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Bjorn Nyland is covering extraordinary mileage in his Tesla Model S, which has provide him with the opportunity to test battery capacity degradation.
His P85 version of the Model S already has over 188,000 km (117,000 miles) on the odometer, but the battery pack was replaced at 86,000 km due to some problem with power switching (not related to batteries itself, according to Nyland).
That means that this test concerns battery degradation only for the last ~100,000 km (over 60,000 miles) and about one year. The result of the range test at full charge is about a 4% capacity drop compared to his car when new, but remember that this is just user estimation. But the accuracy of the trend line to predict the future appears very low due to the small number of data-points for high mileage vehicles.
What this trend line is actually indicating is that among high mileage vehicles, that mileage alone is a poor predictor of how much range a vehicle will have. OK I dived into the data and found out that there are 4 American Tesla’s from 828, 864, 892 and 934 days old with pretty low mileages between 30-50 thousand miles and a very healthy battery percentage around 95%. Is there any long term reviewer that hasn’t had their battery or motor swapped once or multiple times?
Perhaps instead of asking what’s wrong with the Model S’s powertrain, we should be asking just what those car review magazines are doing to the Model S that causes the powertrain to need replacing so frequently!
Tesla does aggressive advertise performance at any chance and then is’t the customers fault, when they just use the advertised functions. Who knows, all w know is he likes to pop up on all the Tesla threads to tell us how horrible Tesla is. Anyways, with all the service that Tesla’s require, service centers have become very crowded, with a wait of one week, two weeks, or even a month for an open slot to get repair work done. As far as the servicing issues they are growing pains of a highly successful and rapidly growing company and that is a good problem to have.
No religion here, I simply support the cause of a positive future and saving the planet for our descendants sakes.
I would contrast my enthusiasm with those regressives that are making flagrant political opportunists like Ben Carson or “The Donald” a religion! There are a ton of people who haven’t had batteries and motor replaced with a lot of mileage. As far as know, the problem in Norway was that Tesla Norway for a while did not have the competence to open the batteries. Actually, all the ELR’s doors with the exception of the hood (Bonnet for those in the UK) are trunk lid style electrics, with very Heavy Shrouded Pad actuators (to keep them working during a bad snow and Ice storm), along with substantial solenoids to open the doors. Difficult to estimate on the Tesla, but I have the feeling my experience with it has been in the average range.
So, you kind of buy an S90 after five years sell it as an S85 which end up five years later as an S80. Pretty sure that in 10 years they will have built at least 1 charging station on the way to just about any destination. Well the good thing is that ten years from now with a yearly 5% improvement we will be able to put a new battery of 145 KWh and drive away with a Model S145. Now the big question will be, is reduced range the only problem with the batteries or will there be other issues that prevent them from being used and must be replaced?
The good news, as pointed out in some posts above, is that a long-term study of Tesla Roadster batteries show they’re holding up surprisingly well over time.
Of course, part of that is simply that a larger battery pack doesn’t get cycled as often, so all other things being equal, can be expected to last longer.
So while I loved the EV experience overall and the Leaf in general, my next EV will probably not be a Nissan. It certainly can be argued that Nissan went to market ahead of everybody else a bit premature, before every wrinkle was ironed out of their first EV’s, like your 2012 Leaf.
Now if we hear the same story from 2016 Leaf owners 3 years from now, then I’d be the first to join you in your comments. 35,374 miles on 12 Leaf with 3 bars lost, good thing lease ends December 17, 2015, but I will lease a 2016 without any hesitation because I really do believe in man made global warming. I believe that since my Leaf battery was at 85% SOH when I traded it, I was about to lose my first bar. Interestingly, it was so bad last winter that I had Nissan check the battery, and they said it was A-OK.
But of course, that’s an inflated number, since the EPA range is about 84 miles on a 100% charge. I thought it was inevitable that this would result in a backlash against Nissan, so I’m not at all surprised to see your comments along that line. The annoying thing about the guess-o-meter is that the Leaf has all the data it needs to correctly calculate range. I didn’t get accurate range numbers until I bought a Bluetooth dongle to monitor the car with LeafSpyPro, but that was only in the last 6 months of ownership. It’s time for all EVangelists to go out and talk to the ICE-owners about battery degradation! The point is that when it get’s cold outside many people suffer from non starting ICE.
There are some people here starting their engines some minutes before taking the trip in order to defrost the windows and preheat the car, however most people hate them. Most important to me is that battery degradation is already a problem for ICE drivers, and most are comfortable with changing the lead-acid-s***T regularly.
There could be a software solution to this a bit akin to the former Model S 40 that had a 60 KWh battery but reduced to 40 KWh allowed. Plus, therea€™s no ignition and no start button a€“ this car just knows youa€™re there, unlike some of the numpties on the outside. The other major worry I have with regards to a machine of such admirable ambition is reliability, especially where an all-electrical car is concerned (bearing in mind this is the exact area most new car issues spring from nowadays).When was the last time you had an actual bona fide, good old-fashioned mechanical problem to deal with? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Bjorn Nyland talks about Tesla Model S battery degradation after 33,000 miles (almost 53,000 kilometers). Some technical data, as well as a detailed rundown and on how Bjorn arrived at his calculation is found in the video. From what we can analyze, with proper battery maintenance and care, there should be no concern over battery packs not lasting the life of the Model S with an acceptable level of degradation. With the long range of the Model S, battery degradation should not meaningfully impact the capabilities of the vehicle even after a rather long period of time.
For more info on Model S range and degradation, check out a 60 kWh Model S owner’s experience with similar miles. There should be some US customers with a 2 year old car and maybe even up to 100 000 miles on it. My personal experiences with batteries is that time passed by will kill them rather than charging cycles. I will grant that it’d more ideal to see the raw data though but this is as good as people outside of Tesla can do. A TMS also means that the car and battery do the heavy lifting instead of the cell, and that will make the cell engineering easier.
With a TMS helping to ease cell chemistry stability requirements, and a large battery that helps to lower average C-rate and power density requirements, as well as provide more sales volume per car, it’s not surprising that Tesla would end up with the lowest cost per kWh in the industry. The Tesla Model S has a higher purpose in life than simply providing all-electric transportation. EVs took an early start in the late 19th century, were put on hold for most of the 20th century and have only recently started to truly develop. After having appealed to our hedonist side through its Roadster, a Lotus Elise chassis with electric muscles, Tesla now comes through with the Holy Grail way of building an electric vehicle from the ground up, bringing forth the Model S. On one side of the scale, sits our fear of an electrified future where the rumble of a V8 remains nothing more than a digitalized memory.
Underneath, sits a lithium-ion battery pack measuring 8 feet (2,450 mm) in length, about 5 feet (2,440 mm) in width and four inches (102 mm) in thickness.
The aluminum structure of the battery also serves as a floor, being integrated in the Tesla Model S' aluminum space frame. The Model S has a nice sleek silhouette, but the front end could very well belong to a Hyundai.
The dedicated architecture of this Tesla allowed for the interior to be configured in an original manner. As a driver, you feel engaged from the very beginning, but it's a pity that everybody in the car, including yourself, has to make do with the average comfort of the seats. You may not notice such details during a short drive, but they do stand out after spending some time in here. The vertical layout and the generous size of the capacitive touchscreen mean that you can get a horizontal split-screen layout allowing you to browse through two features at a time. The Tesla's Silicone Valley origins do show - the interface is intuitive, reacts promptly and comes with an attractive design. Wherever there are no displays, the cabin is covered in premium materials, while those nice air vents on the dash are one of the few American styling elements in here. Speaking of bits and pieces, the steering wheel stalks, as well as the column-mounted transmission lever and window switches come from Mercedes-Benz.
There are no pockets on the doors, the glove box is tiny and that generous center console is not without issues - the large open space is nice, but your items risk jumping out of it or hitting each other as you drive. We're subjecting the rear visibility to the parking test right now and we are assisted by a rear-view camera.
I am going to for a second skip criticizing the obviously anti-Tesla biased article to get to the guest editors opinions.

As for the front trunk, we appreciate its existence, but, like we said, it would've been brilliant to have it filled with a range extender. Sometimes it's better if you stick to reading the lines themselves, not the spaces between them. There are steering wheel mounted controls as well as standard voice control for many of the touchscreen functions; so you can keep driving while changing the volume, adjusting the climate control, or whatever. If one is traveling cross country, they're not doing burnouts and whipping around corners. The Model S's exterior was designed to be classically beautiful, not funky, weird, odd, strange, etc. The article itself, however, seems merely spiteful and biased, not unlike a child unwilling to accept defeat. Guest editors points is abit low , but i think lot of the commenters have not read autoevolution before, and the guest editors is more like a alternative and humoristic (with a sting) view of the cars and written so. For a 100,000 dollar car when it comes to interior quality and some of the bits an pieces on the outside , it could be better. As to looks - conservative perhaps, but the Model S looks like a car, not an electronic transportation device. As for range - the Model S can handle any urban sprawl, recharge at home during the night & be ready to repeat the next day. As for the car, I've sat in them and played with the 17-inch or whatever ipad thingie. People will go out there and acquire an average product only because you made the effort to update it on their request. I had heard all sorts of ideas about the Tesla, so I believed Elon, thinking that this car really doesn't need any recharge, refill or whatever, feeding itself on the way. It took me about ten minutes to convince the officer I was clean, but the real trouble was just about to start. Apparently, the Model $ hated me so much for doing this that it decided to leave me stranded in the middle of the desert. A week since Elon Musk announced he wants to show us his D (no pun intended), the mystery has finally been solved: the culprit is a new variant of the Tesla Model S P85, boasting with two electric motors mounted in each axle of the luxury sedan. It's been only 4 years since Tesla went public and two since the Model S entered mass production, but the automaker is morphing from just an ambitious startup company to the automotive equivalent of Apple.
There are not one, but two electric motors – one in the front axle and one in the rear, making the thing all-wheel drive.
Thanks to an intelligent powertrain management, the P85D improves mileage by about 10 miles over the RWD model, for a maximum of 275 miles (442 km) on a single charge.
In addition to that, the updated Model S can read speed limit signs and then adjust the car to that speed.
On the quarter mile, the Tesla Model S P85D shames modern muscle cars with its 11.8-second run wearing factory-spec street-legal tires. Some cars change your life, while others, such as the Tesla Model S P85+, change your thinking and have the potential to change the world.
Prices kick off at $133,257 for the existing P85+, while the P85D, according to the local Tesla website, will start from $140,900 (available in June). From the screen you can access everything, including internet radio and songs on demand (excluding Metallica songs, it turns out), as well as adjust and configure all of the on-board settings from brake regeneration force to ride height to setting reminders in your calendar.
The massive interface comes with sat-nav, of course, but it’s not your usual sat-nav. Aside from the centrepiece, the rest of the interior is actually very simplistic and clean. Tesla has gone to extra lengths to ensure the cabin feels luxurious and up to the par of a $100k-plus large sedan. Really, though, you’re not going to be driving at 90 per cent every time you go out to the shops or to work.
I think it has to do with the small number of cars more than 560 days old so this part is less reliable. I know that with my Leaf, the winters will often see a few percentage of total capacity loss, but it bumps back up once it warms up. So this is causing the optimistic future prediction with respect to the age of the battery. This represents a trajectory of a potential bright future versus the inertia and regressives of the past. Better to account for this when you are short in range on a winter time destination that could become unreacheable with the same car some 5 or 10 years later. If infrastructure continues at it’s current rate or accelerates you will probably be able to get by with much less than you can now. Well, at some cost though, but a 10 year Model S in Aluminum should still be in very good condition overall.
Everybody talks about how batteries lose capacity by repeated cycling, but almost nobody is talking about the problem with batteries losing capacity just by getting older. However, Tesla is using battery cells with a different chemistry in the Model S, so that doesn’t necessary apply to the Model S. Letting the company’s marketing department decide how the guess-o-meter should work, instead of letting the engineers make that decision, was IMHO one of the worst mistakes made by any EV maker, ever. While ICEV are warm and toasty from heater from ICE waste heat, EV loses lots of range with electric heater. There was already one single cold day and I failed to bring my kids to school on time due to the KIA-diesel not starting. To my best knowledge preheating EV’s should be easier to manage as they tend to be plugged in anyways. Likewise you could start with say 105 KWh in an S90 but the software would only allow 90 KWh, in the beginning you get less than what’s available but over time as the battery ages you are allowed to access more and more. That said, in the grand scheme of things such contentious doom-mongering could be classified as nitpicking.
But I have a question for you: What percentage of the battery are you using on the daily for each vehicle? The Californian offering is here to bust myths, starting with the idea that electric vehicles are compromised machines only accepted by those obsessed with protecting nature. Alas, while most of these are converted ICE (internal combustion engine) machines, the real problem is that they also ask their driver to go through a conversion and a religious one at that. We live in the era of the elongated, multi-door coupe, so, despite the sedan label, this was the chosen form for the Model S. This may bring the overall weight to at least 4,647 lbs (2,108 kg), but the packaging also keeps the center of gravity low. High-strength steel is present too, being used to reinforce the B-pillars and impact beams behind the bumpers. The Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky, as well as the VW New Beetle Concept are all part of his previous work, albeit in different degrees of involvement. This Tesla may look appealing, but it doesn't come with the sort of appearance that leaves a lasting impression. The visual impact is improved dramatically at the back, but we can't help noticing the rear hatch borrows a lot from Aston Martin. Still, how could one pay too much attention to some seats when the Tesla Model S' cabin is adorned with a 17-inch touchscreen display? Regardless of this and no matter where you are in the system, you'll find a navigation section on top and a climate control bar at the bottom. There's no point in having the performance version of the Model S and treating it with a hypermiling right foot.
We recommended sticking to placing two instead of three adults in the back (read: second row). That creates an unnatural imbalance between owners, who are reticent to find any fault with a car for which they paid so much, and reviewers who's bias is largely influenced by their ignorance of the car. Yet several times per week I have strangers signal me to roll down a window so that they can express their admiration of my car - I've never experienced this kind of attention, even though my last vehicle was a Jaguar. Intercity travel is a bit compromised, depending on your point of view - Tesla is building out its network of superchargers, but one is faced with the need to stop every 3 hours or so for a 40 minute free recharge .
You might balance this with testing the driving style possible in cities & legal on American highways, not the Autobahn.
It helped bring down oil prices, as we are now seeing a gallon of petrol can be had for $2.50.
Now you need to make some important announcements, but make sure you never spend too much of the funds. As I climbed aboard, I noticed that the car was not running - there was no sound whatsoever. After pulling that crazy burnout, I just wanted things to be smooth, so I took a long, straight road leading into the wild. An all-electric luxury sedan is faster than the king of the muscle cars, German performance machines and the fastest Italian supercars.
In order to meet the latest European auto standards, new Tesla Model S vehicles benefit from a lane drift detection feature that alerts through chime and steering wheel vibration when the car drifts out of its lane.
Well, buy the less powerful 85D because this boy can go 295 miles (474 km) on a single charge. Forumet er stengt for brukere i Asia, Ost-Europa, Afrika og Sor-Amerika grunnet liten interesse for elbiler og stor interesse for a spamme forumet fra disse omradene.
Starring back at you from the middle of the dash is easily the biggest touch-screen interface we’ve ever seen in a production vehicle.
Fortunately, all of these settings can be streamlined thanks to a user profile; one for you and one for your other half.

There’s lots of space around the floor and centre console, with a totally uncluttered dash design.
Rear seat space is ample, with three big seats and an almost completely flat floor with limited intrusion from the driveshaft tunnel. There’s lashings of Nappa leather and Alcantara, optional carbon fibre, and lots of aluminium. As a bonus for buyers, there aren’t so much as facelifts or series 2 models being planned. It does feel heavy, and it is at 2100kg, but in normal conditions it means there is a reassuring solidness to it. He's obsessed with driving, having played with Matchbox cars until he was tall enough to drive a real one. Fortunately, all the studies I’ve seen of the Model S, although they have limited data, seem to point to even less loss of capacity as the cars get older. Yes, 80% fewer kilometres out of my tank than what I got in the summer, with only long distance driving.
That is why I think shorter range cars utilizing most of the range daily) will see faster perceived degradation than owners of cars who use very little of their pack on the daily. A company run by the man who came up with PayPal is probably pretty sensitive to what the customer wants. Our tester was gifted with the optional carbon spoiler, which doesn't seem to integrate in the overall picture all that well. The Model S looks back at the Tesla Roadster's two-seater configuration with amusement. The always-changing digital interface means you can't quite memorize the controls, so while the icons are large, operating them does require extra attention. The Tesla Model S is capable of getting some power back via regenerative braking (hybrids and other EVs have this as well). If it looked visually striking, they wouldn't have sold near as many as they currently have.
Frustrating perhaps for the compulsive driver who'd rather not stop till the destination is reached, but comfortable enough (& probably safer) for those who want to stretch their legs and get a coffee along the way. The rear may bare a passing resemblance to an Aston but unfortunately the front doesn't. Can you imagine the service cost on a $140,000 US BMW I8 would cost in AUS (where i live the Tesla 85 kWh starts at $155,000).
It is, by all means, the most facile manner in which you can make people forgive a vehicle’s shortcomings. Still, it has power, as the dash was lit, so I did what  any perfect test driver should - pay attention here, I have a new free auto industry insight for you. Har du blitt sperret ute, ma du ofte slette cookies og cache i nettleseren, for du igjen far tilgang.
The specs say this modern yet quirky-looking large sedan produces 310kW of power and 600Nm of torque.
The Model S is the second model the company has made, built from the ground up as a completely bespoke model (aside from some Mercedes-Benz switchgear). Soon, it will be superseded by the almighty P85D (also known as the quickest production sedan in the world). Front passengers get a load of legroom as well, however, the centre console is just a big bucket of space. We love the hand-polished zinc doors handles that automatically retract for aerodynamic efficiency, and the completely flat titanium underbody. Instead, Tesla releases software updates which the car can download when parked in your garage (automatically connecting to your Wi-Fi). The steering is confident and offers satisfactory communication, and the ride is compliant and perhaps more on the sporty side. However, as an overall package it’s impossible to ignore the capability, the performance, and the sheer technology of the Model S. After initially working as a mechanic, Brett earned a degree in journalism and entered media as an editorial assistant at Top Gear Australia magazine.
Of course after many many years you could start to reach 100% of what’s available in which case it would then start to reduce also, but by then you battery would be really very old indeed. We’ll remind you that Musk joined Tesla using the money eBay offered for his stake in PayPal. Starting with the battery, all the hardware is kept in thermal check by liquid cooling circuits.
This sedan can accommodate five adults, as well as two children in the optional rear-facing boot seats. Even when you are stationary, or occupying the passenger seat, you're not always in the mood to navigate instead of simply pressing a certain physical button.
If you drive a gasoline powered car like you are trying to destroy it you won't get very good mileage either. These are things that will improve as new revisions get sold and better quality control at the factory..
I called for help and when I told the operator that the car's self-replenishing function stopped working, I could hear him trying to mask a laughter. The car was parked a bit wide and, as I was settling in, a police officer came by, asking me to move it further into the parking spot. Av og til blir man sperret ute, etter a ha provd a komme inn pa forumet fra ferger, fly og andre internettilbydere som bruker asiatiske adresser. It’s so smart it can even remember if you raised the suspension pulling into a particular driveway and it will automatically raise it again the next time you visit. We think it could benefit from some dividers or a compartment or something to stop your things sliding forwards and back at every traffic light. All materials are apparently sourced as near as possible to Tesla’s factory in California too, to reduce the overall carbon footprint of manufacturing. You don’t hear anything except a very faint electrical sound, similar to the sound your computer makes when you wake it from sleep mode. If you drive at 80 per cent, you’ll enjoy the super-flat body composure and the awesome grip from the Michelin Pilot tyres. Nail the throttle off the mark and the performance will push your head back into the seat no matter how hard you try and tense your neck muscles to resist.
The bottom line is: the Model S is totally groundbreaking in almost every department her Californian parents have chosen to confront. We like the idea of a start-up car company that has none of the bureaucracy and latency the established automakers have accustomed us with. There are documented cases of over 300 miles on a single charge and one extreme one where 423 miles was reached on a single charge. GM had an electric car where is it now no one complained about range and they had lead acid batteries.
I wanted to do that, but couldn't find the freaking start button, so the man thought I had stolen the ride. For now we all have to make do with the single, rear-axle-mounted electric motor of the P85+.
You need and tend to want to spend a lot of time just sitting in the car, fiddling with the options. You don’t have to worry about the engine lagging or struggling with the weight though.
You’ll also love the instant throttle response and unforgiving acceleration in between corners. I happened to come across one of his explanations on the Tesla, which stated that the charging is so fast that it can be done on the move. It offers a full-charge range of approximately 500km, with recharging taking about one hour with a super-charger unit.
We haven’t tested this system but it brings a whole suite of automated driving skills including auto parking and even the ability for the car to open your garage and reverse out to the curb all by itself.
The car moves precisely in accordance to your throttle position, regardless of weight or, seemingly, the laws of physics. Well done, everyone.And just in case you demand even more bang for your buck, get a load of the extra fold-up rear-facing child seats that increase vehicle occupancyA  to seven, as well as the bonus double boot space.
That weight becomes more and more apparent as you try and tip it into corners, especially tight corners, and the brakes do begin to fade. We drove all day on a single charge and covered about 400km, with 90km range still left when we handed it back. The one I would buy is the P85D but at $180,000+ and about $40,000 is Gov and State taxes there's no chance. You have to start with something as easy as possible, but you also require massive marketing efforts.
The satisfactory steering is also not as enjoyable as other offerings in this class when driven in this manner. Well, purchase a Lotus chassis, insert some EV bits in there and the electric sports car moniker will sell your product all by itself. If you haven’t driven an electric vehicle before this can be a very interesting and somewhat surreal experience. For instance, you can apply a roll forward function for when you lift your foot off the brake – in default mode the car just sits peacefully without moving.

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