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Toshiba has announced the Satellite P855 laptop, which for the first time brings the company’s glasses-free 3D technology to the masses. The laptop was announced for the first time at Toshiba’s 2012 Partner Summit and offers a brushed aluminum chassis with built-in Harrman Kardon speakers, fast Intel Core processors, NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M graphics and a 15.6-inch display. The biggest trump of the mid-range Satellite P855 laptop, however, is the featured 3D technology. At the same time Toshiba announced the Satellite P850 series, which is the same laptop but without 3D capabilities. A team of scientists working for the Australian Swinburne University of Technology has developed a new technology that could allow the creation of optical disks with overall capacity of 1 petabyte (PB). The US company Hewlett-Packard (HP) has announced the new EliteBook Folio 1020 family, which the company claims is the industry’s thinnest and lightest business-class notebook line. Buffalo has designed the WLI-UC-GN, a new WiFi dongle that measures only 16 (W) x 33 (H) x 8 (D) mm and weights 4 grams. We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. Battery died after 12mths and after paying for extended warranty was told toshiba doesn't cover battery. The build quality of Toshiba's Satellite A100 notebook is solid with good quality plastics and a comfortable keyboard. The Toshiba Satellite was the first laptop I ever possessed (I only leased it) and after about 4 months I decided to return it as I simply wasn't using it enough to justify the cost at the time. Good reliable computer which is fast to startup and shutdown compared to some other machines I've used (granted the startup is affected by the installed software and which programs are set to open upon startup). I had a dead pixel within about 2 months of leasing my Satellite and when I queried this I was told that it was not covered by warranty and basically too bad. The speed of the processor and graphics card is excellent for everything except hard core gaming.

Also comes with a built in "high quality" microphone so you can "skype" without headphones. The laptop failed quite badly within a month of getting it home, that it needed to be returned for repair. Excellent look, great screen, good battery life, dual-core cpu, vista home premium, bluetooth. This is a good entry level computer which can quite easily do any photoshoping or word processing that is needed. Overall this is a nice machine, but after 6 months my card reader stopped working as did my audio out port.
For the price I would recommend this laptop to any student and also the business savy who don't need great amounts of hard drive space.
This laptop has met all my needs and it has even handled a few 3d games that I've thrown at it!!
Slide the hard drive aside to disconnect it from the system board and remove it from the HDD bay. Remove one screw securing the DVD drive and push on the metal bracket to slide the drive from the case. Disconnect the DVD control board cable, the touchpad cable and the speaker cables on the system board. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy!
The trackpad is actually bigger as it does away with buttons and brings click-down technology instead. The laptop uses a lenticular lens sheet and 3D webcam technology, which tracks your eyes, which realigns the 3D for wherever your peepers are looking. I've used many over the last few years (LG, Compaq, Sony) and to far the Toshiba takes the prize.

Many laptops fail when the plugs wiggle over their lifetime and can be expensive to repair. I have had so many laptops that are really bad at recovering after powering off automatically. Fan noise is audible and can get a bit annoying in a silent room when the laptop is configured for maximum performance. All the default Toshiba tools are required to run functionality such as the SD card reader which boggs the system down even further.
The battery life is acceptable but the thing I like the most is that you can change the performance settings to prolong battery life!! We have 2 of these laptops in my house and have recently bought one for my mother they were so good.
Instead I will concentrate on what I liked about this machine from a laptop lovers perspective. However when I called Toshiba, they sent a courier to come collect it THE SAME DAY and I had it back working perfectly within a couple of days.
The screen is big enough to enjoy watching DVDs, but again I just think it's a bit too big to carry along. The laptop runs fine out of the box but as soon as you start installing programs on it (like any computer i guess) it slows down significantly while booting up.
Any of you that have had to wait for months for a laptop to be repaired know how excellent this is.

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