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We have everything you need to get your trucks DPF off and start producing quality power and descent fuel mileage.
But it's the patented SPIRALCELLĀ® Technology in OPTIMA RedTop batteries that's truly worthy of praise. This stands true for FMCG products that cost less money as well as for cars and bikes that are expensive. OPTIMA RedTop batteries are built to withstand the abuse Trucks, SUV's and 4x4's experience on and off-road.
In cars the trend is slowly shifting towards the production and usage of electric or hybrid cars as they are more commonly known. SPIRALCELL Technology immobilizes the internal components of the battery, enabling OPTIMA batteries to withstand incredible amounts of vibration. Vehicles modified for better engine performance demand more from a battery.
They produce less harmful impacts to the environment than comparable conventional cars, for this reason they are also called Green Vehicles. OPTIMA batteries withstand the high underhood temperatures associated with these Performance vehicles.

This prevents external gassing and leaking which can damage engine components and limit battery performance. CR-Z can go from 0 to 60 mph in 9 sec which is not too good for a sports car but nevertheless it is fun to drive and easy to handle.Porsche Panamera S HybridNext up on our list is a hybrid sports car, Porsche Panamera S Hybrid.
Its 3.0 L V6 engine can produce 380 hp, sufficient to take the car to a speed of 167 miles per hour.
Tesla's engine is capable of punching out 362 horsepower.V8 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E-CellOn number seven is V8 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG E-Cell. Official figures regarding the top speed of this electric sports car are yet to be released.
It cannot compete with the likes of Porsche 918 Spyder when it comes to top speed but nevertheless the engine can produce sufficient power to make the car go to a speed of 155 mph.Audi e-Tron SpyderWhen talking about futuristic cars, one can't ignore Audi. The unique characteristic of this car is that it makes use of kinetic energy stored in flywheel.
This energy can be used by the driver as and when needed.Ferrari 599 Hy-KersOn number three is Ferrari 599 Hy-Kers.

This is not a production electric sports car, it is a beautiful Ferrari concept car that was developed by the Ferrari's Formula F1 engineers.
Wonderful technology that has been incorporated into it allows it to be fuel economical as well. This is a very balanced car with easy to understand functionality and good acceleration time.
Jaguar C-X75  When talking about fast sports cars there is no way that Jaguar can be left out. When the horsepower of 2 electric motors (one at front and one at rear) is combined with engine the total comes out to be 795 hp.

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