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Four “Special” sized batteries in our chart don’t conform to a standard group size but were included because they have a lot of capacity for their size. Battery prices in the chart should be considered approximate because dealer profit structures and freight costs vary widely across the country.
Haven't driven the car in a about 7 or 8 weeks, and I got lazy and didn't start it up as often as I should have.
I ended up running to costco to grab a battery in order to get it started and back into my garage before all of the snow came down, yes, I 'm on the east coast. BTW, some guys are using a very light weight racing battery and placing it in the smugglers box. If you don't care whether or not your car starts or it is used for races, then you need less of a safety factor. That said, you need to get the appropriate cca or above (I'm assuming the original poster did) and if you can make the battery fit securely, you'll be just as fine as if you bought the battery designed for your car. If you're limited by the installation area, then you do the best you can with what's available. I have been told although I haven't tried it that you can take flashlight batteries place them end to end to (8 = 12v) and you will be able to crank your engine with them. Compared to flooded lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries pack in more energy per physical size and weight.
A battery management system protects its cell by shunting current around it when it is full. The truck’s in-cab battery monitors show battery state-of charge (top), and BMS cell voltage and temperature (bottom). IntermediateIn 2007, I converted a GMC Sonoma from its original gasoline propulsion to pure electric, using flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries (see “Born to be Wired” in HP122). However, the battery weight (approximately 1,800 pounds) brought the vehicle very close to its maximum gross weight of 5,000 pounds.
This undoubtedly contributed to a shorter life, but the nail in their coffin occurred when I was unexpectedly called away for several weeks during the summer.

I didn’t realize this until I tried to drive my vehicle and heard a “bang” in the battery box, and the vehicle lost power. Because I wanted my next battery pack to give me better service, I started investigating lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, which had dropped in price significantly—from $75,000 for a 31 kWh pack in 2006 to $12,000 in 2010 (since then, prices have remained fairly constant).
Switching to LFPs shaved almost 1,000 pounds from the vehicle, more than doubled the vehicle’s range, gained back the vehicle’s original acceleration, and nearly halved its energy use per mile. My converted electric GMC Sonoma pickup was featured in the article “Born To Be Wired” in HP122. Anniel, Lithium batteries are still 10 times safer than gas and millions safer than lead acid.
With cooling on lithium batteries like my FORD Focus EV I think the batteries will last 16-20 years.
Government testing show a 10-20 year life mostly depending on temperature and of course no running them way down or over charging. Pricey, if I recall correctly, but it's hard to argue against considerably less weight (nearer the middle), and moving considerable weight away from the LF corner of the vehicle.
The type of FLA batteries most commonly used for EV conversions, golf cart batteries, have three 2 V cells and a capacity ranging from about 200 to 260 amp-hours (Ah).
I expected my batteries to have a five-year life, but in the third year, they started to show signs of failure. I knew that the best practice for FLA batteries is to re-water them monthly if they are being cycled frequently (as they usually are in an EV). In my original design, a daily timer was set on the battery charger to ensure the batteries were fully charged before I left on my morning commute. Several of the batteries in the middle of the pack (those that got the hottest) had swollen—one had swollen enough to cause an internal short circuit, which ignited the gasses at the top of the battery. A comparable FLA bank was more affordable (about $5,000), but I was convinced that Li-ion batteries would improve vehicle performance (power, acceleration, range, and energy economy) and render a long-term payoff. To see why I experienced such a dramatic improvement, we need to compare the batteries themselves.

The LFP reference batteries are high-capacity (180 to 200 Ah), 3.2 volt prismatic batteries.
Bluecar in Italy does it and gets 150 miles per charge with a MiEV Mitsubishi sized vehicle. Moving the truck’s 3,200 pounds required a higher voltage than the 96 or 120 volts commonly used for lighter-weight vehicles, so I used 24 batteries for 144 V and an energy capacity (at 100% discharge) of about 37 kilowatt-hours (kWh).
Lithium is also considered non toxic by the EPA but do have 2nd life as solar back up and are recycled!
Despite the fact that they need the same cca, the batterys' physical sizes will, most likely, be different from one another.
I was usually good at watering the batteries, but on a few occasions, I postponed it, only to find that enough of the electrolyte had evaporated to expose the top of the lead plates to air. This boiled off a significant portion of the electrolyte and overheated the batteries, causing them to swell. But after testing, I found that all of the remaining batteries had a significant reduction in capacity—the only solution was to replace them all.
In comparing, keep in mind that a golf-cart battery has three cells for about 6 V, whereas the LFP prismatics come as single cells (packs of 4 cells for 12 V are also available).
The Optima Reds I've tried were no better or worse than the garden variety no maintenance batteries such as the Champion.
Exposed lead oxidizes, making it harder for the plates to interact with electrolyte and, thus, reduces their capacity.
The comparison table values based on watt-hours (Wh) provide an apples-to-apples comparison because they relate to stored energy. Except where noted, the table characteristics come from manufacturers’ specification sheets.

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