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Varta are at the forefront of vehicle battery technology, with a reputation for delivering powerful, reliable and long lasting batteries for passenger cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles.
RTA Batteries stock a complete range of Varta batteries for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and marine.
One of the worlds biggest battery brands, Varta Batteries are renowned for long battery life, superior reliability and exceptional performance. Varta Batteries Patented Advanced Powerframe Grid technology delivers superior starting power, higher performance, faster recharges and longer life.
In a congested field of high class European cab-overs, Iveco’s Stralis has not taken the world by storm. Carrier Transicold will be showing off its Vector 8500 single-temperature hybrid trailer refrigeration unit at May’s Brisbane Truck Show, which it claims delivers significantly reduced weight, improved fuel economy and greater refrigeration capacity. Besides a drop in weight, it provides up to 4 per cent higher cooling capacity but consumes up to 26 per cent less fuel over a full range of operating conditions.
The new Vector 8500 achieves 5-30 per cent more Watts of cooling per litre of fuel at AHRI rating conditions when compared to Carrier Transicold’s legacy Vector units. The 820kg, Tier 4-compliant model includes the company’s E-Drive technology, 4 cylinder 2.2 litre smart diesel engine, APX electronic control module, fully hermetic electric scroll compressor, 21 kVA generator and 40-amp battery charger. The item you are attemping to add to compare is a different subtype to the items(s) in your list.
Our mobile service vehicles are stocked with a large range of Bosch car batteries, the high performing, longer lasting, economical car battery we recommend you should install.
We have put our entire reputation on the line by saying we completely trust Bosch to provide the high quality and reliability in a battery that your car deserves.

Every time you accidentally leave your lights on and flatten the battery, your battery life reduces by approximately six months and recharging that flat battery can rarely be done in the vehicle.
Corroded or old batteries can lead to the deterioration of connectors and leads, so the All River Batteries mobile service vehicles are always stocked with replacement parts to repair these issues as well. The lead acid battery is made up of plates, lead, lead oxide and an electrolyte which is a solution made up of 35% sulphuric acid and 65% water.
CA is a rating used to describe the discharge load in amperes which a new fully charged battery at 0 degrees C can continuously deliver for 30 seconds and maintain a terminal voltage equal or greater than 1.2 volts. When shopping with the Battery Traders team you will experience excellent customer service and product knowledge. Varta are leaders in advanced start-stop automotive batteries, also professional marine products. Over 125 years experience in automotive battery manufacturing going into every Varta Battery, no wonder they are the choice of OEM battery for the majority of leading car manufacturers. Powerframe stamped grid technology delivers unmatched durability over conventional molded batteries, superior current flow with minimal resistance and optimal conductivity, lower corrosion for extremely high starting power. All River Batteries can jumpstart your car for you, or deliver a new battery at your request. Our extreme summer temperatures cause high rates of water evaporation and water loss causes an increased concentration of acid within the body of the battery, which can cause acceleration of the plate corrosion. To prolong the life of your battery you must always ensure that it is installed correctly and held down securely. Your car requires the stored energy to operate the starter motor, ignition system, fuel injection system and other electrical devices for the engine.

When the electrolyte interacts with the lead plates a chemical reaction occurs and produces electrons that create the voltage in a battery.
This defines a battery’s ability to start an engine in cold temperatures.The higher the CCA rating, the greater the starting power of the battery. It refers to the time in minutes a new fully charged battery will supply a constant load of 25 amps, without the battery falling below 10.5 volts.
Considered global leaders in lead acid and other advanced batteries for start-stop, hybrid and electric cars, millions of people worldwide rely on Varta automotive batteries. These benefits also make Varta Batteries a leading choice with fleet vehicles, reducing overall costs with less downtime and no maintenance. It is well worth asking your mechanic to check the fluid level in your battery at each service. It supplies all the electrical power for a car whenever the engine is not running and it helps the charging system provide electricity when your demands are above the output limit of the charging system. If a battery is rated at 100 amp hours it should deliver 5 amps of power for 20 hours or 20 amps of power for 5 hours.

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