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Six and 12-volt are batteries needed to keep cars, trucks, RV’s and large commercial vehicles running on the road properly.
We have everything you need to get your trucks DPF off and start producing quality power and descent fuel mileage.
Battery Operated Take Apart Adventure Vehicle (Tow Truck) - The battery-operated Take-A-Part power tool makes assembly fun!
The Truck Master range is especially designed to handle the worst conditions Australia can throw at it.
When regularly operating a truck, it’s vital to have a power unit that can provide consistent, high-level performance hour after hour and day after day.
At All Type Battery Solutions, we’re proud to provide our customers with high-quality truck batteries in Canberra that are specifically designed to meet the needs of truckies from all walks of life and from various industries.
The All Type team is happy to provide our quality services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

I have a 1980 gmc New 350 GM crate motor 700r trans headers flow master to many things to list !!
We stock all sizes, shapes and configurations of automotive, marine and motorcycle batteries. Automotive manufacturing helps to mass produce auto parts that are resold to the public when replacements are required. The innovative way we use an antimony positive plate and the calcium negative plate ensures that the power unit can run longer and accept a better charge rate than other batteries.
This is particularly true of anyone driving long-haul: anyone who has spent years behind the wheel across state lines and throughout wider Australia knows that they rely on their battery just as much as any other vehicle component. No matter when you need one of our products delivered and fitted in your vehicle, we are happy to help you – and we don’t charge a call-out fee during our regular business hours. The engine is a 350 chev with a mild cam, Edelbrock intake & carb & aluminum pulleys all hooked to a recent rebuilt 700r4 overdrive transmission with a new Lokar shifter. We carry all brand name car batteries and guarantee you won't find a better price anywhere else!

You'll find a complete selection of Battery Chargers, Battery Watering Systems, and Battery cables for all your needs. There are now helping buyers of this auto parts resource online to save money with each purchase.
If you’re in the Canberra area and your truck happens to lose its battery’s charge, it’s no problem for our professional team to replace your power unit as quickly as possible.
The front suspension has all been changed to dropped spindles & springs, new shocks all around, power disc brakes, power steering etc. The paint is old but still looks pretty good, it has been touched up in a few spots by the previous owner. The Truck was removed from box but the drill and accessories are still in their original packaging.

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