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Shirodx Posts 13 Posts Terrible, terrible battery life on the Note 2.
I have the power saving feature turned on, wifi on, GPS off, active sync for all accounts turned off and the battery still drains fast. An example, I had it fully charged to 100% at 1:30am, disconnected it from the charger, left it alone, the screen auto turned off. Does anyone know of any monitoring apps that I can use to see what's going on while it's supposed to be in sleep mode. I also have the golauncher installed, not sure if it's causing issues but the battery life was this bad even before I had installed that. Also too, when I first got the phone, I didn't charge it for 24hours before first using it. FWIW, I can make it almost 20 hours with moderate usage and a less-than-perfect LTE reception.
EarleD Posts 10 Posts Global Posts 85 Global Posts Re: Terrible, terrible battery life on the Note 2. To take a screenshot press and hold Home and Power buttons at the same time until you see a white border flash around the edges and you hear a snapshot sound. Originally Posted by camanokid I hesitated to write earlier because of erattic hisory of battery life. So I'm sure you've seen this kind of thread a billion and a half times but unfortunately the bad news keeps on going. GSDer Posts 6,393 Posts Re: Battery life is terrible on my Galaxy S3! It's always a mistake to recharge the phone before capturing the screenshots - makes it difficult to tell what really happened. Based on the estimates that I had to make due to the additional charge cycle, I don't see anything out-of-the-ordinary. If you haven't already, try installing Wake Lock Detector to see if anything is causing the phone to wake up too frequently.
Your screen-on time of 4 hrs 6 min, although not great by any means, isn't ridiculously abnormal.

Edit: and as Golfdriver noted, anything around 12-15 hours of total time, with ~3 hours of screen on time, leaving you around 15% of battery remaining, is considered good for this phone.
Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Verizon Galaxy Note 2 Terrible battery life? Bond32 Posts 1,361 Posts Global Posts 1,376 Global Posts Carrier Stock unrooted Re: Terrible battery life? I feel like if you talk to the store reps they'll have you replace the whole phone and charge you a stupid charge when really you just need a battery.
Over the past few weeks my battery life starts to dive first thing in the morning (6am) and is down to 20% at around 8pm, I only check Facebook a few times and send maybe 5 texts through the day, my battery use was great until the kk update , I did a FDR after the kk update as was suggested here in the forums, my battery graph just nosedives in the morning and continues down like there is a continual drain on it . SpookDroid Posts 9,921 Posts Global Posts 10,009 Global Posts Re: LG G2 Battery life terrible!!! Looking at battery statistics in the settings menu should give a good indication of the culprit(s).
You can find this under Settings -> Battery, and then by tapping the Screen tab in the list of items using your battery up. If this is the case the best solution is to put the phone into Airplane mode overnight and when you wake up you should see literally 0% battery loss.
I think I got Android 6 three days ago and at first my battery life was terrible but that was because I was sitting with the screen on playing with the new OS.
Although I have AC Display, and since I charge at night in another room I never have it 'sleep'. Diddy Posts 66,673 Posts Global Posts 66,710 Global Posts Re: Battery life is terrible on my Galaxy S3! I live in California so dimming the screen really isn't a solution with the amount of sunlight here. Also having stuff to sync the second you get something (push) drains, leaving your screen to the highest all the time drains so you can try and set it to auto.
Try clearing the cache for it or Uninstalling Updates, reboot, let it re-update itself and then reboot again.
I don't recall exactly when it started, but the phone is only 6 months old so I can't imagine its a dying battery already.
I've noticed that many of this year's Christmas-themed live wallpapers seem to be complete battery killers.

Since I went back to normal usage my battery life seems to be pretty much what it was before. Yes I've done the usual battery saving settings like disable wifi, bluetooth, and GPS when not in use. I know when I travel through an area with poor signal, it does have a negative impact on my battery life. Terms & Conditions Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads Unlocked!!! Also my screen brightness is down to 30% along with Battery Saving Mode on (CPU and Screen saving options checked), all Syncing set to 2 hours and weather refresh set to 1 hour. So idk Wtf is up with this stupid phone but since I bought this phone along with my second and third replacements, they've all had battery issues. Their life span is based on charge cycles, so from 0-100% would be one cycle and each battery has a certain amount before it starts losing charge. I would see if Verizon would be willing to switch the battery out without making you switch the phone.
I would suggest downloading an app called Better Battery Stats and letting it run while unplugged.
This can tell you if your phone is getting to deep sleep, and if it's not, what is waking it up. And today it managed to die with a full charge and a half way recharge all within 17 hours. This is not the kind of battery life experience I was expecting from Samsungs flagship phones and especially since this is my first Android phone. But before all that, I'm hoping someone could solve my mysterious battery drain delema while also using the Battery Stats plus app which it did not report any battery drain issues. And as you can see from the screenshots below it went through a full charge and a half within 17 hours.

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