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When a lead acid battery is charged it turns some of the water back to Hydrogen and Oxygen.
The battery in the smart fortwo has a pipe leading from the battery to the outside of the car.
Some battery chargers have a desulfation setting that attempts to break down the crystals on the plates. As I have previously said, batteries contain acid and it won't do you any favours if you get it on your skin or in your eyes so be careful and any safety wear like goggles or gloves would be a bonus. Once you have unscrewed the lids, look inside and you should see a maximum level indicator. It goes without saying that you should take it to the dump so it will be dealt with properly.
A car battery is a rechargeable electrochemical device that stores chemical energy and releases it as electrical energy upon demand. With a 5% compounded annual growth rate, worldwide sales of SLI batteries represent 63% of the $27 billion annually spent on batteries. After the "curing" of the plates, they are made up into cells, and the cells are inserted into a high-density tough polypropylene or hard rubber case [#1 in the diagram above]. In cold climates, normally a battery "ages" as the active positive plate material sheds (or flakes off) due to the expansion and contraction that occurs during the discharge and recharge cycles.
Most of the "defective" batteries returned to manufacturers during free placement warranty periods are good.
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Avoid an expensive service or tow charge (and the worry of being stranded!) by keeping your car battery working at peak performance. In addition to a set of wrenches, you'll only need a post cleaner or side terminal, a hydrometer and a cable puller, all available at auto parts stores. Clean corrosion from the top of the battery first and then clean corrosion from around the battery cables with a post cleaner. First clean the top of the battery and any corrosion from the cables using a tablespoon of baking soda, a cup of water and a nonmetallic brush. Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for mechanics and DIY enthusiast owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. I turned off the charger and the battery was making a quiet hissing noise, like water in a pipe, and it made this noise for about 10 minutes, so I levered off a cover and there were some holes.

These holes were completely empty, and the battery had a strong smell, like sulfuric acid with these holes open.
I don't know anything about the battery, the label is filthy, but it's a 12V car battery and its sat for about 8 months.
You should recycle dead car batteries - the local scrap merchant will take it and pay a couple of dollars. The "strong smell, like sulfuric acid" is in fact sulfuric acid, which is the acid component in a lead-acid battery. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged battery charging or ask your own question.
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This is only really effective on newly flattened batteries and even after desulfation, it will never hold the same charge. Brown sediment, called sludge or "mud," builds up in the bottom of the case andcan short the cell out. This article will show you how to perform a simple step-by-step 10-minute seasonal battery check-up so you know whether your battery is performing well. You can avoid that expensive service or tow charge (and the worry of being stranded!) by carrying out a 10-minute seasonal battery check along with a few maintenance tips.
Keep in mind that you can skip the battery service if you make sure the mechanic does it during periodic servicing, but you'll want to keep up with the regular maintenance. I left it overnight and came back the next afternoon, and the battery was hot to the touch, and the charger was cycling on and off, with the current about 4A. The charger goes up to about 12A on the ammeter gauge, which is the maximum, and then trips, if I try to charge the battery on High or Low at 12v, and High at 6v.
Sit the battery on a piece of wood or a mat when charging, as a cold cement floor can do [some kind of magic which I can't explain] and drain the battery. So surely it makes more sense to look after what you have, save yourself money and not fill your municipal dump with acid filled boxes. The lead sulfate turns into crystals on the lead plates which reduces the amount of surface area in contact with the acid. Luckily enough it is only the water that is used and not the acid so you can top up the fluid to maintain the battery.

This article will also explain how to replace your battery if it's failing, so you're not left stranded out in the middle of nowhere with a car that won't start.
Now disconnect the cables, starting with the negative one to prevent your wrenches from arcing on a nearby ground.
I filled the battery with deionised water and tried to charge it again after leaving it to cool. A battery that has been flattened will only hold about 50% of the amperage yet the voltage will remain the same and it will seem to charge OK. By following these simple steps, you can extend the use of your car!Check the battery fluid level (you can’t check this if you have a sealed battery). Look down into each individual cell to make sure that the water is covering the lead plates and is at the proper level.
To charge a dead battery yourself, you will need jumper cables and another car with a fully charged battery. Make sure that the distance between both cars’ batteries is close enough that your jumper cables can connect the two cars. Open the hoods of both cars and connect each end of the positive jumper cable to the corresponding positive terminals on each car battery. Connect one end of the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal on the functional, charged battery. Then attach the other end of the negative jumper cable to a grounded metal component of the car with the dead battery. This transfers some of the fresh battery’s energy to the dead battery through the jumper cables. If it doesn’t turn on, keep running the other car until the dead battery regains a charge. To end the process, disconnect the jumper cables in the REVERSE order to how you connected them (negatives first, then positives). While it is important to maintain (proper) level you never want to add more water than the bottom of the vent ring, that is what it is there for.
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