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If you have a nitro-powered vehicle that uses a typical 4-cell ?AA? alkaline battery pack to power the receiver, this tip is for you. Most RTR (ready-to-run) nitro-powered vehicles come with a standard 4-cell ?AA? alkaline battery pack holder which is used to power your receiver and servos. All you need to do is to wrap the battery pack holder with some electrical tape and this will keep the ?AA?s from moving.
When you get some extra funds together, consider getting a rechargeable NiMH receiver battery pack like the one shown here from Dynamite.
New Jersey winters can be tough andĀ colder temperatures can be especially hard on car batteries. When it comes to using your battery, some mechanics recommend turning your key to the first position so that the radio or headlights are on before starting the engine. Remember, your car battery loses 33 percent of its power when the temperature dips below freezing, and over 50 percent of its power when the temperature falls below zero. The 063 battery is used in about 60% of all European cars but it's not easily available in the US.
Because they are scumbags who are trying to make it as tricky as they can for you to go and get a replacement.
Any 063 type battery will be fine, the battery doesn't need the vent pipe like the fortwo. Open the passenger's door and slide the seat all the back (well, as far as it will go with all that junk behind it). If your wrench is on the positive terminal and it accidentally touches anything metal, you will short circuit the battery. If you disconnect the negative cable first, and reconnect it last, then the car is not electrically connected to the negative battery terminal.
While connecting or disconnecting the negative cable, you don't need to worry about the wrench touching metal parts of the car, because everything is at the same electrical potential. Side-terminal batteries, common on General Motors products, require a small socket or wrench to remove the battery cables. The industry standard with automotive wiring is Black = Ground (which is negative), and Red = Hot (which is positive). This can be confusing when compared with wire used in buildings, where black (and other colors) are hot, and white is neutral, which has the same potential as ground. Dirt on the surface of a car battery can create a pathway for a tiny amount of electricity to flow between the terminals.

To prevent the radio from losing its preset stations, I decided to try using this 12 volt portable power supply to keep power supplied to the car while the battery is removed. I connected the black alligator clip to the engine, and the red clip to the positive battery cable. The arms (arrow) go underneath the cable end clamp, and the center pushes against the terminal post on the battery.
Under the cap there is (or was) a round brush to clean the inside surface of the cable end clamp. My first car had no battery hold-down clamp or strap, and since I drove like a freakin' yahoo the battery slid off its tray and rested against the alternator. I sprayed some diluted Simple Green on the battery and used a small nylon brush to scrub the dirt and oily residue.
I wondered if silicone dielectric terminal grease was meant for battery terminals, so I read the package that I had in my supply of automotive chemicals.
I applied some dielectric grease to the battery terminals and spread it around with my finger.
I also applied a thin film of dielectric grease to the inside surface of the battery cable ends.
The good news: By connecting the portable power supply to the positve cable (and grounding the black clamp to the engine) I did not need to re-program the stations on my car radio.
A clean battery with clean connections will provide the greatest possible cranking power on cold winter mornings. I think it's a good idea to do this battery maintenace once a year, preferably before cold weather sets in. Many years ago, when I was 19 and knew nothing about fixing cars, I reasoned that a recent invention called silicone caulking might work to patch a small hole or crack in the plastic case of a car battery.
You can add a level of security to your ride by making sure those ?AA?s don?t pop out of the holder. For around $27, you can enjoy increased runtimes with your nitro-powered vehicle due to its high capacity (mAh), especially if you own a high-current-drain car or truck. But with a little patience and a few helpful tips, you can feel confident that your battery will keep working all season long. Having your car serviced and your battery inspected before winter will help prevent problems that could arise down the road.
Of course, one of the best and easiest tips is to park your vehicle in a garage, which greatly reduces the impact the cold can have on any part of your automobile.

The scumbag company has screwed you over and you probably had to pay a lot more than you would have if you bought a battery from a company that uses the correct battery codes.
The voltage isn't harmful, but the sudden unexpected sparks will startle the $hit out of you, and could even burn you. After that you can disconnect the positive battery terminal with minimal risk, because if your wrench touches any metal parts of the car there is no complete circuit, and nothing happens. There were two very long bolts (red arrow) that secured the bracket to the body of the truck. The alternator pully carved a nice little groove in the side of the battery case, allowing half the battery acid to leak out of one cell.
This will make it easier to read when I'm jump-starting someone's car on a cold dark winter night. Then I went to my local garage and paid a whole dollar for them to top-up the acid in the leaking cell. These packs are available in the 3+2 cell configuration shown here or in a 5-cell flat pack. If your car has been struggling to start and the battery is more than four years old, we recommend replacing the unit. In fact, if your battery is almost completely discharged, it can freeze at just 32 degrees. There is so much current (amperage) available that your wrench literally becomes an arc welder.
Corrosion can increase the resistance of the electrical connection, which can prevent the battery from charging properly. But I've been doing this for years and my car batteries usually last 5 or 6 years before they need to be replaced. You can purchase a portable battery charger from most auto parts stores to help maintain battery levels.
This will make it easier for your battery to generate the energy needed to start the engine.
Corroded battery connectors can create so much voltage drop that the car's starter motor cranks slowly or not at all.

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