Center (USC). Just a heads up to everyone considering moving from Windows to Ubuntu, remember, not every game on Steam is available to run natively in Ubuntu. I also want to briefly touch on another application that is used to play Windows games on Linux. Also worth pointing out if you are planning on using WINE, I recommend doing a search in the USC for PlayOnLinux. PlayOnLinux is a graphical front-end for the Wine software compatibility layer which aims to simplify the installation of Windows-based applications and games on Linux. I was happy to see a Linux gaming article, but I’m somewhat disappointed after reading it. Personally, I tried Linux a couple of times over the years, always ended up disappointed by lack of compatibility, difficulty of installing drivers and getting games to run over Wine. Just wanted to thank you for this article.This really did breath new life into my interest for Linux. I like the article, but you failed to mention on major problem with gaming in Ubuntu, and its not Ubuntu’s fault. But good article, it shines the light on the fact that the linux world is getting much much brighter as far as gaming goes. Not a terrible article, but like others have said, there’s not too much here, and bias is rampant. Before rolling your eyes at yet another perceived Linux fanboy, let me start by saying that I love Windows.
I don't subscribe to the lunatic fringe's view that Microsoft is Big Brother or that Bill Gates is evil.
Then, last April, I put together a brand-new rig and wanted a brand-new operating system to match. As a lifelong Windows user, system builder, ex-gamer, and performance freak, I'm not drinking anyone's Kool-Aid. This article will walk you, the Windows power user, through the Ubuntu installation process from downloading the CD image to finding help online. Writing for power users, I assume that you have a good working knowledge of Windows and computers in general, but little or no experience with Linux. I love Linux, I've been using it since my college days (actually, I needed it, along with Unix, for engineering work). What people generally confuse themselves with regards to drivers is that it's not a Linux issue. I will discuss several areas that at the end I hope will give you a better understanding of PC gaming on a Linux based OS and how it compares to traditional Windows PC gaming that you may be considering moving away from or to try something different. I have installed Ubuntu, in its many versions over the years on many, many PCs and servers. In all of my installs of Ubuntu, just with the install disk, I was able to install the OS, partition the hard drive and have all, sound, network (Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth), card readers, printers, and graphics with little to no configuration. However, because we are going to be using the PC for gaming, I wanted to touch on a few areas first. Whether you have an Intel CPU and ATi graphics or vice versa, Ubuntu will be able to be installed and take advantage of the available hardware.
Unfortunately this is a little more complex and so I recommend only trying this after you feel comfortable using Ubuntu.

It duplicates functions of Windows by providing alternative implementations of the DLLs that Windows programs call, and a process to substitute for the Windows NT kernel. The system provides wrapper shell scripts with a .pol filename extension that specify the configuration of Wine needed in order to install and run a particular application. Now, nearly a decade later, Ubuntu is finally in a position to start to challenge the traditional PC gaming market. I look forward to experimenting with a dual boot on the new machine I’ll be buying this year. It might not be a bad idea to install the current version now instead of the older one, although it’s not a huge deal.
Cutting edge devices will not have drivers as fast as Windows, though it has much better support for older devices.
Some commandline-fu is needed very rarely and is easy to find with an online search, but it’s a great system. Version 9.04 of arguably the world's most popular Linux distribution is now available for free download. After reading the critical reviews of Vista (and paying no mind to the anti-hype from Cupertino), I wanted to try Microsoft's latest before paying the [then] staggering $400 for Vista Ultimate Edition.
I just want the most amount of control over my system as possible, and at this point in time, Ubuntu is the best follow-up to Windows XP. There are many guides available online, but most are written for total computer newbies or people already familiar with Linux. Therefore, this article will not tell you to compile anything from source code, and no sentence begins with “bring up the terminal” or any other UNIX techno-babble. It was simple to install and I loved the GNOME desktop but I found that some of the software I installed didn't work and my wireless wouldn't work.
I think it's a bit complicated for the average Joe that just does not know any better than to point and click, especially if you have to play with it in the cli and the actual inner workings of the OS.
In this day and age we shouldn't need to go to a CLI, I haven't really done that in anger since I used my old BBC Micro. Just go to System, then Administration (I don't really know the english version of it, so I might as well be wrong), and then click synaptic. While some of the older versions of Ubuntu (older than v8.04) had some features to be desired, Ubuntu is now at a point where I feel it can actually replace a Windows PC if you are ready to make the switch. If you are building a new PC, you can consider using Ubuntu as it will cost you nothing to install, update and use. It is very well supported and most popular distro of Linux that has a huge catalog of software readily available, and as of this writing, the only distro with official support from Valve for Steam (Ubuntu 12.04LTS). No doubt if you consider yourself a PC gamer, you have some of your gaming collection through Steam.
For older cards, Catalyst 13.1 Legacy supports the HD 2400 Pro card and is the latest for the 2 and 4 GPU series. This method of duplication differs from other methods that might also be considered emulation, such as a Virtual Machine. If you decide to use WINE, I advise to use PlayOnLinux, as it also functions a game launcher to keep your Windows games organized and easily launched to play. As more people are introduced to Ubuntu and gaming, support and games available will only grow for it. As being an alternative to Windows, Ubuntu, although it may not be able to run every game currently, is worth looking into if you are looking for something different or are not happy with newer versions of Windows.
I would have preferred something which helped deal with issues gamers switching from Windows might face, whether getting native Linux versions of games or using Wine, even just installing drivers. I screamed at the monitor, smashed the keyboard, pulled my hair out, and yes, even cried more than once. To make a long story short, I was unimpressed and not willing to pony up that kind of cash. Most of the hang-ups that I experienced with Linux could have been easily overcome with simple Windows analogies. Common Linux pitfalls like hard drive partitioning, installing software, and setup of essential plug-ins will be addressed entirely by using the graphical user interface (GUI).

I searched a lot on line (wired access of course) but every suggestion I tried didn't solve my issues. Linux has come a long way but it still needs to polish some rough edges associated with the OS. I hate the fact that when I finally figure out how to get one of the many different package types to finally install, I then can't find where the program has actually gone.
Everything you use now is either available as a Linux version or something comparable and functions identical usually are available. If you have a PC or laptop from a big name manufacturer and it shipped with Windows 8 and you are less than pleased, you may consider installing Ubuntu.
To access these drivers, first update your cache and then install the specific driver you need from the list in Additional Drivers. If the first method to install fails or hangs, download the .deb file and install manually through the USC.
Click and drag the Steam icon to the Unity Launcher to create a quick launch shortcut, or you can drag it to the desktop if you prefer. Someone coming from Windows would stumble on these, and I would have loved an article detailing setting up a Linux gaming system and getting a couple of high profile games to run.
Experience dictated that this free operating system was definitely not ready for prime time.
And it's a good thing that I gave it another chance, because today I am as happy with Ubuntu as I was with XP in 2001. If, like me, you've tried it before with no luck, perhaps it's time to give it another shot. Some of these issues are not the OS fault for example gaming, proprietary drivers, patent ridden codecs, etc. If you want to have all your applications to be in a specific location, then you should compile from source. Click install, enter your admin password, and once it’s finished, you will then be able to run Steam.
Steam has its own dedicated section for Linux games and Steam indicates with an OS icon which OS the game in question can be played on. You could try it with the Live CD, but let's face it, that's little more than interactive screenshots.
I hate it when I have problems with my video card drivers (yeah ATI), I hate it when a printer is just not supported (yeah Lexmark). It’s something you just don’t have to worry about anymore.  Ubuntu is also on a rolling release schedule, that is, a new updated version is available every 6 months. If you already have games purchased that are in your Library on Steam, click on Linux games, and any games that can run on Linux will be displayed.
I made sure to get my hands on the beta of Windows 7 and I've never even considered switching to a Mac. You're username will be there.Type "passwd yourusername" hit enter and type in your new password type. But I don't think we should be afraid of cli, there are many thing you can do a lot faster in a terminal than using a gui. There are gui tools for just about everything you will need using linux, it's just that using the cli is faster and easier on experienced users, that's why we are trying to teach the cli to newcomers. If I want to install a program on Windows I double click the install program and off it goes, installs and then adds a shortcut to the start menu. As I said, I want to love Linux, I want it to be easy to use and simple from an average users perspective.
I love computers, always have, but I like using them, not fudging around 'under the hood' when I just want to install a simple program.

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