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Far and away, the most popular HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) in the world in terms of sales is the Toyota Prius, one of the oldest and most reputable brands in the industry. An important component of coming up with the total cost of a Prius battery replacement is the “core credit” program Toyota offers.
As mentioned already, the following numbers will vary, but in most cases the 2001-2003 Prius models batteries have an MSRP of $3,699, with a $1350 deduction for the core credit, not including installation labor.
Up until this point in the article, we’ve explained the “standard” pricing for a Toyota Prius battery replacement, but the truth is, not all consumers experiences are the same. Battery modules that are cycled (charged and discharged) using a specified process to increase the cell capacities that will increase energy, and in some cases, power output.  The other battery components that support the battery pack system are also checked for proper operation. Having your battery “conditioned” is just one of many services offered at your local The Hybrid Shop dealership. This is Part 1 of the video to replace the hybrid battery in a Gen II Toyota Prius (2004-2009) This covers dismantling the rear seats and interior trim pieces in the rear of the vehicle. Our Toyota Prius auxiliary battery is a direct replacement option for those who don't want deal with high costs of going through their Toyota dealership. The foundation for its long lasting lifespan comes from its durable construction and extreme resistibility to temperatures and vibrations. Tightly sealed cells allow flexibility mounting positions, without the worry of the battery leaking and damaging your Prius Hybrid. Toyota Prius OPTIMA batteries are also great because of it's low self-discharge rate; it retains a substantially more power than conventional batteries during non-use.

Toyota-prius-smart-key-fob-battery-replacement-guide-003, Toyota-prius-smart-key-fob-battery-replacement-guide-003 how to replace the coin cell battery in the smart key fob remote control of a 3rd generation 2010-2013 toyota.
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And because there are now so many Prius Hybrids on the streets today, the need to service these vehicles grows with each new purchase. Essentially, this means you will get a “credit” for allowing your battery to be recycled—which helps the environment but also means a big deduction on your replacement bill—usually somewhere around $1350 or so.
Frankly put, because of the different levels of training, education, and technology throughout the Hybrid industry, the quality and cost of the experience varies from person to person, company to company. Since our inception, our singular goal has been to elevate the entire HEV ownership experience—a process that starts with world-class training for our dealers, specifically on the process of Hybrid Battery Conditioning. If you have further questions about the cost to replace your Prius battery, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or contact us directly—we’re here to give honest advice based on scientific fact.
For the first time, Juiced Hybrid is now offering our all Prius owners, from models ranging from 2004 to 2011, a high-performance AGM Prius Replacement battery that's like no other Prius battery available today.
It's specially designed with "T1 posts and vent ports" that enables it to integrate perfecting with the Prius' vent system; no special installation instructions needed. Included glass-mat separators are also present to absorb electrolytes and to eliminate acid spilling.
So if you drive your Prius seasonally, this 12-volt battery auxiliary battery is just for you.

With pure lead, this maximizes the number of recharge cycles, and a higher percentage of its original full capacity. Optima Prius battery replacements have internal cells that are tightly compressed around support chambers and solid cast cell connections; this results in overall better resistance to natural vibrations, proven to be 15 times more effective traditional aux batteries. If need to replace your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery, don't pay $xxxx to a shop when you could do it yourself for under $500.
Along these same lines, because our dealer network here at The Hybrid Shop works with so many Prius vehicles, they are constantly being bombarded with a simple question: How much does it cost to replace a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery? Optima batteries are lightweight, environmentally friendly, and built to last--almost double the lifespan of any other lead-acid battery in today's market.
In fact for the Prius, it may last the entire lifetime of the Prius, due to the absence of cranking the motor and exposure to engine heat. Juiced Hybrid has chosen OPTIMA "YellowTop" batteries because it's ideal for vehicles that have multiple electrical components that are used when the engine is shut off.

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