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You should consider ordering a new one if you face problems with you battery, such as: battery is more than 5 years old and your car does not want to get started in the morning.
AC Delco: Considered to be one of the best car battery brands in the USA, these batteries are released in the market only if they pass vigorous quality tests. Optima: High power with the ability to adjust to extreme weather conditions and evolutionary absorbent glass mat are the specialties of Optima. Whatever brand you buy, you should know that best car battery brand provides a combination of performance, power and reliability. Everybody loves their cars, and most people just want their cars to be well looked after and loved. So, if you’re vacationing in New York and looking for car rental deals, you need look no further than Brooklyn. Which is the Best Car Battery Brand?This is a discussion on Which is the Best Car Battery Brand?
The Amaron guys also test out the vehicle alternator to confirm that it works fine and battery is getting the required charging voltage.
One time I didn't ride my bike for a long time and one day I took it for a ride and to my surprise, I found that the battery was almost depleted. Originally Posted by ForeRunner My Dzire (VDi) has had some starting problems for the past 4~5 months (Long Cranking, and some times need to push).
It is time for me to replace OEM Exide car battery and I am searching for the best battery for my Indica Vista TDi. Not to forget the polarity assembly of the battery as there are two types here, R-type and L-type. Re: Car battery thread My OEM batter with my car Inidca Vista TDI (Diesel engine same as Indigo) lasted 3 years 7 months. The battery prices what you are getting is quite good as compared to what I could get in Pune. Originally Posted by amit_purohit20 My OEM batter with my car Inidca Vista TDI (Diesel engine same as Indigo) lasted 3 years 7 months. Re: Car battery thread With whatever short research I did I found good and bad experiences for all battery makes. View My Garage Re: Car battery thread my ford fiesta(classic now) battery lasted for 3 years and 11 months.
Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post OEM car battery life - How long did your OE battery last? Although OPTIMA is a brand of Johnson Controls, OPTIMA is still manufacturing batteries in their state-of-the-art facilities and batteries and chargers are their only focus.  Also, OPTIMA batteries are different than traditional batteries in that they all use Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology and SPIRALCELL TECHOLOGY that when combined give OPTIMA batteries a distinct edge in performance and durability. You will often pay more for an OPTIMA battery, but in this case you’re paying for more expensive technology rather than a longer-life insurance policy.  If you’re looking for a durable battery with more cranking power, more cycles, and state-of-the-art technology, an OPTIMA battery may be the best car battery brand for you. At the heart of every OPTIMA battery is a series of six individual spiral-wound cells made up of two pure (99.99%) continuous-cast lead strips manufactured with a precise coating of lead oxide and separated by OPTIMA’s proprietary micro-fiberglass blend.
These six “Jelly Roll” cells are inserted into a precision-molded cylindrical case made of virgin polypropylene that ensures perfect and uniform compression and a contaminant- and impurity-free environment. In traditional flooded batteries, the positive and negative grids are hung inside a box submerged in an acid solution.  With AGM batteries, positive and negative plates are separated by an absorbent glass mat that holds the electrolyte like a sponge minimizing the potential for electrolyte spillage in high vibration environments. OPTIMAAGM batteries also use a higher 99.99% pure virgin lead than many other AGM and typical flooded cell batteries extending battery and increasing performance by reducing power-robbing contaminants and gassing.
OPTIMA batteries’ lower internal resistance combined with a greater plate surface area contributes to OPTIMA’s outstanding starting power, faster recharging, and higher voltages during discharge. With their spiral-wound cells and precision manufactured, high-performance outer cases, OPTIMA batteries are virtually spill-proof (even when cracked or damaged) and withstand higher-vibration environments.
OPTIMA’s unique design gives their batteries higher cranking power in a smaller, lighter-weight package. You will be able to apply higher charges during recharging due to OPTIMA’s ability to accept higher charge voltages than traditional batteries. You get more power-per-pound than traditional lead-acid plate batteries thanks to OPTIMA’s higher-efficiency, spiral-wound cells and close-tolerance manufacturing processes. You can expect a longer service life from OPTIMA batteries due to their lower-gassing design, more-durable spiral-wound cells, and their tough outer cases. Few would argue that OPTIMA makes great batteries, but how do you choose the model that’s right for you?  We have provided some information below that will help you pick the right OPTIMA battery.  It’s all in the colors! The OPTIMA YELLOWTOP is the most likely battery you will need for your car.  It is ideal for accessory-loaded cars and trucks that will repeatedly be brought back from deep power drains to full charge while still providing maximum starting power over and over.
Get up to 2X longer battery life with an OPTIMA YELLOWTOP than a traditional lead-acid plate battery. The YELLOWTOP is a true dual-purpose automotive battery with both premium cranking power and remarkable cycling capability.
With lower internal resistance the YELLOWTOP will provide more consistent power output and faster recharging. Get up to 15X the vibration resistance from the YELLOWTOP spillproof, maintenance-free design that can be mounted in virtually any position. OPTIMA REDTOP batteries are designed for starting applications and deliver the strongest burst of ignition power for reliable starting every time. Resistant to the most common causes of battery failure and with its high-power delivery, the REDTOP is ideal for applications that require a spillproof starting battery.
The OPTIMA BLUETOP battery is designed to provide longer running time and more recharges than a traditional battery. You will enjoy up to 3X more recharges with an OPTIMA BLUETOP battery than with traditional lead-acid plate batteries.
You will spend less time worrying about your battery with the BLUETOP’s efficient power delivery, faster recharge time, sure-starting, strong-cranking, maintenance-free, and vibration resistance.
Thanks for reading!  I hope this article has given you valuable information you can use when choosing the best car battery brand for you! Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions. Originally Posted by yogeshnaik Thanks for your additional information that you have provided. For more information, there is a website from Battery Association of Japan that provides Front and Isometric Engineering drawing views. Also, in the drawings at the BAJ site - they do not specify which part of the battery is the front and rear when looking from the top.
Assuming that the front is the long side nearest the terminals, as is depicted in the JAB site then you are perfectly right - the L or R denotes the -ve terminal when the battery is viewed face on. What I was told by Exide and its dealers is that R or L denotes the placement of the +ve terminal as you look into the car. Rather i had a very bad experience with Amaron a couple of years back and i will never go for amaron for that reason. This is ordinarily rated at 35AH but the OEM battery, an Exide Freedom and Standard Furukawa respectively, had the same model # but 32AH.

This is a very clear example of how Indian battery manufacturers choose to alter battery naming conventions, given at the BAJ site, to suit their own ends. Originally Posted by Jidousha Thanks yogeshnaik for the reference, this has clarified a lot of questions regarding the battery coding. Originally Posted by yogeshnaik Tata Green batteries are good, manufactured with the technology from GS Yuasa, Japan. With good marketing, availability, visibility, etc., you can make customers BELIEVE that a certain product is better without it actually being so.
Originally Posted by yogeshnaik With respect to this standard, the battery you mentioned as 5HR has 80% capacity when compared to the standard one. I have been looking to sell my current battery (Exide Matrix) which is more than 5 years old for this price and want to buy a new one. Originally Posted by SirAlec My observation is that, Exide has degraded its quality a lot, not only in cars, but across product range. Though I have had good experiences so far with Exide for automotive applications, I had always doubted the originality of computer UPS batteries. Yesterday i had a general checkup of my Waggy and the MASS Mandovi Motors Yeshwantpur suggested that the battery has become weak and may conk off anytime (a month or a week). When it comes to car battery brands, there is no single brand that is perfect for Kia cars.
There are many brands you can go with, so let’s take a look at the top 6 most trusted manufacturers. Before getting to the list, it’s important to remember just how important the battery is in your car. Take time to do a little comparison shopping before simply rushing out and buying the first one you find. The batteries have a large reservoir and have terminals that are corrosion free, all of which adds up to a battery that holds a charge for years. The AC Delco battery requires no maintenance and comes with a limited warranty that delivers a new battery should there be an issue. This particular brand can be found exclusively at Costco and delivers great performance for the price. The amp rating and performance are akin to what you will find on the premium brands for half the cost.
These batteries are particularly effective in colder areas, so you can be confident your car will start even when the temps dip below freezing. The EverSyart battery collection can be found at Walmart and are produced by a company that is best known for their premium batteries.
The amp ratings are perfectly suited to freezing temperatures and the batteries require no maintenance. Duralast car batteries are produced by the same folks that make DieHard and Sears car batteries. That NAPA range of batteries are some of the best performing on the market, with each of them having high cold cranking amps scores. These are probably the most expensive option in this list, but they are great in all conditions and have a long life expectancy. There are several other brands that you may look for when replacing a battery in your Kia car or SUV, so take a look at the web to find more. Originally Posted by gpa Was looking around inside the bonnet of my recently acquired Brio today and noticed that it has a SF as an OEM fitment from Honda. Jump-started the car and drive home and come Saturday morning took the car to my friendly neighborhood battery guy who confirmed one very weak cell and low cranking voltage of 9V. Was going to choose Amara Raja (Amron) Battery, but the 1st seller was expressing doubts if any other battery except 50-DIN would fit, & 2nd seller was taking time to respond. Also, about Base Terminal, I heard that there is a court case going on and that Panasonic has nothing whatsoever to do with these batteries!
Originally Posted by SS-Traveller Please check your car's electrics to see if a mild short or current leakage exists.
Had one installed in our Maruti 800 5speed in the year 2003 and was problem free till we sold it in 2009 April. The charge was fully drained off twice, as some of my folks left the cabin light a whole day.
Today called up one of the BOSCH dealer to know the price of the Bosch Silver battery for our Accent CRDi.
Originally Posted by gigy Diesel will need a more powerful battery than petrol, guess thats why the price difference. I had to put in a copper insert to enlarge the battery terminal to fit the existing battery connectors.
Diesel batteires are costly as most of the diesel engines need to be heated before they are started and this requires a lot of current and another thing is diesel engines opeate at higher combustion pressures .
And regarding the DIN part with respect to automobile battery, I am ignorant and even google didn't help. Depending on many factors, there are many car battery brands specializing in different areas. With performance almost the same as DieHard’s, Duralast batteries have more than 800 cold cranking amps. After going thru all reviews, seems that Exide is not holding good faith in market, looks Amaron is better bet. What I did was I just took a ride through the city for an hour and Battery got back to normal. I think Amaron costs a bit more than others but the extra money you would pay is totally worth it. I had a slight problem and their service person came withing a few hours, and that too for a non critical problem. The OEM battery was EXIDE MF50Z having 50 AH rating, it was not a maintenance free battery. Even I was on the verge of going for TATA Green but then at the last moment I came to know two persons who had problems with TATA Green.
Any price and availability information displayed on the merchant site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.
I believe what I have posted about Type-R and Type-L with respect to the battery polarity is 100% correct. Obviously there's some confusion here due to the markings followed by Indian battery manufacturers, primarily Exide & SF as I have always used that brand in my cars both past and present. And that makes sense in a way because an 'L' battery with it's front facing into the engine bay, as in the Corolla Altis, 9G Corolla or a Honda City, will obviously have its +ve terminal to the left when seen from the front of the car. The HR rating means a battery is compared to a 100% capacity which has 20 Hour as discharge rate which is a standard defined. Most of the Airport Service Taxis here have these batteries installed and they are running day and night.

As i'm planning to go on a tour for 3 days in ghat sections and no so good stretches, would precautions do i need to take care for battery not to die in middle of nowhere? Whay you get with a Duralast battery is the same performance of a DieHard, with 800+ cold cranking amps. You can find batteries for SUV’s, trucks and just about any kind of car on the market.
I will keep very close watch on the battery in the Brio considering that you have experienced problems. The car cranked up fine the next morning, but I didn't want to risk having another sudden episode especially since there are a few long drives planned in the coming months. I was told that it is the price for the Indica diesel while the Accent CRDi engine is more advanced and hence a different battery and higher price!!! I am looking for a battery for my baleno too and the prices that you have mentioned are pretty attractive. However, we have come up with a short list of what Americans think to be the best car battery brands. Wal Mart also offers free installation and free testing to customers given that the store has a Tire & Lube Express.
They produce premium line and heavy medium duty line batteries, non-automotive, battery chargers and battery boosters, too. Other features of Optima are: vibrant resistant, spill-proof and spiralcell technology design. So I thought to start a new thread with my initial research which would help the Team-BHP community.
When I accelerate the engine, the blowers increase their fan speed and the head lights brighten up more. Also, there are other options from Amaron like Black, Flo and Pro series as shown in the table.
Most of the dealers try to sell the batteries irrespective of the type, it is up to the buyer to chose the right one.
So I have gone ahead for AMARON as its a reputed brand and ealier years many people were happy with its performance. So better go with a reputed brand and one who gives the maximum warranty period both direct replacement and pro-rata basis.
I have attached a pic of the engine bay, the +ve terminal with the red protective cap is on the LHS as you will note. I am using Amron in all the cars except Ritz which has stock battery as of now, one of them is 4.5 years old and cranks after months of non-usage. Napa makes batteries in a number of different sizes, with each able to handle a wide range of temperatures.There is a NAPA battery for just about every single car. Remove the (+) terminal, connect a sensitive ammeter (capable of reading from 100 mA) across the terminal and battery lead, and check if there is current drainage. Kindly provide me with the contact details of the shop from where I can get the bosch silver battery. I had installed a pair of Hella 700FF (100w H3) which I use only on very dark stretch of road. Two of my bikes and my car is running on Amaron and never regretted it once because it never failed me. Also, I found the specific gravity of the cells is low (SPG approx less than 1.2 in some cells). When you view at the battery face, that is 'Front View' and both the battery lugs are facing towards you, if the negative terminal is towards your right hand side, this is R-type battery. I have attached FRONT view and TOP view of my drawing which will clarify more on the Type-R and Type-L battery identification. Similarly 1 of my older cars had a 38B24L, once again the +ve was on the left of the case when viewed from the front and top. The stock Exide in my (self-start only) bike lasted 3 years before I had to replace it due to a wrong diagnosis. I assume this is what turns it off - I opened the doors using the remote, opened the driver's door and closed it, and then locked the car using the key. Never had the pain to take my little beauty (5 speed 800) to the workshop on account of a battery problem.
For rough weather (below freezing temperatures), EverStart batteries have perfect amp ratings. The limited warranty that AC Delco comes with fully replaces your battery if something wrong happens.
Service Advisor at Tata Motors advised me to replace the battery before any sudden stop for safety purposes. There are several postulates and parameters of placing a battery or any component in an engine bay. These drawings are adhering to the standards of the engineering graphics, so in the 'TOP' view the battery's front face is the lower portion on the plane, visible as a 'line'. You must be aware that a cell has Pb and PbO plates dipped in H2SO4, there happens a chemical reaction in closed loop (when circuit completes).
AFAIK, all batteries are measured either by 20 HR or 10 HR with the former being the established standard for nearly all manufacturers. With no space to push start, started with a spare battery yesterday by mechanic and took to garage. This depends on the car manufacturer's layout in the engine bay to avoid wiring mess and crossing over while routing. In case of Exide, I'v heard that part of that higher price goes to the parent company for the brand name. The Brio completed 4 years on May 19, 2016 and the next day (May 20) the car wouldn't crank in the evening.
Now the OE SF Sonic battery in my the present car is about to enter its 6th year of service from July.
Being a brand of a global company, AC Delco offers premium batteries and solutions keeping the quality sky high. I did not change it earlier as my use for Ritz became virtually NIL since when I moved to home in Delhi.
Wanted to go for Amaron but due to lack of time, settled for Exide Champion 65Ah (nearby Exide dealer). The only electrical accessories it has is the stock Kenwood music system and the security system (brand: Silicone Systems).

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