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Reader?Nick Rutledge?asked himself this question, then mocked-up his?dream device?for all to see.
Reader Nick Rutledge asked himself this question, then mocked-up his dream device for all to see.
TLP 0.7 was released recently, bringing an option which allows setting the minimum and maximum Intel P-state performance, better ThinkPad support and various other changes and bug fixes. For those not familiar with TLP, this is an advanced power management tool that applies various settings and tweaks to help your laptop save battery power. The most important new feature in this TLP release is the addition of an option which allows defining the minimum and maximum P-state performance for Intel Core processors (values are stated as a percentage of the total available processor performance), intended to limit the power dissipation of the CPU (feature implemented by Pali Rohar). This feature requires an Intel SandyBridge or newer CPU with "intel_pstate" scaling driver enabled.
To avoid any conflicts with laptop-mode-tools, a tool similar to TLP, it's recommended to remove it before installing TLP.
For how to install TLP in Fedora, Debian, Arch Linux or Gentoo, see the TLP installation page. Learn how the Ubuntu desktop operating system powers millions of PCs and laptops around the world. Ubuntu comes with everything you need to run your organisation, school, home or enterprise.
With a built-in firewall and virus protection software, Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems around. Canonical works with the world’s leading computer manufacturers to certify that Ubuntu works on a huge range of devices. And Ubuntu isn’t just for the desktop, it is used in data centres around the world powering every kind of server imaginable and is by far, the most popular operating system in the cloud.
It’s not that often we get a new operating system release, but today is special because we are getting two.
Ubuntu 13.10 is a little different because the focus hasn’t really been on major improvements to the desktop version.
The only really significant addition to Ubuntu 13.10 is Smart Scopes, which a lot of users may disable anyway.
This may sound like sacrilege, but it's not: Ubuntu Linux can be useful even if youa€™re a hardcore Windows user. That's because therea€™s no way to boot a full Windows system from a USB stick to troubleshoot your PCa€”well, not without an Enterprise version of Windows and Windows To Goa€”but anyone can make a free Ubuntu USB drive, CD, or DVD. Wea€™ll be getting our hands dirty with some Linux terminal commands here, but dona€™t worrya€”the Linux terminal wona€™t bite. Visit Ubuntua€™s website and download Ubuntu Desktopa€” we used 12.04 LTS for this, but any available version will do.
Even if you cana€™t boot Windows, therea€™s a good chance you can read the drive from within Linux and recover some files before the hard drive dies completely. Connect an external drive or USB stick to your computer and it will appear under Devices, too.
Ubuntu can also edit your Windows user account passwords, which is great if youa€™ve forgotten your Windows password. Open a terminal by clicking the Ubuntu logo in the top-left corner of the launcher, typing Terminal, and pressing Enter. Be sure to open the file manager from the launcher and click your Windows drive under Devices to view its contents if you havena€™t yet. If your Administrator account is lockeda€”and it is by defaulta€”type 4 at the prompt and press Enter to unlock it.

Rootkits are a nasty type of malware that burrow deep into Windows and start at boot-up, pulling strings in the background so theya€™re invisible to antivirus programs and hidden even from the Windows Task Manager.
To install ClamAV, open the terminal and copy-paste or type each of the following commands into the terminal in order, pressing Enter after each. You can now run the clamtk command in the terminal or open ClamTk from your list of installed applications. To actually scan your Windows drive for malware, click the Scan option on the menu at the top of ClamAV's screen and select Recursive Scan. The SMART hard drive status system allows a failing hard drive to warn you before it goes down in flames. This utility must be chosen at boot, so youa€™ll have to restart your computer if youa€™re already at the Ubuntu desktop. Even though you're not installing it on your hard drive, that itty-bitty Ubuntu live drive is a full Linux system, so therea€™s a lot you can do with it.
Chris Hoffman is a tech geek who's been writing about everything technology-related for years. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Other countries including Canada, UK and the rest of Europe will receive it in the weeks to come.
According to Thomas Koch, the TLP developer, this should be more effective than limiting frequencies.
Ubuntu is fully translated into over 50 languages and includes essential assistive technologies.
It means that Ubuntu is now available at thousands of retailers across China, India, South East Asia and Latin America. Companies can choose to receive expert training, support or consultancy for a fee that goes towards the continued development of Ubuntu.
Smart Scopes already incorporates services like Amazon into search results on the Unity Dash.
Mark Shuttleworth claims it’s the ” fastest, most flexible platform for scale-out computing” as it uses the latest version of OpenStack. A Ubuntu live drive can be used as a digital Swiss army knife to troubleshoot all sorts of problems with any PC, whether you need to recover files from a failing computer, diagnose hardware problems, perform a deep virus scan from outside Windows, or even reset a forgotten Windows password.
You can use any Linux distribution for this, but wea€™re focusing on Ubuntu to simplify things. Download the Universal USB Installer tool, then select your USB drive and the ISO file and the tool will create a bootable USB drive. It should boot straight into Ubuntu; if it doesna€™t, youa€™ll need to change the boot order in your computera€™s BIOS.
Your PC may not boot, Windows may be showing errors and blue-screening, ora€”even worsea€”you may hear that dreaded mechanical hard drive clicking.
Or, if the Windows system is corrupted and the drive itself is fine, you can recover all of the files from outside Windows. Copy and paste the files you want to back up from the Windows system to your external drive, just as you would on Windows. Type 1 and press Enter at the prompt to clear the Administratora€™s password and make it blank.
Even if you have bog-standard malware, ita€™s often easier to remove malware from outside Windows. Be sure to click the Preferences button and enable the a€?Scan all files and directories in a directorya€? option after you do.

To check a drivea€™s SMART status from Ubuntu, click the Ubuntu logo icon at the top-left corner of your screen, search for "Disk Utility" and press Enter. This utility will write data to your computera€™s RAM, read it back, and check if ita€™s correct.
When Ubuntu starts booting, repeatedly press Escape and youa€™ll see the normally hidden boot menu. After a single successful batch of tests, known as a pass, youa€™ll see the message a€?Pass complete, no errors, press Esc to exit.a€? You can exit memtest86+ after the message appears or allow it to perform multiple passes.
Even if you boot it on a computer infected with a petri dish of Windows malware, it will be secure and isolated from any problems with the Windows software. The new Sputnik ultrabook has more advanced specs than its predecessors and will replace the current XPS 13 Developer Edition.
A few months after launching Sputnik 1, Sputnik 2 came to life with better screen resolution and then came the third Sputnik iteration with powerful hardware attributes.
After making changes to the TLP configuration file, restart TLP by running "sudo tlp start". It includes Landscape, the Ubuntu systems management tool, for monitoring, managing, patching, and compliance reporting on all your Ubuntu desktops.
However, support is quite limited right now, with the only officially supported devices being the Galaxy Nexus andNexus 4.
However, the planned move from X11 to the Mir display server has been pushed back to a later release due to technical difficulties (although the mobile version will use it). This expansion for 13.10 will see new services such as eBay, Reddit, and Wikipedia results displayed. The big draw for business users is the ability to run more services on fewer machines, which should save on costs.
You can also burn the ISO file to a CD or DVD, but those spinning discs will run slower than a USB drive. Youa€™ll see your Windows drive under Devices in the sidebar; click it and youa€™ll see your Windows file system.
You could even fire up a web browser and upload the files directly to Dropbox or another cloud storage service, or open the Brasero Disc Burner application included with Ubuntu to burn them to disc. Wea€™ll be modifying the Administrator account herea€”after you unlock it and clear its password, you can log into Windows as Administrator and reset your other passwords.
Antivirus companies often make dedicated antivirus boot discs you can use to scan your system from outside Windows, but you can do this all from within Ubuntu. Select your Windows drive and look next to SMART Status to see the drivea€™s health status. PCWorld's Ubuntu guide for displaced Windows users has much more background information if you want to learn more about the operating system's ins and outs. Canonical sees this as a better way of providing appropriate content when searching, but it has raised concerns about privacy and an ongoing debate about just how useful it ends up being. But, if you see a serious warning, you should get your files off the drive and replace it as soon as possible. In normal computer use, these problems can lead to application crashes, file corruption, and even the dreaded blue screen of death.

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