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Here are 7 things to know when buying a used car that will protect you from potential added expense, as well as future issues. These things to know when buying a used car can save you a ton of time and money later down the road.
Finally, an easy and free service to get multiple quotes and unlock savings on your next Disney vacation. Getting a new car doesn’t have to be a lengthy or frustrating process just because there are a few overlooked steps that can get in the way. If you’re prepared, you can quickly get through the buying process without a headache and without feeling swindled. Here’s a quick check-list of some of the most important things to do before you walk into a dealership.
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Second largest asset… how about the greatest waste of money… a car depreciates faster than Google Chrome book! My last trade in attempt from the dealer I was buying a new car from was an offer of $2500 for a 98 BMW with low miles, did need some minor work. Compared side by side, the two are quite similar on paper, but when driven, the two feel entirely different.
Surprisingly similar in some aspects, yet still completely different in others, these two hatches take different approaches to a common goal. Despite how similar the Kia and Nissan may appear on paper, they are very different in execution. Watch our Short List video to learn about the top 10 most unreliable cars on sale right now, according to our friends at Consumer Reports. We’ll leave it to you to decide which vehicle you should buy, but we will share a little new-car buying advice that could just save you some hard-earned dough. Those sites will help you determine which make and model is best for you, allowing you to compare safety performance with gas consumption and overall cost.
Salespeople have quotas, and while selling individual cars may not make a huge dent in their pay, hitting or exceeding a sales quota will. As long as you’re not committed to buying a Tesla, which is sold directly from the manufacturer, there’s wiggle room built into nearly every vehicle’s price. That’s another reason to do your homework in advance – as an informed consumer, you’ll be able to confidently explain what you are and aren’t seeking. Many people have a visceral reaction to cars, and will fall in love with one just based on the looks or performance.
If you’ve ever walked onto a car lot looking for a specific model only to be told it’s no longer available, you’ve very likely been the victim of a common “bait and switch” tactic. Once you have an idea of exactly the kind of car you want, you also know exactly how much of a loan you’ll need to finance it.
This is easier said than done for some, but you have to bear in mind that too much emphasis on lowering your monthly payment will ultimately cost you thousands of dollars more in interest and will extend the life of your loan.
Car dealers can smell desperation and will use it to their advantage to get you locked into a deal that may be all wrong for you, knowing your options are limited. Get the latest tips & advice from our team of 50+ credit & money experts, delivered to you via email each week.
Rob Infantino is founder and CEO of Openbay, an online marketplace to cross-shop, book and pay for vehicle repair. Comments on articles and responses to those comments are not provided or commissioned by a bank advertiser. Please note that our comments are moderated, so it may take a little time before you see them on the page.
If a car or truck has ever been in a flood area, the water damage from the past can linger for years to come. If you have kids, it is important to make sure everyone will fit comfortably into your new car. I took it to another dealer for a straight outright purchase and the guy gave me $5000 without any haggling. One (1) winner will be chosen every month at random and contacted by VerticalScope Inc.’s staff. ELIGIBILITY: From the time of entry through the final date of prize fulfillment, each contest entrant and selected entrant must be a permanent lawful citizen and resident residing in the 50 United States or the District of Columbia or in Canada, and be twenty one (21) years of age or older.

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If you have your heart set on a particular model before you walk onto a lot, that may help save time at the dealership, and avoid the risk of being talked into the wrong vehicle.
That’s what your salesperson is telling herself when you cross the threshold into the dealership. You’re less likely to be hassled if you know what you’re talking about and can keep them focused on your goals, rather than suggesting pricey vehicles or options you don’t need or can’t afford. But for those whose hearts aren’t set on a particular vehicle, a few lifestyle considerations will help narrow your search.
Do you find yourself occasionally renting or borrowing a larger vehicle for big furniture or hardware store hauls?
For example, if all you know is that you want a small SUV that will drive long distances in poor weather, and that you like to occasionally haul things, focus only on all-wheel drive vehicles.
Sometimes dealerships will advertise certain cars for killer prices to get people to come in, and then try to sell them on something else by claiming a magically vanished inventory. Before taking one step onto a car lot, visit your bank and get yourself pre-approved for a car loan.
When you walk onto a car lot committed to a set monthly payment, you could be throwing away any opportunity you have to negotiate the actual cost of the vehicle down.
If you think you’re going to be in the market for a new car soon, start shopping around now.
He has always worked on cars, including transmission replacements and engine rebuilds, and spent years working on a pit crew.
Overall when I do this I feel like I am really on top of things and do not second guess when making a really important decision.
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When you buy a used car, there is no warranty on the vehicle, which means you’ll be paying out of pocket for any problems that arise with the car once you pay for it.
Whether you buy from a local car lot or individual, these tips will help you make the best decisions regarding your upcoming vehicle purchase. Just a car enthusiast that gets into way to many conversations with friends about the mis-information that people have about major transactions. Entrant waives the right to assert as a cost of winning a prize any and all costs of verification and redemption or travel to redeem said prize and any liability which might arise from redeeming or seeking to redeem said prize. Don’t rely on car salespeople to tell you what kind of car will suit your needs – remember, they’re salespeople. The advantage for you is that they don’t necessarily mind if you negotiate the price on your vehicle purchase.
Sure, your salesperson may be willing to give you a deal, but she knows that the only reason you’re standing in a dealership is because you’re ready to write a check.
Do you like to pack your car with friends to head to the beach in the summer, or rarely have passengers? Avoid this by calling a day or two in advance to confirm that a particular model is still available, then informing the car salesperson that you’ll be coming in to check out that car. This also ties in with the aforementioned need to get pre-approved in advance so you have a “bottom line” figure that you can use to negotiate cost down to where you need it to be. Having an operational set of wheels gives you the ammo to be able to walk away from a negotiation if it’s not working to your advantage. This will put you on the best footing to deal with the potentially costly tricks that car dealers often practice. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Connecticut.
People who buy used need to be savvy to ensure that they don’t get ripped off by an unscrupulous seller who is trying to unload a car with a lot of problems on another person. If the engine breaks down on your way home from the used car lot, it’s likely your problem not the dealership’s.

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It always pays to comparison shop, and with so many sites dedicated to vehicle reviews, stats on reliability over time, information on the cost of vehicles over time, and even customer reviews of the dealerships, you can do your research from the comfort of your sofa. There are many traditional websites, like Edmunds, Motor Trend and Car and Driver, where you can do your research. That’s the concern of the sales manager, who will be able to approve or decline the final amount. For the most part, car dealerships don’t attract casual foot traffic, the way a big-box retailer might. So if you’re choosing between the BMW X1 and the Audi Q5, fuel economy is only slightly better in the BMW, and the Audi has 10 more cubic feet of cargo space. It’ll also save you from another common tactic: being told you’re approved for financing, then being called back in a few days down the road and informed the interest rate will be much higher than you anticipated. A noted authority on car repair, Rob’s interviews have appeared in BBC Autos, Boston Globe, The Economist and NY Daily News. The website does not include all financial services companies or all of their available product and service offerings. Knowing what to expect, and what to look for, when buying a used car can help protect your wallet and get you into a reliable vehicle that is safe to drive.
If you’re lucky, you’ll find a used car dealer that offers a 30 day guarantee on the cars they sell, or a dealer who will agree to split the cost of repairs with you should anything happen to the car in the first 90 days that you own it. You want to look for things like past wrecks, any recalls on parts and t see a consistent maintenance schedule. Probably could have spent a few weeks working Craigslist for another $1000 but it wasn’t worth it. If the Sweepstakes is not capable of running as planned by reason of damage by computer viruses, worms or bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical limitations or failures, any Force Majeure Event or any other cause which, in the sole opinion of Sponsor, could corrupt, compromise, undermine or otherwise affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, viability or proper conduct of the Sweepstakes, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend all or any part of the Sweepstakes, and to select a winner from among all eligible entries received by Sponsor up until the time of such cancellation, termination, modification or suspension, as applicable. Do you want a “connected car” that would add to your productivity and perhaps increase resale value? This can be especially grievous if you’ve already taken your new ride home pending completion of financing. If a dealer does offer you a deal and you decide to take a few days to think it over, get it in writing before you leave. Because when it comes to buying a used car, it really is “buyer beware.” Here are 11 things everyone should know when buying a second-hand car.
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Check out VroomGirls for expert advice from women who love cars, or TrueCar for a haggle-free experience. If they’re unwilling to put their offer in writing, consider taking your business elsewhere. In most cases, once you buy a used car, you assume all the problems that come with it—no matter how expensive they are. CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT BY AN ENTRANT OR ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL TO DELIBERATELY DAMAGE OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THIS SWEEPSTAKES IS A VIOLATION OF CRIMINAL AND CIVIL LAWS.
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