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The current iPhone model has been tested and is known to be more durable than the previous version. Regardless of the type of case that is used, the importance thing would be that it protects the front and back of the phone.
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The iPhone has often been called the "best camera" because it's the one most of us have with us most of the time.
Note: If you're using an iPod touch or iPad, the concepts and methods are all the same, so please follow along as well!
Luckily, the iPhone has the option to turn on this grid so that you don't have to estimate where the lines fall while taking your photo.
When photographing landscapes, it's important to make sure the horizon is not in the dead center of your photo because it is compositionally boring.
After taking a few photos with the horizon on the bottom third of the frame and the sun on the left grid line, I wasn't too thrilled with the results and felt my pictures were a little bland. When taking photos of sunsets, it's alway more interesting to involve a silhouette, so that's what I decided to do with this tree.
The important element of just about every portrait is your subject's eyes, so make sure the eyes fall on one or more of the grid lines. Keep in mind that this so-called rule is only a guideline and does not need to be followed to a tee.
Now that you know how to use the rule of thirds, here's your first assignment: go out and practice. 1) when using the iphone, pls grip the phone tightly due to its silm ,even profile m touch screen and glossy surfaces, it does slip easily than other phones, say nokia which have uneven surfaces and grips which allow more friction between the hand and phone. 3) Do not put the iphone in your jeans or pants pocket or bag while on the move together with hard objects such as keys and coins because the iphone is more prone to damage from hard objects due to its glass screen. 4) If u are using side pockets in your pants , its easy for the iphone to slip out from the pocket due to its glossy surface when one is sitting so extra precaution need to be taken to prevent lost phone.
5) Do not talk on the iphone while doing something else ( infront of a urinal for example) with the phone tucked between your ears and shoulder . Im afraid i might lost e fone too cos 1 of my female fren who is very careful and organized 1 also lost her iphone.. This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts.
Whether this is a simple bumper that goes around the outside edge or is a multi-layer and extremely durable case, it will still be better at protecting the phone from damage as opposed to nothing at all. If the iPhone is simply tossed into a purse along with car keys, it is quite easy for the screen to get damaged.

However, it is also very easy to properly care for the device and ensure that it does not get damaged.
Until you feel comfortable with your ability of using the rule of thirds, I recommend leaving the grid turned on. The sky wasn't particularly interesting on this day and there wasn't anything that made my photos special. Most of the time, you would want your silhouette to fall on one of the grid lines, but it wasn't working with this tree -- there was something awkward about it. When shooting in portrait orientation, you may want to center the subject with the top grid line passing through your subject's eyes. For example, if there is a lot of symmetry in your scene you may want to highlight the symmetry by centering your subject.
Get Up Close and PersonalOne of the first things that you need to remember is to not use the zoom feature on the iPhone, no matter how tempting it is. There are several things that every iPhone owner should do to ensure that it is well taken care of and will last for a long time.
Since it should not be exposed to water, taking it near a pool or filled tub may not be wise.
With a protective case and a few simple things, the iPhone is sure to last until the user is ready to upgrade to his next phone. Make sure the more interesting piece, the sky or earth, is what makes up two thirds of your photo. So instead of making the predictable decision with the horizon on one of my horizontal lines, I placed the sun on the bottom grid line.
When shooting in landscape orientation, take advantage of both horizontal and vertical grid lines by placing one of your subjects eyes on the intersection of two grid lines. Or perhaps moving your subject even further off center will have a greater impact and improve your photo. Then head over to the Photography Forums, ask questions if you have them, and share the great shots you got demonstrating the rule of thirds.
The iPhone camera can take some crisp and clear pictures, however, by using that zoom slider on the bottom, you can wave goodbye to any kind of quality, grain-free image. Also since dust and dirt can get inside the phone, such areas should be avoided if at all possible.
These vary quite a bit and can be rugged and utilitarian in its design or these can be quite decorative and help to make a fashion statement. These are generally easy to attach and once installed, it is nearly impossible to tell that there is even a screen protector on the phone. Regardless of what type of insurance is purchased, one should know the specifics as to what is and what is not covered.

In fact, in the above image, the sun lies on the intersection of the bottom and left grid lines.
Again, it's lying on the intersection of the bottom and left grid lines and the photo came out great. So the best advice is – if you can get closer to the object, then that is what you need to do.2. The rule of thirds is simply a guideline that states that a photo is compositionally more interesting if the important elements of the image lie on one of the grid lines or their intersections. By pure luck, a bird decided to fly into the frame and I waited until he was flying past my right grid line to snap the photo. Use the Grid LineOne feature that is often overlooked by people when they are using their iPhone camera, are the grid-lines.
Such is the power and influence of an iPhone over your life that it can even help you stay healthy with applicable apps.For most iPhone users, the small device is something they cannot possibly live without. These lines divide the screen into 9 separate boxes of equal size, and they are a handy tool for helping you to compose your photos. Set the horizon properly; make sure the vertical objects that stand out are placed around vertical lines of the greed. It may also compromise its security and damage parts of the phone, such as the battery.Do Not Get it WetSome phone manufacturers have resorted to making waterproof devices, but Apple is yet to join the trend.
Use Both HandsMovement whilst taking a photo is still the number one cause of blurred images and ruined photos, so it is advisable to use both hands to help stabilise the iPhone when taking a photo.
Your device houses complicated electronics, and Apple technicians know if the phone has been damaged by water. Try to keep your arms in close to your body, or better still, rest the iPhone on something rigid and sturdy if at all possible. Another tip for removing blur is to make use of the + button on the side which operates the shutter when camera mode’s on rather than using the shutter button on the screen.4.
When you tap the screen, a box will appear, and you then hold your finger down on this box until it bounces two times to lock in the auto exposure and auto focus, and this will be locked in, no matter where you move the camera. Install the Camera+ AppAs good as the default camera app is, it does have its limitations, and if you are looking to take better photos with your iPhone camera, then you should install the Camera+ app.

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