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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Used primarily in flashlights and lanterns, 6 volt batteries offer a higher capacity to provide long lasting power.
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Responded to request to bring two 6 volt Trojan T-105 deep cycle batteries to an RV currently operating on two 12 volt batteries in parallel.
I discovered two Costco 12 volt marine batteries wired in parallel with very small automotive wire of some sort. Rooftop solar is awesome (and we have plenty of it) but sometimes you just need to park it in the shade, especially when it’s 95+ degrees outside, which means the rooftop solar isn’t going to work so well.  This is where a portable solar kit comes in to save the day. If you don’t have any solar, a portable kit is the perfect (least expensive and invasive) way to start. You can park in the shade and still get the juice.  When a random heat wave hits (or you willingly endure 100+ temps to experience Burning Man or an Arizona Summer) you shouldn’t have to choose between melting with power or staying cool with no power. It’s the early bird and night owl all in one.  When the sun is super low on the horizon (like early morning and late evening), you can tilt and angle the panel in any and every direction to catch all of those power producing rays! It has wicked self control (unlike our drinking habits).  The nifty built in 10 amp charge controller makes sure your batteries never over charge (which can lead to serious damage, much like drinking).
We received several questions about connecting 2 or even 4 portable panels to one battery bank. Quick question about the portable panel .On the go 120 watts system the controller is on the back of panel. Now that you have an army of roof-mounted solar panels, would you be interested in selling your portable GoPower unit? Hello Nikki & Jason, just have to tell you that, your blog & "Wheeling It" are my favorite blogs!
Hope you trip has gone well since I met you at the county park outside Chattanooga - spring '15. In your diagram of connecting to batteries - with everything so interconnected anyway, does it really matter to which + and - you connect ? It really doesn't matter, electricity they are the same points just different ends of the strap. I also have the seven pin adapter but I don't think I can use this type of connection (I'm waiting to hear back from go power to confirm). The ring terminal connectors attach to the batteries (opposite posts) and then the plug attaches to those so I can then just plug in the PSK.
I'm going to have the guys who installed our solar do it since we're totally not handy, I just wanted to make sure I understand too. The most popular and perhaps the most controversial mod is the 6-volt golf cart battery upgrade.
5th wheels will likely have the battery located in the front compartment in a sealed box that is vented to the outside via a hose. Your charger size requirements will depend on the capacity of the 6-volt batteries you decide to install.
A source that seems authoritative would say that your diagrams for interconnecting batteries are completely wrong especially for the 12 volt, 4 battery, setup. Their conclusion is that hooking 4 12 volt batteries up the way shown here, if you have a 100 amp load on your battery bank would result in as follows.
When I did this mod, I had to come up with a solution for a battery box that was tall enough to hole the 6 volt batteries.
The wiring diagrams for the multiple batteries (at the bottom of the set of pictures) is NOT correct for the 12v wiring diagrams.
If there are two batteries, then if one battery is for the 12v connected, the OTHER battery must be used for the Ground. This ensures the load travels through all batteries equally instead of the one with both connections carrying most of the load. Regarding the battery charger, I use a disconnect switch to isolate the batteries, then use the Battery Minder.

Will there be any sparks or problem when I hook the positive of one 6 volt to the negitive of the other?
We just bought a 2011 keystone 3400TL 5th wheel and can’t find the power switch to the batteries!
If you are not a member, please consider registering so you don't have to fill out this form each time you comment. This outstanding zinc-carbon lantern battery features a leak-free construction and a two year storage life.
Good value!I was in a hurry to buy a 6v battery, so I pop in the store and found one for $2.99.
Of course this type of install would be helpful for those who don’t want to install solar on the RV roof, or for those who camp in the trees and still want to get a solar power. I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I have a little teardrop camper I park under trees, so want the panel to be able to go out in the sun. Would the larger portable solar panel give our batteries the needed charge to leave the frig on all the time?
There has long been a debate within the RV community over what the “right” kind of battery you should choose when upgrading from the “standard” dealer-supplied 12-volt battery. If you dry-camp (no hookups) a lot, you probably have experienced that your single 12-volt battery lasts for only 1 or possibly 2 days even with frugal use of lights, heater, water pump, fans, etc. While not a panacea for your battery woes, upgrading from a single 12-volt deep cycle marine type battery to a pair of 6-volt golf cart batteries (you need 2 to make 12 volts) can make your dry-camping time last quite a bit longer between recharges. If you have a towable RV, like a travel trailer or tent trailer, your battery is likely located on the tongue of the trailer.
This presents somewhat of a problem in that the sealed and vented battery box used for the 12-volt battery will not fit a 6-volt golf cart battery.
However, there are a multitude of factory and dealer options for some of the higher-end models, with some having up to 8 6-volt golf cart batteries. The minimum would be 2 wired in series to make 12 volts, since your RV requires 12 volts to operate DC circuits. Do you have a source for battery boxes to mount the batteries to the frame rails of a Class C type RV? A second option is to give up a storage compartment and build a battery compartment out of that. In the case of four batteries again, whichever battery is used for the 12v, the opposite one in the chain must be used for the Ground connection.
Check the directions for your unit, but mine says to disconnect the battereis so that there is nothing using the batteries while this charger is trying to do its job (like a propane alarm). Now that I have a bigger tow vehicle that can handle a heavier tongue weight, *and* Costco batteries are so darned affordable and still have a good reputation, I started the mod today. This 6 volt battery is great for home use as well as construction sites and industrial use. The reason for this is we are able to use the battery bank as a voltage buffer so the solar controller on PSK #1 does not get fooled by the voltage coming from PSK #2.In a series set up (two 6-volt batteries in Series) we are not able to connect to different sides of the battery because there is only one positive that you can connect to and one negative. If so - what's the criteria - power must flow through the entire system ie positive on one end countered by neg. Attach the ring terminal connectors to the opposite posts that your current solar is connected to, then install the plug somewhere so you can just "plug in" the PSK. Where can we go to understand all the electrical terms to see if we can figure out how to use solar with our frig? Generally speaking, most RVs come with either 1 or 2 12-volt “deep cycle marine” type batteries.
Without electrical hookups, your battery cannot be recharged unless you have a generator or solar power. Comparing a 6-volt battery to a “standard” 12-volt battery, you will find that the 6-volt golf cart battery will have much thicker lead plates inside, as well as more electrolyte (battery acid) capacity.
Since a 6-volt golf cart battery has the same footprint as the “standard” 12-volt battery (they are an inch or so taller though), there is generally enough room on the tongue to accommodate 2 6-volt batteries.

Your options are to buy a purpose-built box that can accommodate 2 (or more) 6-volt batteries, or fabricate your own box, being careful to ensure that the box is sealed and vented in the same way as the original box.
You can still benefit from 6-volt batteries however if your motorhome has 12-volt batteries for the reasons already discussed. Chargers providing less current will still work but will of course take longer to complete a charge.
I cut the bottom our of both the these battery boxes and then slide them into the the existing battery boxes. I am able to keep my rig connected to shore power while in storage and the Battery Minder is powered this way, then the charge wires are run to the isolated batteries. As long as the wire gauge is adequate for the load, makes no PRACTICAL difference which battery post the respective cable goes to first. One battery fit in my existing battery box and the other one is covered until I get a second box. Putting two six volt batteries together in series essentially make one big 12 volt battery.
I would like to have 800-1000 watts of panels, enough battery bank, everything else we need. While these batteries are fine for general use, their performance tends to degrade quickly when deeply discharged frequently, drastically shortening their lives. And even then, you must run the generator for a long time before bringing the battery up to a state of charge adequate for the next cycle of use.
However, since they are taller, you will need to replace the battery box with 2 specifically made for 6-volt batteries. Some motorhomes, like class C’s, will have the batteries under the steps in the side entrance way, and might not be able to accommodate the taller 6-volt batteries. If you decide to install larger capacity (or more) batteries like the Trojan L-16, then you will need a larger charger, like an 80 or 100 amp.
If you were traveling through the desert, you would want to bring the most water possible that you could carry. I left the original batteries in tact that were just next to a compartment but only accessible from under the coach. If you do have one and want to charge them off a outside charger, I was told it shouldn’t hurt anything. The art work might be prettier if drawn symmetrically; but the electrical characteristic is not altered. You still have the issue of recharging time but you might not have to perform a single recharge over a typical weekend of 12-volt power usage. Simply remove the 12-volt battery, and replace with the 2 6-volt batteries, placing them either end-to-end or side-by-side.
If you do upgrade chargers, be sure to also upgrade your charger wiring all the way to the battery bank to ensure the least amount of voltage drop and maximum charging current. I mounted 2 more batteries in the adjacent compartment and wired them through the wall of the compartment using an A+B switch.
You would connect the same way I have suggested in the drawing (just think of each set of 6 volt batteries as a single 12 volt battery. Alternative locations are the engine compartment behind the front bumper, a side door compartment (vented of course), or in a custom-built rack under the motorhome.
Worked out really well and I didn’t have to do any welding and very little fabrication.
When time came to use it, although it tests at 6.2 volts, it will not work in any of my lantern. We really want the freedom of wild camping & not depend on crowded, noisy parking lot campgrounds!

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