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This car was introduced with the first Ill-Gotten Gain DLC update from Rockstar and at the time it topped the super cards category, but that only lasted a month or so until the above T20 was introduced. The following are still great super cars to race with, but they has to be bumped with the addition of some new Super Cars in recent updates from Rockstar. The Entity XF I would say is a very good overall car, however the main point I would emphasize is keeping your speed. Due to this cars all wheel drive, there is great traction, so I would recommend this car to any general driver and even a greta driver can win most races with this. I recomend to avoid the t20, its got good top speed but lacks on grip and not very stable over bumps(the rear spoiler its not functional, just decoration) . I think the Osiris is the overall best supercar just because it is one of the fastest and easily handled, but it also looks really cool. I’m a Big racer addict with more than 400 wins and in my opinion the zentorno is still the Best.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new gaming articles and news. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Every passing year, companies are making their finest launches with the production of beautiful cars; in particular the Sports cars with captivating looks. With all of the top speeds in the game and most superb looking cars, this is definitely the most popular racing class in the game to race with. The Progen T20 was introduced with second of the Ill-Gotten Gain DLC releases in GTA V, allowing the T20 to top the new Osiris seen below just about a month after the Osiris’s release.
I’ve honestly had success with most of the Supers that you see on this page and really it sometimes just comes down to the specific map your racing on or even your specific driving style.

This could probably be the best car, that is if you were racing on a track that was super straight and were able to hit top speed most of the trek.
I chose to include this somewhere in the list, because Rockstar has made the Supercar class super balanced and technically each can has its own unique attributes. There is a great traction on this car, which does make this very easy and my advise would be the avoid the brake on this car as much as possible.
Zentorno(oversteers but easy to control) and osiris are the way to go, and on tracks with no long straights, the entity and turismo rule. The spoiler is not functional it comes up when you brake, and it has great grip it is the best for wallrides!
Certainly this year has something great to offer to the riders, with fascinating releases.So let's hear out on the coolest cars produced in present age, along with their keys specs. Check of the cars below to see which car you’ll fair best with to win the most races possible. This car can be very smooth to drive, and you have to make sure to power down some on corners. Like most of the super cars this does have great acceleration, but this car in particular has the fastest in the entire game.
Th FMJ has superior traction and can potentially make it best for Airport track type races. Not to mention the adder still the one with better top speed although t20 reaches it faster.
I have everyone aof these cars and the Zentorno is still the Best in a good driver’s hand.
These are, in my opinion the best cars in the GTA V online Super car class to race against your foes with.

This car though, once you get the hang of using its momentum to hug every turn, will do you a world of favours when racing. The Zentory has good handling and in particular it does have a good weight distribution making it easy to stay in control, however there is now a tad bit of an oversteer, so watch out for that. Progen is a new car manufacture brought to the GTA V world and the car reflects a real life Mclaren car. Since the Osiris is a hybrid-electric, it doesn’t suffer a speed loss during gear shifts, which may account for the smooth driving feel and quickness. The car is built by a semi-monocoque, light in structure and strong in speed, that matters. If you have the money then I would suggest purchasing the T20, however its not so much faster that you couldn’t still beat it using a Osiris or Zentorno.
This super car has some fixed rear wings and rear diffuser made in carbon fiber, with matte finishing, along with the sideblade, making it the iconic feature of this beautiful car. This beautiful car has some real exotic and aggressive looks with the additional body panels, along with the headlamp design, which is significant to the McLaren's logo.
The P1 is powered by a gasoline V8 twin turbo engine, with 727hp and is equipped with an electric motor which produces 176hp speed.

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