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If your Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook stops responding and you cannot turn it off, press and hold the power button for four seconds or more. You can use recovery media to restore the solid state drive to the factory default settings. Depending on the type of your recovery media, connect the boot medium (memory key or other USB storage device) to the computer, or insert the boot disc into the optical drive. Looking for a possible solution on my C850D, and thought of sharing as it might become useful to many others. In some models it will be B500 under ram cover Works on satellite L650. I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-123 and I can't find the jumper to remove BIOS password.
As they stated, this machine is "unusable." The escape key does not bypass the prompt (nor does any other key), thus no operating system can be booted and no firmware updates can be installed.
Since the costs of the repairs can now exceed the value of the hardware, it would seem this is a DIY solution, or a non-solution (i.e. Build a Toshiba parallel loopback by stripping and soldering the wires on a DB25 plug to connect connect these pins: 1-5-10, 2-11, 3-17, 4-12, 6-16, 7-13, 8-14, 9-15, 18-25. Wiping the CMOS might clear the password prompt issue, but I cannot locate a jumper or a battery on this board. As far as I know, you cannot reset the bios password of the Toshiba laptop just by removing the CMOS battery. Toshiba ASP Support may give you the Response Code for free (with enough explanations on your side). If googling comes up with the website Laptop Rebirth, be advised that it does not work any more, so you would be wasting your money.
I googled for what the CMOS battery looked like and then for a pic of the motherboard, found what appeared to be the battery, lo and behold it was just off the side of the access panel for the RAM etc, disconnected the battery, powered the laptop up, turned it off, reconnected the battery and no more BIOS password. Older Toshiba laptops can be convinced to boot without their power-on BIOS password by attaching a dongle to the parallel port which crosses a number of the pins.

Some Toshiba's can be convinced to bypass the startup BIOS password if you hold down the key while booting the system. There is also a tech faq that has a ton of backdoor passwords Toshiba has used through the years for a variety of their BIOS's that can assist you if you want to go that direction. After scouring the pictures you have provided I have spotted two pads with "<-- RESET" next to them. It would be interesting to know what the chips around that area are labelled as - one may be the CMOS EEPROM.
On the Satellite A105-S2236 ( A105 S2236 ) there are two solder pads (jumpers) under the black plastic under the Ram slot with the bar codes.
The procedure mean that we need to open the laptop so we can find the CMOS battery and short circuit the battery so can clear the CMOS. A great many thanks for your words of wisdom, and pictures of wisdom, with clarity of focus. L450d-12x bios password can be removed by firstly removing main battery and charger and hold power button down for 10 secs to remove excess charge, then open ram cover and remove ram modules, then under the white sticker is a copper terminal called J1, it’s actually 2 very small terminals arranged to look like a square, they are lacquered so u may need to scratch them first to get a good contact, just short these together for a few secs and voila!
On the startup of the Toshiba laptpop you get this picture that says that you need to enter password. If you try to reset the BIOS password with shorten the CMOS battery pins you will not succeed to reset the password. If the computer still is not responding, remove the ac power adapter and reset the system by inserting a straightened paper clip into the emergency reset hole (see image for the location of the reset button). Recovery media are useful if you transfer the computer to another area, sell the computer, recycle the computer, or put the computer in an operational state after all other methods of recovery have failed. To create recovery media , click Start ? All Programs ? Lenovo ThinkVantage Tools ? Factory Recovery Disks. You need to reset the contents of the flash EEPROM that stores several values like the password, serial number, MAC adress, OEM numbers. They are labeled "PAD500" Partially peel the plastic using a heat gun or hair dryer to make it easier.

I even remove (unsolder) ┬áthe battery from the motherboard and leave through the night but with no results. It has a 14″ HD+ wide display with high resolution (1600 x 900) and anti-glare option. The laptop can produce rich sound for audio conference, music, and media from its Dolby Home Theater v4.
According to a list of supported models on pwcrack, this will likely not work for my Satellite A55-1065, as well as many other models of similar age. I’ve had a lot of experience at soldering and general fixing items so am not a novice but I have made sure nothing is displaced. In our previous post we have described how to reset the BIOS password for Toshiba Satellite L450.
For a better user experience, it provides best-in-class keyboard with progressive backlighting and larger island-style keys, and coated glass multi-gesture touchpad.
I am very grateful to have found this since i'd obviously have to buy a new computer this was very helpful. Hold a small flat head srewdriver and short those two pads out while turning on the laptop. It also offers superior web conferencing with face-tracking 720p HD webcam, dual-array microphones, and keyboard noise suppression. When you don't see the password prompt, you can let go of the short, if it still prompts for a pssword then you didn't do it right.

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