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Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Additives Since the 1950s chemical additives have been used to reduce lead sulfate build up on plates and improve battery condition when added to the electrolyte of a vented lead–acid battery.
Rule of thumb if you have trouble starting the vehicle and jump it to get running now the question is battery or alternator. And considering my truck is basically a methane bomb being held back by the electronics, I'm not pulling any cables while it's running.
I did notice they dropped the full replacement warranty from 36 to 30 months on new batteries and they did test the battery (using a handheld device) when I returned my old battery (that never happened before). ABC News recently set up cameras in large cities over major roadways to capture video of the behavior of truck drivers, specifically texting.
Engaging in visual-manual sub-tasks (such as reaching for a phone, dialing and texting) associated with the use of hand-held phones and other portable devices increased the risk of getting into a crash by three times. Distracted driving is any activity that could divert a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving.
Alabama has a ban on texting for all drivers and considers it a primary offense, meaning drivers can be pulled over and ticketed for texting alone. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident involving an 18 wheeler or distracted driving, do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Farris, Riley and Pitt to speak to an attorney for a free and confidential consultation. If you open the drain valve on the filter housing does fuel poor out?Can you hear the fuel pump run when you turn the key on?
One of my most frequently asked questions related to my truck camping setup was always in regards to a dual battery and isolator setup.
In practice this means that while you are driving around all day you are charging both batteries like normal, but when the vehicle is off the batteries are not connected and cannot see one another. Thus allowing you to connect your accessories and electronics up to this secondary battery to use while camping without ever worrying about killing your main battery and being unable to start your vehicle the following morning. Previously when I spent the better part of a year camping out of my truck, I was running the normal single battery setup. This meant that when I was charging my electronics out of the canopy (I had a pod of three cigarette lighter adapters hooked up to my main battery in the back where I would run my 400w inverter) that I would, perhaps over cautiously, idle my truck about every hour in order to ensure that I would not kill my battery.
Nothing worse than getting stuck out in the middle of Grand-Staircase Escalante’s Hole in the Rock road, or some other remote area and being unable to start your vehicle and being stuck without cell service. Of course, you can buy portable emergency jumper batteries, they also sell batteries with a special jumper built right in to it. I would read and read about dual battery and isolator setups on the Internet from various websites and on Expedition Portal.
So I just bit the bullet this year before setting out on the road again and made some calls to area businesses and had them set me all up.
In all it only cost me about $370 for them to do it, about $120 of which was the cost of labor, the rest was the parts $120 for a deep cycle marine battery (which is what you definitely want as they are designed to be discharged down to zero). Of course you can order super duper fancy dual battery isolators with a brain and panel readout which shows how much power remains in each battery, how much they’re charging and how much they are being drawn down. But those kits run upward of hundreds of dollars themselves, and that’s without the second battery or any installation.
Reading online it never sounded too complicated–but with the grounding of the batteries and things of that nature, it was just over my head.
So your best bet is to call around to car stereo specialists (they often install a second battery for their clients to run their high powered stereos) or to call an RV repair place or shop (who are more specialized in the needs and demands of using a battery for a home on wheels). The other complication with doing a dual battery setup in my truck, a 1991 Toyota Pickup (Hilux) which predates the Tacoma models, is that it features a small engine compartment. Just when I sort of though I had a grasp on the logistics of mounting a second battery, I struggled with the question of where I could actually PUT the second battery. Chatting with the pros, we decided that we could move the starter battery down a little bit into the empty space near the radiator (just down and to the looker’s right of the original location), and thus mount the larger deep cycle marine battery where the starter battery used to go.
They wired each battery up to the alternator and then mounted the isolator to the frame nearby.
Besides adding a canopy and outfitting the back for gear storage and sleeping, I think adding the second battery was the best thing I’ve done to make life on the road more comfortable. I have yet to kill my second battery and have been able to keep all my electronics charged without fail while camping up to three nights without ever even starting my truck. Again, I don’t know how much things are drawing down, or how far I could have taken my single starter battery previously, I just now now that both and Andrea and I are able to easily keep our two cell phones, two cameras, two laptops, and other miscellaneous electronic devices charged and ready to go.

We’ve even been running a cheap fan off the secondary battery throughout the nights in the heat of the desert while camping, which makes it so much more comfortable to sleep.
You can get super complex, some campers even run mini fridges out of the back of their canopies while on the road. All-in-all, I am SO happy to finally have an isolated dual battery setup, and anyone that is seriously looking at spending a longer stretch of time on the road and truck camping should absolutely have one in their setup.
It should run you around $400 and is absolutely worth every penny, as far as I am concerned. Join the private Facebook group Pickup Truck Camping to ask questions and share your insights.
I would definitely recommend it, totally worth it to be able to charge your electronics, run your lights, etc with no worries of being left stranded the next day! 2) How does the Noco isolator differ from the less expensive solenoids listed in the Expedition write up?
3) What does the wiring look like leading from the second battery to your power delivery points? 5) Did you route that wire through the engine firewall and further back, or did you route it under the chassis? Thanks, I didn’t really know what I was doing either, thus the need for professional help! No, inside the cab it is still hooked up traditionally to the starter battery where you can’t charge without the key. For security I have a chain and pad lock behind the grill so I can lock down the hood and we can put some valuables under the hood for security when parked for hiking etc.
After years of remote truck camping we opted for the elevated shelf for sleeping with two large pull out drawers. While the car is running remove the positive battery cable if the car stays running it is your battery. But in my extensive battery research today, I learned that pulling the positive battery cable from your new truck can completely f*** up the electronics.
I was under the impression they stopped selling them because too many people were gaming the battery warranty. Government banned hand-held texting by drivers of large commercial trucks and busses to avoid the danger of distracted driving. An estimated 421,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver; this was a nine percent increase from the estimated 387,000 people injured in 2011. 20, 2014 while driving on Battery Lane near the Oak Hill home he shared with his wife Rachel. So, if you’re able, definitely follow this Expedition Portal thread about a $50 isolated dual battery. For instance, I cannot run my laptop connected to the inverter, I can only charge it and then later run it off the laptop battery. It seems cool, but I haven’t gotten to that point, nor am I willing to shell out the $600+ for one. Originally from Seattle, WA he headed to Washington DC where he spent five years working for Congress before heeding the call of the wild.
I’m heading out on another road trip this summer in my tacoma and I may just consider this. You don’t have to run a huge battery cable to it from the isolator in the engine compartment, as it is just charging the battery.
I thought about doing it in the bed, but then you should definitely get one of those fully sealed batteries that wont give off any noxious fumes. In the canopy though I can charge whenever with no key in the ignition off of my second battery. Looks like I need to modify my 2014 tacoma to have constant power on the cigarette adapters. I can relate since my wife and I have been truck camping for years all over the west in a 1997 Ford f-150 4×4 extended cab (which I love the extra room in the cab)with a wedged carpeted Leer camper shell. One trucker is shown looking at a cell phone and then crashing into police vehicles stopped on the side of the roadway.
10% of all drivers under the age of 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash. However, he has no idea what he’s doing, so this tutorial is going to be really helpful!

I’m not on any social networks anymore as I got tired of seeing what my friends where eating for dinner. During day time driving the Alternator is charging the battery during night driving lights on the juice is being drawn from the battery.
Research by trucking regulators show that drivers take their eyes off the road for much of the time that they send and receive text messages, and they are significantly more at risk of getting into an accident than someone who is not texting. Since then he has backpacked through Colombia, drove across all of Central America, and even wrote a best selling book: Big Travel, Small Budget. The fan is clutch, and being able to keep everything charged without worry is a huge step up. We’ve done extended self sufficient trips in remote areas with 7 to 10 days between town resupplies so I have carried an extra battery for some time and it works great.
Some one tried to steal our truck in Las Vegas and if they had succeeded they would have had a bundle $$$$ in truck, camping, ski, and climbing gear. Although one draw back to a wedged cap and bigger tires and stiff suspension is to watch out for lower clearance parking garages!!! Down load maps off line or anywhere I have wireless or use hotspot on my phone if I can get cell coverage. That is why many times a car will not start in the morning because the night before the juice was drained out of it. Another video showed a driver engaging in two phone conversations on two separate cell phones, all while driving his large truck. Broke the door lock and ignition so it could be started with a screw driver but the kill switch saved our bacon although they got some items from the cab. This works great especially at night, If I have data coverage I can use Google Earth to see the terrain in detail, and have found some good camping spots this way at night. Same problem exist in cold weather area but the opposite and we have cars batteries going in our first cold snap. 4) I have a second inverter, but I did not hook it up directly to the second battery, I’ve thought about it though.
I now also have a stout length of chain that goes around the steering column and then around the brake pedal with ends locked tight with a pad lock. I just use a manual kill switch between batteries to isolate the deep cycle when not charging. It also tracks me real time and can post waypoints and tracks, and measure distances, goto’s etc. 5) The wire to the canopy is routed underneath the body of the truck all the way to the back corner and up into the canopy.
Also have a crude loud home made security alarm on the camper door that triggers a second horn under the hood. Mounted 6 12v outlets in the cab and 2 in the camper direct wired to the deep cycle battery with separate fuse. That gives me 8 12v outlets in the cab including the ones that came with the truck and 2 in the camper. Mainly this stuff slows down the thief and makes a difficult and slow target and hopefully they move on. Last thing I purchased was a Scan Gauge that plugs into the port for engine diagnostics so I can track gas mileage, engine performance, and engine codes etc. Also carry a small 140V inverter for some electronics …bought at Walmart which is handy too. Also on a search and rescue team in AZ so all this stuff comes in real handy on remote SAR missions if I take my own truck.
We find we can camp in much rougher terrain than where a tent would be uncomfortable and impractical, and I carry some basic leveling blocks, also double for jacking blocks for recovery. We have a big tarp to extend off the back or side so we can still be protected when cooking or getting out of the truck or need desert or summer shade.

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