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The controversial Tesla Autopilot charged its first fatality Who will take responsibility now? The engine of your car may not work, if the discharge of the battery in your car happens at a faster rate.
Your battery might be in a good condition, but there could be some problem in the circuit design which causes drain or parasitic load. The most correct method of measuring the parasitic drain is by using ammeter, which is a current measuring device, that measures the current flow in units called amperes. Switch off all the electrical devices and make sure that the ignition switch is turned off.
Disconnect the negative battery cable and make a connection between the negative terminal of the battery and the end of this cable using a 12-gage jumper wire.
Depending on the ammeter reading, switch the ammeter scale, and note the reading in the ammeter. Compare the reading with the necessary specifications provided by your vehicle's manufacturer.

If you find that the drain is excessive, then disconnect the fuses or circuit breakers in the circuits and locate the source of the drain. Before you start the testing work, turn off the courtesy lights and make sure that the lights in the brake switch, trunk, glove box, engine compartment, ashtray, etc., are turned off. Disconnect the battery ground cable and connect the test light device between the battery cable end and battery post.
If the test light glows and you are not able to spot the cause, remove all the fuses one by one, until the test light goes off. Battery Tester for Lead Acid batteries, easy to read with floating discs showing level of charge. The site .Italian cars have always been on the wish list of every sports car lover, especially the Lamborghini.
The discharge or draining of the battery into other electrical systems is highly disadvantageous and it is important to locate the cause of the drain. Electrical drain is common in parasitic batteries but you should know whether the electrical drain is excessive.

The rate of electrical drain will be more for a shorter time, after the ignition switch is turned off and later it would be reduced gradually. Parasitic drain can result in various drive ability problems causing the computer to set into false trouble codes.
If your vehicle has computer-controlled air suspension systems, disconnect the module, before you start the test.
Take proper care of your battery and replace it at proper intervals to prevent this problem. The speed of the engine may rise, in order to compensate for the low-voltage in the battery.
So, it is important to do the parasitic battery drain test, to check the condition of the battery.

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