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SF Sonic Truck batteries are built on a thorough understanding of Indian operating conditions, using innovative technology that enhances the efficiency, mileage and reliability of your truck.
Climate is an important consideration when buying a car battery.In colder climate batteries with higher CCA is needed than in hotter climates.
The most important consideration is sizing the battery's CCA rating to meet or exceed, depending on the climate, the car's OEM cranking requirements. In hot climates, buying batteries with double or triple the CCA ratings that exceed the OEM requirement is a WASTE of money. Reserve capacity rating (RC) is measured as the amount of time the battery can stand to provide the minimum voltage required to run the car in case of failure of the alternator. The two most common types of car batteries based on maintenance are low maintenance (non-sealed) and maintenance free (non-sealed or sealed).
The advantages of maintenance free batteries are less preventative maintenance, longer life, faster recharging, greater overcharge resistance, reduced terminal corrosion and longer shelf life, but are more prone to deep discharge (dead battery) failures due to increased shedding of active plate material.In hot climates, buying non-sealed batteries is recommended because a sealed battery will NOT allow you to add water when required or to test the specific gravity with an external hydrometer.
Some manufacturers introduced a third type of car battery, "dual", that Combined a standard battery with switch able emergency backup cells. Cranking or shallow Type: This is designed to provide quick energy for ignition and provides a high electric current in a very short period of time.

Deep Cycle Type: This type of battery is designed to provide continuous energy for a long period of time. Manufacturers build their batteries to an internationally adopted Battery Council International (BCI) group number (24, 26, 70, 75, etc.) specification. Battery warranties are not necessarily indicative of the quality or cost over the life of the car.
According to Team BHP Forum post Amaron, Optima, Exide Eternity, Panasonic seem to be good options. Technically the Eicher 10.59 XP Truck powered by the efficient E483 TCI engine with 3298cc displacement. They are designed to keep your business moving, without having to worry about the maintenance and upkeep of your truck battery.
In the bargain, Tata Motors inherited the commercial vehicle division of the erstwhile Daewoo. Even if the driver or mechanic is successful to fit the wrong size car battery, it will hamper the entire functioning and operation of the car. Car batteries are specially designed for high initial cranking amps (usually for five to 15 seconds) to start an engine; whereas, deep cycle (or marine) batteries are designed for prolonged discharges at lower amperage.

All this is set to change with Tata Motors finally unveiling a slew of high tech trucks dubbed the Tata Prima series at the 2010 Indian Auto Expo. These trucks which were originally Daewoos a few years ago will sell in India as the Prima series of trucks. The cabins of the Tata Prima trucks will focus on driver comfort and safety with a host of features to ensure the same.
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