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What you really need is a safe, compact, lightweight, easy-to-handle car battery jump starter that doesn’t take up a lot of space, is highly portable, and can be safely placed near your battery during emergencies.  Also, it would be nice if this jump starter had a couple of additional features like the ability to charge other portable electronic devices and a light for safe jump starts after dark. Well there is good news.  One manufacturer realized the difficulties users were having with traditional jump starters and designed a new model that has all the features you want along with being small, easily transportable, and lightweight. We’re talking about PowerAll’s new PBJS12000R portable power bank and car jump starter.  It meets our requirements precisely without breaking the bank.  Read on to see if this is the perfect car battery jump starter for you!
Important safety features include over current protection to protect against circuit damage, short circuit protection to protect the power supply, overload protection to protect its own battery,  over-voltage protection that auto-stabilizes output voltage and protect connected devices, and over-charge protection to shut off automatically and protect electronic devices from damage. Ultra-bright LED flashlight with three illumination modes including flashlight, strobe light, SOS signal flash that can continue to signal for help up to 120 hours. As always, thanks for taking the time to read our article!  It is our sincere hope that it helps you find the perfect car battery jump starter for your needs! Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions. I jumped a ford diesel tractor in the winter with my pbjs12000 it had a 4dlt battery in it. If you had the time you could hook up a battery charger and wait for the battery to recharge. Battery jump starters come in a variety of sizes, styles, and with different features and technology. Although at the heart of a jump starter is a battery powerful enough to start a car, a battery jump starter has additional features built-in that make it ideally suited to the task. For more information on how to hook up the cables, we recommend you take a look at our article How To Jump Start A Car Safely and Correctly for more information.
I hope this article has given you some important tips you can use when purchasing a battery jump starter. I bought a cobra jumpstarter for 77.00 about 13 months ago, which means it is one month out of warranty.
Hi, it’s not so much your battery as what the jump starter has to turn over in the process of getting your engine to start.
Unless you live in an area with harsh winters, you should be able to use just about any of the new lithium jump starters.
I have a 2013 Toyota Prius hybrid and wonder what chargers would be good for starting it if I leave one of the doors ajar for a couple of days or something similar that discharges the battery? Always wear safety glasses when jump starting a battery (to protect your eyes), and gloves when handling a battery (to protect your hands).
According to PREVENT BLINDNESS AMERICA, in 2003 nearly 6,000 motorists suffered serious eye injuries from working around car batteries.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions for testing, jumping, installing, discharging, charging, equalizing and maintaining batteries.

New car batteries come pre-filled with acid, so it is not necessary to add acid to the battery.
The electrolyte inside a wet cell car battery contains corrosive sulfuric acid that can spill if the case is cracked or the battery is upset.
CAUTION: DO NOT lean directly over the battery while making jumper connections (in case of explosion). If the vehicle runs okay and the battery charges up, you should clean and tighten both battery cables after shutting the engine off. WARNING: NEVER disconnect a battery when the ignition is ON, or while the engine is idling or running. Disconnecting the battery may also cause other system modules to forget their learned or programmed settings.
If you are uncertain that disconnecting the battery on your car may cause problems, attach a backup battery, battery charger or Memory Saver" device to the battery cables or the 12 volt power outlet or cigarette lighter BEFORE you disconnect the main battery. Finally, when installing a new battery, make sure the battery is fully charged before the vehicle is driven.
Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. I consider it to be a great emergency device that is a must-have if you are at risk of your car’s battery going dead, or you own two or more cars. For example, it will usually have a built-in charger so that you can make sure the jump starter is always available when you need it. Does the fact that its a hybrid, and has terminals under the hood for charging purposes make any difference in choosing one?
This includes modules that control the air conditioner, sunroof, power windows, power seats, radio, even some anti-theft or keyless entry systems. So I thought it was about time to write a post on the topic.When it comes to batteries application must be considered first. If used properly, it is also one of the more reliable devices to bring back a dead battery that I know of.
You go to start it and you get that awful sinking feeling because the car doesn’t turn over.
The battery booster has positive and negative cables typically with alligator clamps that match up with the positive and negative terminals on your battery. The Bolt is $15 cheaper, smaller, and is lithium, but the 225 cranking amps of the Jump-N-Carry is tempting (assuming that the 225 is accurate). I was just looking at the antigravity portable battery and has a cca of 200 starting amp and max cca of 400. Beyond just an automobile application, you should consider things like off road use, high or low temperatures, and short frequent trips vs.

If you’re ever in an emergency situation where you’ve have absolutely drained your battery, such as leaving your lights on at the airport while you’re on vacation, you will appreciate the capability of a more powerful jump starter. It’s as easy as connecting positive to positive, negative to negative, and turning on the device.
Can you recommend a maximum and minimum range that I should be looking for when shopping for a charger for my hybrid (I live in New York State, and the winters can get pretty cold)?
On the other hand, getting all the bells and whistles may cause you to spend more than you should. Check the specifications carefully and make sure your choice has the extra capability to revive dead batteries.
I realize that a charger not strong enough, will not be effective in starting the car, but could a charger that is too powerful be harmful to my Prius?
Although the car is unlikely to have a dead battery any time soon but better safe than sorry. Look first to the capability of the jump starter and second to the options and additional features. Lugging around a very heavy jump starter that has more capability than you need doesn’t just hit you in the wallet it can hit you in the back as well.
If it won’t start right away, depending on how dead your battery is, you may need to give the booster a few minutes to boost your battery sufficiently to start the car.
We highly recommend that you take a look at our article Jump Starter Battery Key Functionality You Need To Know before buying one. They will also charge more quickly, hold a charge longer, and be able to do more cycles before charging than a lead-acid model. Meaning, at that point your battery may be discharging and not charging at all.Not fully charging lowers the batteries service life due to excessive sulfation. The typical warranty periods for batteries is 3 to 5 years.Most batteries will make their warranty periods even with little or no maintenance. Just bring the old battery back for a refund of the core charge.Batteries come in all sizes to fit different cars.
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