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Solar-powered laptops are understandably more difficult to build in an efficient and cost-effective manner, but it seems a Canadian company called WeWi Telecommunications, Inc.
WeWi has unveiled an Ubuntu laptop that can be powered solely by solar energy and boasts an impressive 10 hour battery life.
Dubbed SOL, the Ubuntu powered laptop sports a rugged look that makes you think it would survive a 10-foot drop. Available in different colors including black, red, gray, bright green, the solar-powered laptop is provided with a detachable solar panel that developers say can provide enough batter juice to keep the device running for 10 hours after being kept as little as 2 hours in the sun. Manufacturers also say the SOL does not really need to be plugged into a power outlet to charge, but it does offer the option.
An official release date has not yet been announced, but according to various reports, the Ubuntu laptop will first retail in Ghana. It just got even easier to buy Ubuntu laptops, desktops and phones from India’s biggest online retailer.
Ubuntu joins thousandsA of other companies, among them Samsung, Apple and Dell, in creating a custom storefront to sell their products through. BrandA stores allow companies to group theirA products into one easily accessible place, use custom branding, a Snapdeal sub-domain and integrate their social media accounts to drive engagement.
This is not the first time Canonical has teamed up with an online retailer to promote Ubuntu powered devices. A wide selection ofA devicesA with Ubuntu preinstalled are available on Snapdeal though it should be noted that not all products are fulfilled by Snapdeal. Launching a branded store front on one of India’s biggest online retailers is a smart move. Users running Ubuntu on laptops and notebooks could prolong their battery life with a few simple tricks. TLP is a powerful command line tool which is very effective for Advanced Power management on Linux powered Laptops.TLP applies the settings upon the system startup hence its much more effective then the other power management applications. TLP is available for all the major Linux distributions such as Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE and Ubuntu.Here is a big list of advanced Power settings which will be modified by TLP to increase the battery life.
Here is a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your writing skill, your expertise and technical experience to unique and highly passionate group of peoples that choose to stay updated with Techiestuffs Network. There are various tweaks that you can apply to your laptop to save battery power, but many of them depend on the hardware, Linux distribution, some are outdated or too hard to apply for regular users and so on.
TLP applies these settings automatically on startup and every time you change the power source. There are also some TinkPad-only settings that you can use, like temporarily changing the battery charge thresholds, temporarily set battery charge thresholds to factory settings, recalibrating the battery and more. I've only been using TLP for a couple of hours so I can't say yet how efficient this tool is regarding battery life, but I've noticed that my laptop's temperature is lower than before using TLP.
Linux has a lot of advantages, but long battery life on a laptop isna€™t usually one of them.

Manufacturers optimize their device drivers to work best on Windows, and while a laptop may perform just as well with Linux as on Windows, it will often eat through the battery more quickly.
If you have a gaming laptop with Nvidia Optimus or AMDa€™s equivalent switchable graphics, Linux flat-out doesna€™t handle it properly out of the box.
Even if you dona€™t have switchable graphics and just have Nvidia or AMD graphics, the open-source graphics drivers arena€™t as far along with power-management support. The usual tips for boosting battery life on a Windows laptop apply to Linux laptops, too.
You can easily control the power-saving options from your Linux desktopa€™s main settings window. Set your laptop to automatically go into suspend mode after a reasonable amount of time so it will conserve battery power if you step away while ita€™s on. Disable Bluetooth if you arena€™t using it to lower power usage and get longer battery life.
Modern Linux systems generally have low-level power-saving features configured in a smart way for laptops, so the below tools arena€™t as necessary as they once were. You should find PowerTOP in your Linux distributiona€™s package repositories, so install it like you would any other package. TLP isna€™t something most Linux laptop users will want to use, but it will often provide a way to wring a bit more battery life out of a Linux laptop. Install it and it will automatically start at boot, configuring your laptop to use a more aggressive set of power-saving options. Want to stay up to date on Linux, BSD, Chrome OS, and the rest of the World Beyond Windows? Chris Hoffman is a tech geek who's been writing about everything technology-related for years. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. It probably wouldn’t but its look matches its purpose: that of being used in developing nations with a lot of sun and limited access to electricity or by adventurers who are traveling around the globe.
What’s even more interesting is that the solar panel is detachable and can be connected to the laptop via an extension cord. This is a 15-inch laptop powered by an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM and comes with a 500GB mechanical hard-drive. This is a 20-inch all-in-one PC featuring a 4th Gen Core i3, 4GB RAM and a roomy 500GB HDD. Framebuffer compression reduces the memory bandwidth on screen refreshes and, depending on the image in the framebuffer, can reduce power consumption.
Surprisingly, the display consumes more power to keep a dark background than one with light colors.
To use it, all you have to do is install TLP, however, there are some settings that you can apply manually, overwriting the TLP default settings, such as enabling or disabling the WiFi, Bluetooth or Wwan (3G or UMTS) radios, switching between AC or battery settings, ignoring the actual power source, apply autosuspend for all attached USB devices or power off the optical drive.

New versions of the Linux kernel have improved power-saving this in the past and hopefully will in the future, but herea€™s how you can get longer battery life today.
Youa€™ll likely get better battery life by installing the proprietary Nvidia or AMD graphics drivers, which can enable the GPUa€™s lower-power state more reliably. If you dona€™t care about graphics switching at all, both the Nvidia X Server Settings and AMD Catalyst Control Center tools offer a way to disable the dedicated GPU and always use the integrated one. For example, these options are all available in System Settings on Ubuntua€™s Unity desktop. If youa€™re really desperatea€”leta€™s say youa€™re using your laptop on an airplane and arena€™t tapping into the in-flight Wi-Fia€”disable Wi-Fi, too. It can scan your Linux system, identify whata€™s using too much power, and provide recommendations. This command-line utility is designed to help you configure much more aggressive power-saving options.
In other words, just installing TLP and starting it or rebooting should be enough to improve your battery life somewhat. If youa€™re using a heavy desktop environment and you have a lot of browser tabs open, you might get better battery life if you used more lightweight software.
So while the solar panel is charging in the sun outside, you can easily use the laptop indoors. SOL was specifically designed to run Ubuntu, but developers say another operating system can be installed without any problems.
It is the most expensive device sold through the Snapdeal Ubuntu StoreA and costs RsA 54,156 (~$800 US).
If your Linux distribution uses a screensaver by default, disable it and just have it turn the display off.
For example, on Ubuntu, open a terminal window and run the a€?sudo powertop a€”calibratea€? command for the most accurate readings and recommendations. Sure, that much advice is obvious, but you may be better off switching to a lightweight Linux distribution like Lubuntu that comes with a lighter weight desktop and lightweight software. Some users report another half hour of battery life after installing TLPa€”your mileage will probably vary. It is the primary way to enable the Laptop Mode feature of the Linux kernel, which lets your hard drive spin down.

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